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brit spies au go go

Spooks: "You know, I've been all wrong-headed about the IRA. They're really thoroughly decent chaps. Why, the nice IRA man even gave me this spiffy computer to keep."

D'oh. Oh Tom, don't make Jack Bauer look competent, it's embaressing.

Sans Hugh Laurie (maybe they thought he'd play against type?) Spooks was back on form, though the proctology examination scene lurched dangerously close to Austin country. I really liked all the internal politics, bitching, back biting and the massive grovelling to the DG. So very real to me, unlike the chain of command I see in US shows, which is nothing like my office. Sometimes the office politics in Spooks is so acutely realised it makes me laugh out loud. At least that part of the show is true to life. Iced swipe card, anyone? At least we only have to wait til next week to find out what happened (spoilers will be shot on sight).

Dear Bro found me the Buffy script books (or a couple thereof) for super bargain bin cheap - $5 AUD each. That's change you find lying in the gutter for the rest of you. I found he'd been busy and had already notated the text. On p.7, sc6 the direction says: "A wider Angel reveals the girls near the back of the class." Bro has annotated: "Note to DB: Typo, not plot development." Snerk.

Decided my familiarity with Sam Neill's back catalogue has influenced my reading of the text in JP3. You see, when Alan dummy spits over the eggs, he only gives Billy the look of the damned, so yeah, he's pissed off about being made raptor bait, and who wouldn't be, but he's not 'never gonna forgive you' mad with Billy. He didn't give Billy the look of death, the one that laser cuts diamonds, as seen in, say, Reilly. No, Billy didn't get that look, so as upset as Billy was that Alan rejected his love tokens outright, it wasn't nearly as bad a rift as Billy felt it was. Foolish, romantic boy. No, I knew Alan would forgive him, and quickly, because as far as looks of ire go, Billy only got a 2.5, at most. As if Alan could stay mad at dear little eager to please Billy.

Saturday: Had a dream that Billy really died on the island, Alan was mad and this was all a dream. Okay, that's a little bleaker than I'd intended, but it could make for another fic, I suppose. A really, really bleak and depressing fic, but hey, it's not like I've got a reputation for fluff and kittens (thank frell).

Now that's what our Thai resturant needs: Thai Elvis. Why do I only think of Thai Elvis when I hear Devo? Well, it's a long story - grin. Yep, went Thai again because it was my turn to cook and I had about 40 minutes prior warning of this. Had to go shopping anyway and I was just too fed up and tired to cook.

Double checked: there is no Sam Neill to be had in the local vid shop. No Hunt For Red October, not even Jurassic Park, which is a real bitch because I'd not seen it in ages and I wanted to check my facts. Well, call me the New York Times, then. What sort of a vid shop doesn't stock Jurassic Park, for fuck's sake?

They did however had a small Alessandro collection so I got to see Best Laid Plans again. Strange, but true. And mmmmm, Alessandro. Okay, yeah, Josh too but like I notice when Alessandro's on screen right now.

Woke up for Stargate, well, woke up and Stargate was on the telly, but they're playing cool stuff on Rage, ancient songs I've wanted to vid forever. If only, eh? I sgould worry less about what people might think and just do it. Afterall, those miserable bitches hate everthing I do anyway and it'd be fun for me, at least.

Sunday: Not a good day. In spite of my pleas not to be made angry some people like making me angry because it's funny. Was ambushed by evil old AP. Instead of taking the paper out to read in the sun while admiring the lemon tree I was required to chop down the lemon tree.

Then, because my magazines and stuff had been moved under the house where I was sure they'd be damaged in spite of the plastic tarp I'd had to get on a 4 hr round bus trip and I was told not to be stupid and to shut up, well, they got damaged and this meant AP could dispose of them. An entire box of Twin Peaks stuff, gone. I am so not happy.

Instead of losing it, you'd be so proud of me, I just went inside and watched Homicide until I could breathe again. Then Bro and I watched Dirty Deeds again. Sure, yes, it had Sam in it, affecting a voice that bothered me until Bro said it sounded like Sam was trying to do Leonard Teale, so that was okay, and yes, it did remind me a lot of Homicide with all the hats - our Homicide, not yours.

It also had Bryan Brown in it, and I always like Bryan. Trivia: Bryan's uncle used to be our local grocer, back when we had such things (and fresh fruit and veg wasn't at least two hours away by bus) and Mr Brown was always nice to me when I was a kid, and precious few people were ever nice to me, especially when I was a kid, so even if Bryan was complete crap in this he'd still have some currency with me, but he wasn't, he was good, as usual.

Yea gods, an Aussie film that was actually watchable (like I said to a friend, after surviving the 80s and 90s I have a severe traumatic phobia of Aussie films - usually you sit there willing to confess to anything if they'll just make it stop, please, for the love of god, make it stop...). So this one was actually watchable - horrors! Loved the car chase down the dunny access lane - the very image of the one I walk home through, so you can see why I have to leapt onto the fence everytime a 4WD drive roars down the lane. Love the pre-Whitlam third world plumbing - or complete lack thereof. I can actually remember when we got plumbing and when they tarred our road. You know you're a hillbilly when...

The car chase then went through the bewery that used to be next to where I went to uni. Or one of the unis I went to, anyway, now sadly torn down. The brewery, not the uni. It used to be very atmospherically industrial, like all those early 80s brit music vids, and it used to reek pleasantly of vegemite, so I'd know I was getting close to uni (it was a long slog from my ofice to uni every night, no car). We continued to play spot the location. Bro recognised some shops in Lane Cove, and what was with all the FourX product placement. As if. No New South Welshman would be seen dead drinking - but I digress. Alas, the Gazebo is no longer either, to my great distress as a groovier construction you'd be hard pressed to find. Even the numbers on the lift were all in Austin Powers script. Just think, that's exactly the sort of room poor Michael Shanks had to stay in for the con. From one of those balconies did Gigi Edgley's undies take flight (it's a long story). Groovy, baby.

Long time aquaintances will know I've always been amused by Sysdney's seedy past so this was a fun movie for me, and the fun part was how some of the wilder plot elements were based on fact and real characters, or colourful racing identities as we call them here. Really, truly. A little bit of gloss and polish but most of the characters were based on real people, including sam's bent copper, head of CIB (cf Royal Commission, Blue Murder, Sydney's greatest hits).

After that it was a doco on Wellington, which I really wanted to watch as not only Sharpe but my ancestor fought in those battles, but it had us dozing, and then the last episode of Cambridge Spies, with my other adored Sammy. Now I know there's been some window dressing going on here but I've read Flemming and Waugh and I find the characters have struck me as reasonably accurate facsimilies of young men of their period and station. Besides, I grew up being taught Thatcher's revisionist history and I was never made aware of just how highly placed Philby was. So it sort of evens it all out, skew wise. We were deeply amused at how in this series it appeared that Guy Burgess was deported from America for the crime of behgaving like a character in a David Lynch film (still a treasonable offence). We were expecting him to break into Blue Velvet at any moment. It was my understanding that Guy wasn't a completely incorrigible drunk until the Moscow years, but never mind. I guess it was too good to waste. The hideous Yank, so homophobic and uptight that when he farted only dogs could hear, amused as well. He was so in horror of Guy's antics, and we were booing and hissing him like a panto villain. Thus we had enormous fun.

Hey, I was a card carrying commie in my youth and I bet I've blown the dust off my ASIO file this year so don't expect anything unbiased from me. We were all go Kim! Go Kim! No, not an unbiased observor as far as that little dramatic series went.

I can't believe my dear Bro has never heard me use the phrase 'so uptight when he farts only dogs can hear' before. It had him in fits. I'm sure I've used it frequently and often, but probably only online, when describing certain fans. Hey, it's just a silly cable tv show, you know. There are more important things in the world, really, there are.

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