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Bad day. Bad, bad day. Not only was my pc absolutely crash happy and my elders and alleged betters making my yearn for the management style of say, Scorpius, but, deciding I could make it through if I had a really nice hot cup of tea, I left my cup unattended for a mere few minutes and somebody decided to use my cup as a rubbish receptacle.

That did it it. I could feel myself starting to turn a dangerously emerald hue, as in don't make me angry, so I stomped home, well, as it was raining I caught the bus and the bus driver was driving like there was a bomb on the bus, to find the only Sam Neill flick on offer on the box was Evil Angels. Yikes-a-rama. My Sam in shorts and long socks. Now there's a sight to kill my fantasy life stone cold dead. It's not just that the ensemble is so unbelievably dire, it's that people in my office still dress like that. You can see them gathered in clumps outside, sneaking a ciggie, and you just know it's a government building. Shudder.

No Charmed tonight so we've decided to Streets of San Francisco it instead. My first trip to SF was a total homage to this show. Tragic but true.

After that it was Katharine Hepburn night, starting with Desk Set, one of my favourite films. We'd never seen it in widescreen before, so it was exciting and new just to appreciate the fabulous sets which we'd never properly seen before, and the way people swished on and off stage, makin the film seem like the dance it was. Oh, I really loved this. It was so sweet just to watch two people very much in love - you just never see that these days. Not like this - delightful, and the script seems to have been followed very loosely, which was cute. This movie also speaks to me. The last time I saw it I was in charge of records, we were being automated and I was losing all my staff, so it really spoke to me (no happy ending for me, btw). This time around I can see it from both sides, because I also felt for the girl who cried when they maliciously broke her database. In fact I swear my PC was actually making noises like that today - oh for the want of a hairpin. Brilliant movie, classy stars.

After that I turned onto TCM which was plaing all Katharine, all night. It was still Katharine and Spencer in something frightfully noirish when I left this morning and I never got the name of the film (unscheduled as they were) and now I'll never know how it turned out - being black and white it's not one I'd seen before, growing up when B&W films were largely verboten on television.

why, dr grant, are you trying to seduce me?

I'm getting to the end of my fic and I'm wondering if I should shoot my wad or save something for later, if I ever write JP3 again (insert alternate lyrics here, and I can see all the non antipodeans shaking their heads again. Just google Angels: alternate lyrics. There you go).

Like do I bother filling in all the movie gaps, like Billy's "I won't bore you with the deatils of my miraculous escape," or do I leave some sense of mystery? Do I include the 'first time' flashback or save it for another fic I might never write? Well, as I'm supposed to amuse a friend for three weeks while her dvd arrives I might include it here, to pad out proceedings. Better safe than sorry and I can always re-write it later.

So I wrote it anyway, the first time scene, but it was more of a quick, drunken fumble than the throbbing purple prose you usually see. I blame the evil influence of those long socks (get me 10ccs of Reilly: Ace of Spies - stat!) but it wasn't like I could go the 'show me this earth thing you call kissing' route anyway. They've both been around the block so it wasn't like I could play the 'never been kissed' card.

I like it though. I think it's kind of sweet. There's none of that must make you mine I own you power games crap that most people seem so fond of, which I find both disturbing and sickening. Nope, this is just two people who really like each other, shagging. No power plays, no sadism, no games, no nastiness. There's no need. They're just ordinary folks who want to treat each other decently.

I think this is actually the healthiest relationship I've ever written. Yes, they've been through a rough patch but they're getting over it. They're comfortable with each other and they care about each other. No ultimatums, no 'you must demonstrate you devotion daily', no contracts, no demands, no pressure to stay exciting and/or sunbservient, no performance measures. None of that shit. It makes me ill just thinking about it. Nope, they're just two people who just want to be together. They're best friends, and I think that's what makes it so nice, so normal, so sweet. They care and they don't need all those sick little games, because they're already getting everything they need from their friendship.

Yup, I'd like to write the boys again, if I could just find a damn plot for them to play in.

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