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The Brit(ish) List

This week, we have departures (Sherlock, Downton stars) and arrivals (Mr Law, Mr McGregor and Mr Bean all have new film projects, Mr Moyer has twins!).

Jamie Bell joins Shia LaBeouf for Lars von Trier's erotic film

Ian McKellen hosts charity gala for Park Theatre

Christian Bale flies 4-year-old cancer patient to Disneyland

Noel Clarke in wedding comedy 'The Knot' - video clip

David Harewood reveals 'unnerving' spy meeting for Homeland research

Freida Pinto looks gold-geous cosying up to Clive Owen

Maguire replaced by Rafe Spall

Rupert Everett: 'There's nothing worse than gay parents'

SDCC Interview: Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu Talk Elementary

You're meant to be watching the tennis! Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany dote on son Stellan as they lead celebrities at the US Open

Hugh Laurie at Manhattan Center: Concert Review

Freddie Fox: 'I liked throwing the toys out of my pram'

'Red Dwarf X' new cast pictures released

Richard Armitage is Thorin Oakenshield in new photo set for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Robbie Coltrane set for Scottish independence comedy

Russell T Davies 'Wizards Vs Aliens' to feature Brian Blessed

Daniel Day Lewis's 'Lincoln' first look teaser debuts - watch

First clips and images from Great Expectations starring Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes, Jeremy Irvine, Holliday Grainger

My Secret Life: Richard Briers, 78, actor


'The Walking Dead': Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus respond to critical fans

The Latest Official Poster Art for The Walking Dead Season 3

The Walking Dead Season 3 Teaser: A New Rick Is Coming Out of the Closet

Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Andrew Lincoln’s Workout!

The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln: 'A Zombie Apocalypse Keeps Me Fit'

Toronto Star Previews Season 3; Daily News on Andrew Lincoln As Cult Hero


Exclusive First Look: Doctor Who Trailer for "A Town Called Mercy"

'Doctor Who' Matt Smith: 'The Doctor is a loose cannon'

'Doctor Who' Matt Smith: 'I don't think a female Doctor is likely'

'Doctor Who' premiere grabs record ratings in US, Australia

VIDEO: Doctor Who's Matt Smith Weighs the Merits of Various Dinosaurs

Matt Smith recalls Doctor Who bar experience

'Doctor Who' react: Have mercy

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy preview

'Doctor Who': 'A Town Called Mercy' new pictures - gallery

'Doctor Who' react: How do you start a triceratops?

A real step back in time on new Dr Who

'Doctor Who' writer on 'A Town Called Mercy': 'The Doctor is volatile'

'Doctor Who' Matt Smith on UNIT return: 'It's one for the fans'

Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy, in pictures

'Doctor Who' recap: 'A Town Called Mercy' does cowboys & aliens right



October 2012



Sherlock's third series to be its last?

Sherlock's third series 'to be the last' due to stars' Hollywood success

Benedict Cumberbatch 'doesn't feel threatened' by the American Sherlock show

Cumberbatch ? the last of his kind?

David Attenborough, Stephen Fry and Benedict Cumberbatch among stars involved in Plymouth Moby Dick project

Benedict Cumberbatch reenacts The Reichenbach Fall... from 15,000 feet

Parade's End marches on but loses out in battle for Friday night ratings

Benedict Cumberbatch is a Double Winner at the TVChoice Awards

Sherlock Star Benedict Cumberbatch's Curious Incident In The Night-Time, During 'Parade's End' Filming

Benedict Cumberbatch: It's a bit weird when people see me in the frozen peas section and start flipping out


'Sherlock' Star Benedict Cumberbatch Calls For An Encore At The Killers' iTunes Festival Gig

Airlementary dear Watson..

Harpers Bazaar

October 2012



New picture: Martin Freeman in The Hobbit

New Look At Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins In 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'

Hugh Grant, Martin Freeman and David Tennant talk The Pirates!: video

In the Baggins... New pictures of The Hobbit movie emerge

New Hobbit Character Art Revealed


Daniel Craig signs on to two more James Bond films after Skyfall?

Daniel Craig in place for two more Bond films?

Daniel Craig signs up for two more Bond movies

Daniel Craig Will Return As James Bond

Global James Bond Day: Daniel Craig's 'Casino Royale' swim trunks to be auctioned

Can Daniel Craig be the most prolific James Bond ever?

Daniel Craig Character Poster Declares Skyfall Box Office Open!

Daniel Craig Will Return As James Bond

Studio Cine Live


April 2012



October 2012



Tom Hardy: 'Lawless' star's top five screen roles

Tom Hardy Interview For John Hillcoat's 'Lawless'

Tom is Hardy bootlegger in new clip from Lawless

Tom Hardy and film's other stars talk about getting Lawless

Happy Birthday Tom Hardy! 15 Of His Sexiest Red Carpet Looks [PHOTOS]

Studio Cine Live


April 2012



Dan Stephens hints third series of Downton Abbey could be his last

Emmys made Downton such a hit in America I'm moving there – and Matthew might not come back

My week: Dan Stevens

Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens is moving to America and may not be back to play Matthew Crawley & series 3 air date revealed!

'Downton Abbey' series premiere recap: "Will I do, Carson?"

They did it! Lady Mary and Matthew finally make it down the aisle... as the future of Downton Abbey is threatened in shocking first episode


'The Scapegoat' Matthew Rhys Q&A: 'Du Maurier fans will be surprised'

Matthew Rhys: 'We'd troll off to LA and try to nick jobs off the Americans'

Battle of the posh

Matthew Rhys on his new drama The Scapegoat and life in America

Matthew Rhys's Welsh Hollywood pals

Matthew Rhys film Patagonia picks up five Bafta Cymru nominations

Rhys on Eileen's 'laser' stare

FX's 'The Americans' to preem at Mipcom: Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys to attend TV mart


Barnes: Hope De Niro rubs off on me

Ben Barnes' sophisticated new role


Anna Karenina Premiere Report

Heartthrob actor Jude Law has eyes on a trip to Australia with his family

Keira Knightley and Jude Law need a crash course at charm school

Jude Law: 'Hacking scandal turned my life into a public soap opera'

TIFF: Lunching with Jude Law for Artists for Peace and Justice

Jude Law: 'My kids banned me from picking them up from school'

Jude Law wins permission to renovate his London home

TIFF'12: Jude Law, Keira Knightley rock 'Anna Karenina' premiere

Law confirms role in Anderson film

Not even Sherlock Holmes could work that one out! Jude Law sports MUCH fuller head of hair at Toronto International Film Festival

Wilde takes the importance of being accurate a little too earnestly


Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts and a moment of gravitas on the red carpet

Ben Affleck, Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor, and more: EW's Toronto Film Festival Must List

Ewan McGregor Joins 'August: Osage County'

Ewan McGregor Joins Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep in 'August: Osage County'

Ewan McGregor Will Also Be in August: Osage County

Ewan: Naomi and I were beach bums

Ewan McGregor joins Benedict Cumberbatch in new Meryl Streep movie

Studio Cine Live


April 2012

Harpers Bazaar

October 2012


September 2012



Sean Bean Off To Scorched Earth

Toronto 2012: Sean Bean to Star in 'Scorched Earth'

Sean Bean to star in 'Scorched Earth'


No Sweeney thrills for Damian Lewis

'Homeland' Star Damian Lewis' Surprising Discovery About President Obama

Danes, Lewis Premiere Homeland Season 2

Damian Lewis 'kept Eton background secret'

Homeland Season 2: Damian Lewis reveals all about the new series

'Homeland's Damian Lewis kept Eton schooling a secret

'Homeland' stars promise more twists on 2nd season

'Homeland' stars attend show's 2nd-season premiere in NY, promise more twists in new episodes

'The Sweeney' Damian Lewis, Hayley Atwell interview


Tennant extra

David Tennant: 'Shakespeare has always inspired me'

Print out your very own Doctor Who banknotes bearing David Tennant's confused face

David Tennant: exclusive Radio Times desktop wallpaper

Chris Martin and David Tennant donate signed memorabilia in an exclusive “as seen on tv” star collection to raise funds for Alzheimer's Society


Fassbender's Frank 'not Sidebottom'

Michael Fassbender in Demand: See Everything He's Working On

Frank Sidebottom inspires Michael Fassbender film

Michael Fassbender Fulfills Destiny To Be A Rock Star In Indie Drama Frank

Michael Fassbender Presents YouTube Film Award for "The Guilt"


One of Worst Box Office Weekend in Two Decades: Bradley Cooper / Henry Cavill Movies

Review: Henry Cavill Vehicle 'The Cold Light Of Day' Should Have Stayed In Deep Freeze

Henry Cavill Promises A 'Very Realistic' Man Of Steel

Seeing Henry Cavill in 'The Cold Light of Day'


Clare Danes speaks of baby joy with Hugh

'Hannibal' Adds Potential Love Interest for Hugh Dancy (Exclusive)

Hannibal Series Set Photos Show Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, And Laurence Fishburne


April 2012



Game of Thrones Alfie Allen Interview at Comic-Con (Video)

Alfie Allen on the "Needed" Game of Thrones Sex Scenes and His "Unbelievable" Castmates

Alfie Allen



June 2012



Jason Isaacs: 'I like being anonymous'

Jason Isaacs in Awake, Sky Atlantic - interview



June 2012



Russell Tovey in Elevator Drama

Russell Tovey: why I'm leaving Being Human (and loving Him & Her)

Studio Cine Live


April 2012



Colin Farrell & Martin McDonagh on 'Seven Psychopaths' And Why Farrell Didn't Read The Reviews For 'Total Recall'

Farrell's 'boring' film preparation

Badboy Colin Farrell shows his softer side as he totes cute son Henry at Los Angeles Airport

Colin Farrell Always Depends On The Kindness Of Girlfriends


Sean Connery, Alex Ferguson crash Andy Murray US Open press conference

Hail to the king! Sean Connery leads the way as celebrities cheer Andy Murray's historic US Open triumph

Salutes? Sir Sean Connery is Dr No


Alan Rickman as Ronald Reagan in 'The Butler' - picture

First Look at Alan Rickman and Jane Fonda as Ronald and Nancy Reagan in THE BUTLER


Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer Welcome Twins

'True Blood' pair Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer welcome twins,0,4355695.story


Sir Roger Moore: James Bond actor 'beaten up by first two wives'

007 Sir Roger Moore was 'victim of domestic violence'

James Bond wouldn't have that! Roger Moore admits his first two wives were physically abusive towards him

Bond actor Sir Roger Moore ended marriage by phone


Colin Firth On The Thrill Of 'Saturday Night Live' & The Price Of Fame

Firth celebrates birthday at TIFF


James Corden, Julia Carey marry

James Corden Marries Fiancée Julia Carey With Guests Including David Walliams, Michael McIntyre and Jimmy Carr

WEDDING JOY! Julia Carey and James Corden marry in fashionable celebrity 3-day Somerset Wedfest


Winstone gets his action kicks

I’m the daddy

Ray Winstone says he’s all for a few more Sweeneys

Ray Winstone And Ben Drew Talk The Sweeney


With great power... Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone use their fame for good as they promote charities

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Get Creative In NYC

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Use The Paparazzi to Promote Charitable Organizations

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Promote Charities with Handmade Signs!

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