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sam and me

Still hyperventilating after buying a new PC. It's twice what I'd budgeted for but the sales rep was quite right, buying a PC that meets the bare minimum will only make me miserable in the long run. I've been subsisting on less than the bare minimum for over a decade, getting up a 4am so I can get into work early and use my spare hour or so on my own stuff. This week they took away the spare drive I was using and enough is enough. No matter what my AP says, I work in IT and I need a PC that can open more than notepad.

Of course you're wondering why I need a new PC after giving up my websites? Because I'll no longer be using my PC for the drudgery of fixing up code in notepad. I want to play. I want to do things. I might not have a page of my own any more but I can still sub stuff elsewhere, if folks want it. I want to create. I want to have fun.

Hence the megabucks PC. Oh well, Italy next year I guess. It'll be better that way anyway because by then I should be pretty much as back to the old me as I'll ever get. Right now I'm good, much improved, but if I get overtired it's still very unpleasant.

So, all I watched last night (and this morning) was Farscape. Finally a show where I'll be watching it straight. No wrong thinking from me, no deliberate misreading or extra reading of the text. I'll be good. I'll behave. So it was Scratch N Sniff, wasn't it. I give up. This episode was so very, very wrong, and I loved just about every minute of it.

If you've not seen the episode it was basically shore leave, Kings Cross style. Totally. Trivia: legend has it that Kings Cross is as seedy as it is today because of American Servicemen, particularly during the Vietnam War, and apparently they did a roaring trade in the Cross the other week when the US Fleet was in town - grin. Nice and well behaved southern boys my arse. And thus it is with Johnny Boy: sex, drugs and rock and roll wha-hey. At least he had fun. Too much fun. Oh yes, I liked this episode.

Trying valiantly to carrying on writing the adventures of Alan et Billy, but I keep getting interupted. Blast! as Captain Gregg was wont to exclaim in thundering tones.

Especially as I'm having so much naughty fun revisting all the lusty wrong thoughts I used to have about Sam Neill when I was in highschool. I've always adored Sam but it's been a while since I've been in absolute knicker wringing wanton lust with old Sammy. I'm having so much bloody fun with the fic, and I hope you enjoy the Sammy related links below as much as I did trying to find them. A well mispent tea break if ever there was one :)

I think I only cooled on Sam a bit because I was forced to appreciate The Piano in a film appreciation class and I did not appreciate it, not at all. Miserable, ponderous and pretentious pile of codsallop. So yeah, Sam's part in the torture I endured was not easily forgiven, but I'm over it now, luv. Oh my yes. Why, I think I could even watch Event Horizon all the way, maybe not. Let's not get completely carried away - grin.

ps. my brother has implied I make Davida Allen look dignified. He is such a bitch.

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