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  • Wed, 19:39: Downloads: 'It's cheaper to pay a wage, fly to the US and back twice'
  • Thu, 06:31: Nice Bomer article:
  • Thu, 06:34: Neighbouring nursery guy had put out old botannical journals (as well as usual cuttings). I picked up The Frampton Flora. should be a band.
  • Thu, 06:35: I must have been very annoying of late, just me and my robot followers again. if only robot followers were good for something...
  • Thu, 06:36: ...I'm thinking in the' kill, crush, destroy' department. Alas, no. Pity. Sorry, flu making me even more sour than usual.
  • Thu, 06:37: RT @neilhimself: When Kinder Eggs are outlawed, only outlaws will have Kinder Eggs:
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