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Tee Hee. Salvation Army guy just asked how I manage to look so gorgeous so early in the morning. Yeah sure, I pay him to be nice, but still, I'm happy. I really love my new wardrobe, and I guess it helps to be able to wear it with my head held high. As I'm still a devout believer in Casual Fridays it's my faded blue denim skirt and my orange patterned top. It works, trust me. Even AP approved.

He's a nice guy, Salvation Army Guy. Just about the only committed Christian I've met who is a credit to his faith and a shining human being, unlike my dour and judgemental uncle. Always with the judging and found wantings, never with the compassion or charity. Yes, I'm sure it was a valuable lesson for myself and my family to pull ourselves out of our very deep hole, but, well, bastard.

I wonder if James Marsters will weigh into the ridiculous Spike TV fracas. I mean, could Spike Lee have any more tickets on himself? You don't see me suing the WB, though I'm always afeared of them suing me. You've got no idea what it's like to see a © after your name, unless of course you belong to the Clan McDonald.

Alas yum cha, delightful as it was, did not agree with me, still being of a delicate constitution so I toddled off home, early enough to catch the end of Passion, one of my fave Buffy episodes of all time, and then, lookit, Dino Boy is on tv again.

In other words, JP3 was on Showtime2 again, and I might as well enjoy myself and study the text. It's too amusing. Apparently no force on heaven or earth will get Alan onto that island. Except Billy making cow eyes at him. Moo.

I just love the way Billy has already pimped Alan to the Kirbys. Further proof for my hypothesis that the boys were already in a relationship prior to the opening scene. I also present for Your Honour the supposition that you don't throw yourself off a cliff for just anybody. It's been my experience that you do need to be in a relationship with somebody for words to cut that deep and find their mark that precisely. To paraphrase The Simpsons, if you play the scene in slow motion you can see the exact moment when Billy's heart snaps in two. Ouch.

Of course, I was interupted during my fave bit, the bit where Billy demonstrates exactly how he can put his lips together and blow for Alan. Oh my. I do love that scene, I've yet to tire of watching it. And you wonder why I made Billy such a little cocksucker in my fic - evil grin.

In other news, well, I was hoping to be able to sneak some time to work on fic but no, no, no and no. Work up the wazoo again, and I'll be lucky if I get home in time for Spooks. No biggie, I have the dvd now - grin. I will be having to set the tape for The Tick though, because while j'adore The Tick it's on opposite D&P this week and I have a long etablished relationship with D&P (an alarmingly slashy show at times).

Last night after JP3 there was Charmed and SVU on the tv but SVU was very Munch and Stabler lite and I was mostly scrawling away on later scenes of the JP3 fic. Again, I blame the evil influence of Joss Whedon on the way it's going to turn out (but I know better than to try and bend a fic to my will these days, even though it's not the plot I would have chosen, personally).

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