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I've been putting off writing this blog so it wouldn't just be me being miserable, but this week just gets worse and worse and I can't do anything right. This frown is hammered down.

Even going to the Mousetrap last night was a disaster from start to finish. It was supposed to be a treat but I completely fucked it up. I managed to pick the wrong night of the wrong week, the seats were in the very back row and Himself was tired and grumpy and had important stuff on today and I've made such a mess of things and I don't know what to do.

Even arranging to meet at my beloved Mercantile pub seemed to weigh heavily in the underwhelming scales. Sure it's a little scruffy, but I just adore the original Art Nouveau decor, the swirly green tiles, the patterned plaster ceiling, the gorgeous and elegant sweep of the wooden arms on the mantlepiece. The staff are friendly, the clientle unpretentious and the food is in the solid and hearty, cheap and cheerful range. No truffle oil, in other words. Just bangers and mash, beef and Guinness pie, that sort of thing. Close by, comfy, perfect for winter, I thought.

Okay, the chef is surly, but the surlier he is, the better the food. 'Yippee, then,' deapanned Himself, without any enthusiasm.

At least the walk down the wall did have the spectacular views as promised, and Gleebooks had their pop up store at the theatre as advertised.

Sadly, the one time I get a stage set, I'm miles from it, so I couldn't peer at it to my heart's content, but at least the broad and mannered style of acting carried to the back rows. It was a good choice for an old play that has been so pastiched and parodied it was a farce before it even started. I did like it and I've always wanted to see it, but I can't tell you the plot as we were all sworn to secrecy, and as I had the delight of not being spoiled for a sixty year old play I'm going to respect that (unlike day old tv shows).

So I didn't mind it, but I very the heavy oppressive weight of having done a very bad thing. Been that way all week. The sort of week where I couldn't stoop to tie my shoelaces without taking out the entire Tour de France race. That kind of week.

And it's not like I'm looking for reasons to be miserable. Quite the opposite. I took my time walking down to Walsh Bay from work and it's amazing how much I see when I meander as opposed to hufing along. The tree fern laden little triangle of jungle in the corner of one building forecourt that made me expect to see young dinosaurs grazing amonfst the ferns, being wobbled around by a chap on a unicycle, four gents with bright green mohawks, a huge drift of ice in one gutter.

And when the sky darkened, with bare tree branches, one of the buildings opposite my window reminded me of Centrepoint. Only I could ever get nostalgic for London in February.

ABC - All Of My Heart by ABC

Thinking of Centrepoint made me start humming All of My Heart (because it's in the video) and by the time I got up to:
'Yes I hope and I pray
That maybe someday
You'll walk in the room with my heart
And I shrug and I say
That maybe today
You'll come home soon'

I'm thinking again of Peter, that image of him alone in that room, and I feel the pinch again of not being in the White Collar loop. Sure, I can watch the trailers, and I'm just about through my disks of series three, which has never screened out here, but still. I try to ignore it, but like that label on one of my jumpers, it bites every so often.

But that, my dears, is the least of my problems. Skipping over being the butt of nasty office politics (how well did the presentation go? Well, if the whispers and nastiness are anything to go by, that well) I should tell you that my Samsung tablet bricked it, taking with it photo albums, libraries and carefully curated playlists amongst everything else (my maps, my bookmarks, my notes and lists, my calendar, my radio stations, my image folders). Not happy.

At least it was a share bear before it's sudden fall off its perch (tested fine against virus checkers, just fell over on Tuesday for no reason). Here is one of the photos I took on Saturday that I'd managed to upload to share (but forgot to). It was the day we went to see One Man, Two Guvnors, and this is my home town, with looming clouds (there was no rain, as is frequently the case).

So now I have no camera, except the one in my phone, and as my phone is now my only connection to the world, well, I'm scared to even touch it, so bad is my luck right now (for the record, down two cameras, a HD, a tablet and a laptop in the last six weeks).

Nor can I afford to replace any of those, and man, that electricity bill was a shocker. Still, sans toys, it should be cheaper? It won't be, but it should.

This should have been a fun week. Sucks.

Monday update: Sucks even more. Down with dreadful case of flu. Samsung dead. Online stuff not happening. Sitting up not really happening. Last time I felt this bad was '05. Oh dear...

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