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JP3 fic rated MA Mature adults only m/m slash PWP WIP #5

Another short snippet. More on Monday I promise faithfully. Just need time to fill out a bridging scene, don't want to rush it too much. Don't want to grind to a complete halt either. :D

No infringement of the following characters and situations is intended.
Warning: Rated [MA] Mature Adults only. Contains adult themes
Title: Here there be Dragons
Series: Jurassic Park III
Status: WIP?
Author/pseudonym: Hellblazer
E-mail address:
Rating: MA
Pairing: Alan Grant/Billy Brennan
Date: 18 June 2003
Disclaimers: The characters of Dr. Alan Grant, Billy Brennan, et al. are the property of Universal Pictures, Amblin Entertainment and (in Alan's case) Michael Crichton. No copyright infringement is intended or inferred.
Warnings: may contain slash, H/C, violence, m/m hanky panky, drug use, nudity, coarse language, horror, dodgy research, adult themes
Spoilers: Jurassic Park III
Summary: Going out on a limb here, ahem, as the boys deal with the scars from Isla Surna.


Even at this unhappy early hour people were already stirring and the cooks were busy preparing breakfast, smoke and the heady smell of bacon already wafting from the tent. The smell seemed to lure people from their beds, like the walking dead, all heading towards the mess tent on instinct alone.

The great unwashed, as Alan liked to call them. Showers out here were unheard of and baths were a luxury, however Billy's panic attack last night had necessitated such an indulgence, Alan reasoned. Certainly it had helped to send Billy off to sleep without recourse to the bottles of pills Alan felt Billy was becoming overly reliant on.

Billy was still looking a little tired and wan, and Alan noticed Billy barely touched any of his breakfast, being quieter than usual, only just keeping up the appearance of his usual flirting banter with the students in the camp who still loyally maintained their crushes on him.

Billy gave Alan his quick dimpled smile and his assurances he was perfectly fine, but Alan was learning the hard way that he needed to pay more attention to what Billy did rather than what Billy said.

Billy was far more traumatised by what had happened on the island than he wanted to admit, and this obviously troubled him. He saw Alan dealing and coping and Billy just couldn't put it behind him and get on with things, the way Alan had. That Alan hadn't been torn apart and left for dead, nor that Billy had always worn his emotions closer to the surface than Alan ever did, it mattered little in the equation. Billy was having trouble getting past the nightmares, and he hated himself for his weakness.

Alan had lost Billy, momentarily distracted by the business of running a field expedition. When he found Billy he was in the tent he'd pretty much taken over as his workstation. Billy was quickly packing his bag, making sure he had his brushes, his notebook and film in his camera.

Alan came up behind him, resting a warm hand on his shoulder.

"Ready?" he asked.

Billy nodded.

"Good. Let's go see what we've got out there."

Billy glanced at him, recognising that tone of voice. "You don't know already?"

Alan gave him his wolfish smile. "I have an idea," he teased slyly, and that was all he was going to say on the matter.

A couple of hours hard walking and a more dignified scramble down the slope this time brought them to the site where Alan's little stick with his handkerchief still attached to it fluttered at them like a little flag, saluting their find. Well, Alan's find.

Judging from Alan's excitement it could only be a large meat eater, a T-Rex or a 'Raptor at the very least, and Billy was going to go with a T-Rex. It wasn't the most scientific way to guess at the classification of a find from the couple of tiny bones they'd exposed so far, but it worked. Alan, for all his pretence at dour professionalism, loved a big showy dinosaur, and he was like a big kid, clucking over his find the way car enthusiasts purred over their favourite make and model.

The sat down at opposite ends of the monster and slowly began the steady task of filing and brushing away the extraneous dirt so that the creature slowly appeared. The patterns of its bones became suddenly discernible, like one of those puzzles you had stare at for ages before it revealed itself.

The sun had ridden high in the sky and they were both caked in sweat and grime before Alan called for a break, both of them sinking back gratefully against the sun warmed dirt wall that they were working on.

Alan watched Billy deftly unwrap his sandwich one handed, pulling it free from the fiddly cling wrap with delicate skill, then the way he twisted off the top of his bottle of water with his teeth. Billy was always doing that now, as if he wasn't orally fixated enough. Billy had also learnt how to pull the tops off beer bottles with his teeth, but Alan refused to let Billy demonstrate that particular skill around him, Alan always muttering something about the dental plan under his breath.

Billy caught Alan watching him as he drank, and he lowered the bottle of water slightly, crawling a searing gaze all over Alan before it finally came to rest in Alan's lap, and Alan felt himself twitch in response, as though Billy were already touching him there.

Billy's eyes wondered back up to Alan's and he grinned, before taking another long gulp of water. The little pricktease.

Alan's eyes wandered over Billy's in a challenge, evoking the response he wanted. Billy set his packed lunch aside, regarding Alan as something even better to be devoured.

Billy prowled over him, nuzzling Alan's crotch, breathing deep his scent.

"Billy, I don't," Alan tried to protest weakly about the public place, suddenly having second thoughts about what he'd started.

Billy was having none of it, busy pulling down Alan's fly with his teeth, gazing up at Alan heatedly through those lashes and rummaging around in Alan's underwear like a snuffling truffle pig. He licked along Alan's semi hardness, dampening the cotton, making Alan twitch and moan.

Alan felt the sudden wash of air and grabbed at Billy's sunbleached curls, digging his hands hard into Billy's scalp, trying to make Billy to stop teasing and just get on with it, make him come hard and fast before anyone caught them like this.

Billy was unconcerned, having already made a long standing joke of having had to have sucked Alan's cock to get on these digs in the first place, was sure precious few people would be the slightest bit surprised to find that he hadn't been joking, after all. Not that it was entirely true. The cocksucking had come later, but not that much later. A mere matter of minutes in fact after their first kiss as Alan had fallen fast and he'd fallen hard, plummeting in free fall, and Billy had wrapped Alan around his little finger ever since.

Right now Alan didn't care about anything. All he wanted was to feel Billy's hot mouth swallowing him and Billy's tongue, oh, god, Billy's tongue - right there, just there, oh, god, he was going to - yes.

Billy was sitting back, grinning at him, all dimples and devilish delight, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, then his hand on the back of his pants, following it up with just sitting there and taking another bite of his sandwich.

"Stomach contents: semen and a chicken sandwich," he joked, finishing off the sandwich and licking his fingers before wiping them on his trousers again.

Alan scowled at him, failing to find the humour, zipping himself up primly. He wasn't about to say no to blowjobs from Billy, but there was a time and a place for their flirting and they'd let it get out of hand this time. Billy seemed even less circumspect these days than before, in those rare times now when Billy was in the mood.

Billy was an odd creature these days. One minute he'd be the Billy of old, all open smiles and soft touches and sweet adoration, and Alan, old fool that he was, had revelled in Billy's blatant crush on him. These days the next moment would find Billy the angry, embittered, sullen young man he was now, and his moods seemed as changeable as the weather and the way the wind was blowing.

Alan knew it was hard for Billy. It was probably harder still now that everyone, even himself, expected Billy to now put it all behind him and get on with the rest of his life. Every waking moment reminded Billy of the island and perhaps it wasn't fair, perhaps he needed more time than people were willing to give him. It was unfair for people to be so impatient. It had only been a year, after all, and a year Billy had spent in and out of hospital for one reason or another, yet surely a year was long enough for moping. Perhaps it was the anniversary that was troubling Billy, even it he wasn't fully aware of it himself.

Alan cursed himself again for the countless time over letting Billy talk him into taking them both to that damn island. He could have, should have said no to Billy - but he knew Billy would have never have forgiven him. Billy had just looked at Alan with those eyes and Alan just couldn't say no to him. Billy had wanted to see the island so badly, he'd been as excited as a little boy and it had been so infectious and Alan could understand, he could remember that curiosity. Too bad it was true what they said about cats.


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