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Well, at least the weekend was well encumbered. As in a wet Saturday and a Sherlock marathon on the telly. Sod the housework, this called for tea and biscuits and the comfy cushions.

A bit of a waste of the only day this week I've not felt completely ghastly, but ogling young Mr Cumberbatch could never be considered a waste. That series is a constant delight, I mean, that chase on foot after the taxi in the first episode, how cool is that? It's just so layered, I keep seeing new things, it's never the same episode, ever, and that just makes it such a classic. And I still squee every time they dip the lid to something from the books (I won't say canon because Mr Doyle wasn't even on nodding terms with canon and continuity). It goes to the deep love and irreverant reverance and breadth of knowledge those wicked boys have for their chosen subject.

They know what they're doing, they love what they're doing, and it shows (see also many Whedon projects).

As opposed to other hack projects cobbled together as a cynical marketing exercise rather than a deep need to create, play and share (see any project that was ever pitched as it's like X meets Y).

Speaking of which, I see young Mr Bomer is finally commenting on that weird dislocating walk he's adopted for Caffrey. Honestly, it always looks like Neal is suffering from the unfortunate effects of some freak mosh pit accident back in the 90s, but I digress...

From, um, not much really. Not well, watched telly, didn't get to type up stuff as hoped or planned, didn't even watch much telly, truth be told, most of it is waiting for viewing. Waste of a week, but such is my life. This is what I get for being left on the shelf, apparently. Seems fair (not).

These are trying and difficult times. I'm doing my best. I distract myself with pretty boys. And sadly disappointing cups of tea.


No news, but in the distant past, I know have one chap on the family tree who once shared a fort with Custer. My dude was a Union army doctor, and I found a record of him treating a local, name of Gonzalez, I think, which pleased me no end, no Frank Burns, my dude. Another doctor on the tree studied at Edinburgh University Medical School and graduated in 1881, which means he must have, surely he would have been, a classmate of a certain Mr Doyle. Mind you, he went on to be a quack at one of them health spas, which makes me wonder indeed what the by heck Dr Bell was teaching those boys.

Another chap went to a deaf/blind school, being deaf mute, where he was taught a trade, and ended up owner/operator baker and confectioner of a sucessful seaside business. Which just goes to show some of those much maligned Victorian institutions did, in fact, work. Ah, so many baker/confectioners in the family (glances down at pillowy parts). Yeah, well. The rest are all thieves, rebels and in service, usually d) all of the above (in other words, the surly, lazy, sticky fingered ones in Downtown). Oh yeah, that, too.

I keep thinking that being of such stock I should be better able to manage my despair when people trash my careful work day after day, but no. I guess that's the surly, sulky part, then.

I was reading in one of the papers today how Wayne Rooney came a cropper with Twitter advertising. Yes, well, I've grizzled about that myself, and will do so again. Especially when they offer competitions and the like but never say US only. In fact, they never post the conditions and because they're so insular they never think of other states or countries, forgetting the world wide part of the web, and I'm fairly sure everything they've posted so far is illegal in South Australia if not here, and boy, I'd love to see their head on a spike, but, alas, no.

Still, it's what one gets for following PR hackage instead of a genuine feed, and it is so blistering easy to tell the difference:

PR hack feed Genuine celeb posts
  • Hey, my new film is opening on date

  • Poster for my new film

  • Trailer for my new film

  • Positive review, bought and paid for, written by studio hack, of my new film

  • Positive review, bought and paid for, written by studio hack, of my new film

  • Re-tweet of positive review, bought and paid for, written by studio hack, of my new film

  • Competition for my new film (piss off Johnny Foreigner)

  • Another competition for my new film (piss off Johnny Foreigner)

  • Professional photo of me opening my new film

  • Here's a photo of my cat

  • Oooh, pretty sunset (photo)

  • Hey, I'm having sushi (photo)

  • My cats/dogs again (photo)

  • Stupid sign (photo)

  • Link to song I'm listening to on my ipod

  • Oh yeah, reading a play here. Do come.

  • News item that has me steamed

  • Hey, sushi again (photo)

Easy peasy. Bless all those actors/musicians/writers/artists/etc/all of the above who genuinely tweet and share their candid and silly thoughts with the unwashed masses. So sweet, some of those boys and girls.

As for the rest of you, may the advertising laws you flaunt in every country you broadcast to catch up to you in ways I never could.

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Vanity Fair #44 April 2012 Spain

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