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Your Mission, Jim, should you chose to accept it, is to try and get through the blog entry without causing anyone anywhere any offence.

Yeah, right. As if.

For starters, I'm like punch drunk sleep deprived because somebody was up late watching JP3 and scribbling away, well into the wee, wee hours. Past Roswell, past X Files, just about up to Law & Order, which is pretty much when I get up, so ouch. I have a headache that would floor a large quadruped.

It wasn't quite the evening I'd planned. I'd pretty much skipped out the door humming happily because I was going home to watch Alan and Billy on telly.

Yeah, right. As if.

This is what I get for being happy, for daring to look forward to something. You'd think just wanting to go home and watch tv wouldn't be too big an ask, right? It's not like I was asking for money or love or an Alessandro and Sam sandwich. No, but I'd asked too much apparently because they'd closed off the damn highway entirely and I was stuck on a bus for over two hours staring at nothing but kms of red tailights, grizzle.

I tried to use my time to think of new shit for Alan et Billy to do, and I did, a bit, but as the minutes ticked by and the afternoon turned to darkest night one became anxious. Though not as anxious as the very cute young lad (still in his uniform, I'm such a sleaze) who had skipped debating for a romantic rendevous and was now trapped on the bus, so we tried to come up with plausible excuses now that his abscence would have been well and truly discovered. It was like being one of those minor characters in Shakespeare who show up, offer advice that screws everything up, then exit, stage left.

Well, it passed the time.

So I ended up watching the repeat viewing on Showtime2 instead, but I still managed to tape the cute interviews with Sam and Alessandro at the end, so that was the main thing, and they threw in some cheeky Colin Farrell plugging SWAT afterwards for free, as if to make up for my misery.

Not sick of JP3 yet, and I'm still seeing new things, like the way Billy's hair keeps changing - it's quite short when he climbs down from the tree and I think it's more shorn than slicked down, and poor Billy hugging himself in the background while Alan crosses the bridge, absolutely devastated and utterly miserable. Nasty cruel Alan, breaking poor Billy's heart.

I just love the way Billy lights up at the very sight of Alan, the way he carries his bags, runs a possesive hand down his back and accepts dinner invitations on their behalf. They way Alan reaches around Billy to hang his hat, the way they sit so close together, the way the waitress addresses them as a couple. I love the way Billy leans in so close and smiles at Alan on the plane, the way Billy calls for Alan from the trees, and notice how they put the two mates in peril in the cage? I love the way Billy catches Alan when he runs through the gap in the fence and the hand on Alan's shoulder.

I love Billy's ridiculously foolish and romantic attempt to redeem himself in Alan's eyes, and I love Alan's complete horror when he realises what Billy is going to do, the way he races after him and tries to hold him back. I love how Billy's near suicide is entirely the act of a broken hearted, angry young man. It's there in his eyes, he wants to hurt Alan as much as he wants to redeem himself. I grieve with poor Alan, having to be pulled back, helpless to watch Billy being torn to pieces in the river as the water runs red.

I love the way both Billy and Alan light up on the helicopter, Billy's drug addled offering up of the sacred hat as a means of contrition. I love the way Alan taps the brim lightly on Billy's forehead twice in such a sweet gesture and the way Billy twists around so he can watch Alan for as long as possible. Hardly the actions of two work colleagues. Nope, these boys are in luuuurrrrve. Doncha just love a hurt/comfort reconcilliation?

I have honestly sat through gay films that were far less, much less about the love of two men than this film. It's the darndest thing. I really love this film, big old romantic lozenge that it is.

It's like that study my friend sent me, where as far as most women are concerned, it doesn't matter what the coupling is really, it's still fun to watch.

So after that I scribbled through the last episode of Boomtown, which I found boring, then I flicked around and found Sliders ripping off Jurassic Park, which amused so I left that on while I scribbled some more. Scribbled even more through Roswell. Alas these are later scenes in the story so I won't be posting them until I get up to them, but I'm getting an idea of where it's going. Not sure if I'll keep in the homage to Evil Dead. It's silly, but I've been heading down that track since the start - grin.

Wearing my fave chocolate shirt and my brand new caramel skirt today. For the first time in my life I have clothes I like, bugger what anyone else thinks. It's normally so hard to get nice skirts in my size. wasn't that hard to remove the trapeze first - grin.

Of course you can tell the Krispy Kreme withdrawal is starting to hit. Poor Bro made a 40km donut run by PT upon the behest of AP and lugged home the most enormous box of donuts I'd ever seen, local boxes only containing two or three if you're lucky. This was a decades worth of donut consumption, in a box. So my Alessandro fest on the weekend was considerably sugar-fuelled. Oh, I think I'm only starting to come down now.

Just had a fun yum cha. I haven't had yum cha in ages. Mmmm, sticky rice...

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