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Tea parties? Is that all there is?

Last night my favourite, best cup, the cup that, through a freak of engineering, made the perfect cup of tea, the cup that was so warm and comforting in my hands, the little old nothing cup that was perhaps my most beloved and cherished possession, was smashed on the ground.

Oh, it was an accident, I know, the result of carrying too much and fumbling and Himself was quite upset, knowing what he'd just done, and it's just a thing, and one should divest oneself of things, and I could have taken it a lot better than I did, but to hear a groan and run back into the room and find someone holding their cup, the tv remote, and your cup in pieces at their feet, and, well. Then to have to sweep it up and bin it.

It was a bad end to a bad day.

And really, I have taken it hard. I have so little joy and comfort in my life. No friends or family or children or a lover. No hobbies, no social groups, no good job I like, no nice clothes or nice shoes or an enormous television or fancy car. No pets, no amazing skills, no flowers in the garden, no wine, no song. No movies stars or swimming pools. No paintings or poetry.

All I had was a nice hot cup of tea, now and then. And now you've taken that away from me. How I managed to get dressed and walk to the bus stop this morning I do not know. I guess duty and habit can carry one along for a bit when everything else is gone. Universe, I'm tired. I don't want to play any more. That was a low blow and I am just over it.

Of course, I'm not allowed to say anything about every cup of tea I have from now until the end of my life will be discordant disappointment. Nope. It was just a thing. I should get over it.


Ah well, I still have my wee teapot at work. Brewed up two pots so far, Irish breakfast with honey, because I'm tired. Home late last night (work stuff, unfun), then, against all sense and better judgement, got on the two stroke lawnmower PC still later last night just to get a much needed Bomer fix. Well, my RSS feed was teasing me with NSFW Magic Mike trailers, and well, I needed to see that now, didn't I. Okay, so it's nothing I haven't seen before (on Australian television. In the 70s), but hey, lookit, beefcake. I am easily amused these days.

There were a few other Bomer links, and when he's not on message he'll say usually something surprising. Like this. So he is trying to make me believe, that, as a gay man, he's never gone the back, sack and crack before? Really? What sheltered lives they must lead over there in the US. Still, they don't have the mardi gras over there, I guess (from whereupon I learn of such things, in the general media, I might add).

Ah, America. I must constantly remind myself that they were founded by folks who found puritan England not joyless or miserable enough, and we were founded by Cockney spivs and Irish rebels in a three day orgy of sex and booze that was only broken up by a violent thunderstorm. Knees up Mother Brown, knees up Mother Brown....

But yeah, actors say the stupidest things. They're either telling the biggest whoppers or being alarmingly off the cuff.

Like rhis, from Dominic Cooper: "Some people feel very awkward and others prance around naked all the time, like myself.” When he and Corden lived together, did they prance around naked together? “Constantly. In fact, I’ve got a fantastic picture of James naked except for a football boot.” A shadow crosses his face. “Actually, he used to wake me up like that.”

Or Rufus Sewell, being wilfully off message: "I've been asked to address all these things I think are bollocks. 'Are you a vampire or a patriot?' Oh, fuck off! I didn't realise that was the choice. I'm not keen on these talking points they hand out: this is what we think. Oh, is it? So I get a bit punchy. 'Why should people come and see your movie?' Don't! I don't care. I don't think that way, but it brings it out in me, and I feel a bit rubbish afterwards. I'm just not very comfortable toeing the line."

Sorry, talking about actors again. This is me going to my metaphorical hiding spot and wedging the door shut. Seems like a plan.

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