mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

I'm awake, I'm awake

I can't believe this but I'm actually got out of my warm bed and came into fort today to finish off that damn report. It's like 4 pages of report and 20 pages of appendices, because managent is another word for moronsJ.

Waved my twelves inches of pink throbbing lightsabre around this morning and darn me if the bus didn't nearly go past me again. Ack. I give up. Anyone know of any searchlights going cheap? Anyways, got in, peeked at the latest WB trailers, read my mail and finished the lastest draft of the report.

I suppose people on jack_daniel are expecting a review of last night's Stargate. Ooops. I was too busy helping Buck cheer up little Ezra. Aw...
I did look up in time to see Daniel walk up the hill though. Oh man, work it, baby. I'm gonna miss that arse, that's fer sure.

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