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  • Thu, 21:20: Cold wet night, warm chai, old ep of Doctor Who and the werewolf on telly. It'll do.
  • Thu, 22:00: Forgot to mention the scene stealing cockroach at Les Liasons. Big QLD brown, lapped the stage, shot up the leg of an actress...
  • Thu, 22:01: Then caused a ruckus as it shot off into the audience. That Mr Weaving could recover not only himself but the rest of us...he is that good.
  • Fri, 03:07: Small step for a man, great get for accountants
  • Fri, 03:07: Conan Doyle dilemma
  • Fri, 03:14: For US pals: Senator Wyden Demands Access to Text of Secret International Agreements Regulating the Internet
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