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  • Thu, 03:57: RT @SimonJCLeBON: My thanks to the venerable Nick Rhodes for bring this fact to our attention.
  • Thu, 04:02: Finally, Twitter access back. Cue angry noises from me. Twixt IT woes and the snuffles, I'm not happy.
  • Thu, 04:03: Anyway, let's see if this works. Oh, and the camera was only saving like 1/300 pics despite me watching it churn away. I hates it.
  • Thu, 04:04: So...I did manage to get one pic of the pink elephant. One. You know how many I took. One. Do the math. Harumph.
  • Thu, 04:04: At least I had a nice sunny day at my beloved Space Needle in Seattle:
  • Thu, 04:05: So lovely some dudes decided to go for a walk. W and TF.
  • Thu, 04:05: Now with 95% less rats!
  • Thu, 04:06: 'She's taking the L out!!!' - joyfully passing Seattle denizen
  • Thu, 04:07: They had my number. I can't be doing a city that sees me and sees what I'm up to.
  • Thu, 04:08: I prefer here, where nobody noticed I was back until late afternoon. Oh, afrer 4 interviews, no word about the job. They had a food court :(
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