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  • Fri, 18:14: RT @simonpegg: Here's fun - "This is Benedict on Simon's twitter. Hello world, excited about bringing Sherlock series 2 to PBS on Sunday ...
  • Fri, 18:16: About to bid adieu to Seattle. Thanks for the rain and bread pudding.
  • Fri, 18:18: Seriously, it was good to go out with real people. Should have taken pics. I do have friends. Just not in 10, 000+ km of home.
  • Sat, 00:34: LAX at last. Hanging out for the last leg of epic journey. Don't know when I'll post more pics. PC is kaput. Down to just phone now. Sigh.
  • Sat, 02:18: I was right. Getting in the front door may not be possible. Told ya. Sigh.
  • Sat, 02:19: Better yet, job interview on Monday. I'm gonna be so smart and shiny. Not.
  • Sat, 02:21: Bored now. Oh, little pc, why did you desert me?
  • Sat, 02:22: Okay, gonna sign off now. Low batt and I might need it at t'other end.
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