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billy don't be a hero...

Another loooooong day and night. Watched bits of Charmed and bits of Angel (the Here's Wesley! episode) and bits of Tipping the Velvet which is still more oooer than plot, and it only was put on as background noise as there was nothing else to interest me. I thought you never know, might pick up an idea I can use in a fic later.

Still with the sex scene in search of a story. Some of my fics start with a sex scene, but a lot of my stories start with ideas, like I have this image of Ezra crouching over a dead body and annoucing that folks in the small town usually killed from passion, this guy was killed for pleasure, this is a city killing/killer. Although suspect #1, being a shifty city boy, Ezra employs the lattest 1870s crime solving techniques. Think Homicide/CSI/L&O meets the Old West. It's pretty much a gen story, so into it I will slip one of my SSISOAS. :) Ditto the idea about the fortune teller whom Ezra dismisses as a crock, he's pulled that trick himself, but spookiness ensues.

On aside, I just love how the back of my Homicide box set is a reasonably accurate facsimilie of a police report, and yes I've seen a few in my time, back when I was the Coroner's Clerk. It was my job to turn pages and pages of notes into a jazzy one line description of the cause of death, not unlike those movie reviews in four words. In fact exactly like those movie reviews in four words. I loved that job. too bad the pay sucked.

Still burbling on about Jurassic Park 3. Slashiest. Film. Ever.

Peeked at the Alan & Billy list. I noted the usual suspects. I bet they all spewed when they saw me log on. I shhall strip mine the list and depart, I promise. I know now I'm not wanted, I get the hint. Found a JP database anyway which has answered most of my daft questions, so who needs imperious fan matriarchs, anyway. Insert Nan's speech about being so sick of all the backbiting and bitchiness and how she's going to just explode from the tedium of it all here. That bit of Tipping the Velvet I did like. That bit I want as my sig line - grin.

Alas poor Sam. All these years, nay, decades, nearly my whole life, and now he's finally been slapped with the slash brush, though I have this hazy niggling remant of a thought that I might have I slashed him when I was in highschool. No, I am not about to revisit my highschool journals to check - grin. I can't remember if it was a fic or a story outline or even just a daydream and I certainly can't remember in what context but I feel deep in my heart I've slashed Sam before, back in highschool. Scary stuff, especially as back then I didn't even know there were slash rules to break - grin. It was just me, lone pervert, scribbling away in my notebook. Funny how things haven't changed a jot.

The idea of those American Sam Neill fans trying to track down his episodes in The Sullivans amuses me no end. Tragically, you can actually get The Sullivans on dvd, but the Mel Gibson episode, alas, not dearest Sammykins.

Technically though I shouldn't own JP3 because it fails my three cute guys rule, but I'm willing to let it slide on occassion. Somewhere in the mighty mess that is my room lurks my copy Event Horizon. Crap film, but it does feature Sam, Sean and Jason, though I usually pop it after Sean goes pop. One of these days I'll compare it with my other space marines. It was one of the first dvds I ever bought, I remember snagging it back when I was still down in Chinatown, a lifetime ago now, it seems.

Best go...I must be very wicked for my work is never done :)

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      June 18 2003
      An Australian president of the United States? Viewers of Monday night's episode of the TV series 24 saw Alan Dale, aka Jim Robinson from Neighbours, aka US vice-president Jim Prescott, affirmed as the president.


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