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So, Friday, I wanted to go see a film, but I couldn't go and see any of the arty farty oh so serious mega wank (literally) fillums I was supposed to be seeing, because, for some reason, all the awarded films on the film festival circuit are only screening during the day for unemployed people (which says everything I've always suspected about arthouse wankers, as in get a haircut and get a real job, etc, etc, etc).

So, it was popcorn, popcorn, popcorn, and best on offer was a film featuring a former darling of difficult arty films, making some bold choices, shall we say, for his latest forays into the American entertainment industry. I swear, it was this or The Vow or some film with robots or vampires in it, lorlumme.

Well, if I've ever wondered what it'd be like to watch Tom Hardy in an episode of Chuck, which, to my credit, had never, ever crossed my mind until now, consider my unasked question well and truly answered, for it was indeed nothing but an episode of Chuck, from about series two or three, even the stunts and jokes were the same, exactly the same, not to mention the clash of super spies and mundane reality for hilarious effect (can't blame Chuck for that, it was an UNCLE trope to start with, where the super spies would crash some bored housewife's life). So yeah, a Chuck or Man From Uncle episode with dear Tom Hardy, Mr Pine and, oh, fuck me, Resse Witherspoon, whom I have loathed for nearly a good two decades now and she doesn't seem to be going anywhere, damn her cgi coloured eyes (either that or the print was weird).

As a movie, not worth my money ($19.00? Are you serious?). As an episode of Chuck and a bit of a diversion for a rubbish week, and, well, I do love Tom, so I didn't mind it, but jeez, I do not want you equating what is available to watch with what I actually want to watch given a proper choice. I swear, no evening sessions for anything the slightest bit not stupid. And why ever not, I ask you? Why is the world now run for teenagers when it was most assuredly not when I was a teen? Mutter, mutter, mumble gripe.

I guess I'll just have to wait the five or six years for the films to slide onto SBS at midnight. 'And then all my clothes fell off, but it's all done in the best possible taste!' - sorry, requires knowledge of Cupid Stunt and old school SBS programming.

The rest of the weekend, well, I had many, many things to do, and I did almost none of them, skipping straight to a cup of tea and a lie down part of the day. Shocking I know, but the stiff upper lip started to tremble and wobble and I just wasn't up to wrestling giant spiders while hacking through jungle or trying to get a spark of life from the dead XHDD, nor even typing up tripe.
It was a bit gloomy at the start of Sunday (always threatening rain but never delivering, even the radar lied) so I watched a few episodes of Eternal Law, and wobbled even further. Now, normally I loathe shows with angels fixing the problems of mere humans, which is why I endured several seasons of Supernatural with grinding teeth, Cas notwithstanding, as it's all too stupid and cloying and is as twee as fairies at the bottom of the garden and I just can't stand it. But this was by the guys who did Life on Mars, it had Sam West and Tobias Menzies in it, and they both rock, btw, and it was set in my most beloved York.

It was seeing York that gave me the wibbles most of all. I should have known it long before now, having been fascinated by the place in books since a very small child, it was where the Ninth set out on their ill fated march, amongst others, and I've had so many great adventures there, and even disasters, like the time I was stranded there with no hotel booking turned out fine cause some lovely lads walked me to the door of a hostel and made sure I was right for the night. So I should have known it was one of my, if not the, most favourite places in the worlld, but it wasn't until I saw the cameras pan down my favourite streets, past my favourite shops and buildings, and me not being there. I wibbled. I've never felt the call of a place so badly. Oh, York, you have my heart.

I just love it to bits. So, a show finally set in York, wallowing in my favourite places, with two of my favourite boys, Sam as the lovelorn, embittered, cyncical and bitchy angel and Tobias as the completely, deliciously slithering member of the opposition, it was trite, and silly and like American telly at it's worst, but with those two boys playing off each other, the city of York, and the British spikiness in the writing (mainly just Zac going off on one rant or another) saved it and made it.

I'm not sure I liked it, because I find the mythology often a troubling one in televsion shows, depending on whether it's an examination, satire or drink the cordial recruiting drive, but I was compelled to watch four episodes over the weekend.

I did, however, get around to making the lavender posies to hang in the wardrobe. I found a death moth and I suppose it means I actually like the clothes I've bought for myself these days as I was in a panic, instead of my usual shrug.

Oh yes, we also finished off the last of the hunt biscuits, well past stale, accidentally overlooked when the tin was put out of the way, but we polished them off while watching The Avengers episode Silent Dust, which duly featured a hunt. I love the Avengers, and this was classic Steed and Mrs Peel. Yes, I finally cracked open my 50th anniversary (ouch) box set, and what a box set it is, featuring all existing episodes (at time of issue), including one with manufactured rubies and featuring William Gaunt. And one with Venus, who got very short shrift from Steed. He's very wicked and callous, black and white Steed. I like.

Belated update: Eternal Law now cancelled, so forget about that, but Sam is fun to watch.

Hooray! Tea Towel


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