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sinking the slipper

Is that a banana in my pocket? Why yes, it is, indeed. Finally, I can afford a banana. Rejoice.

Sorry, needed to lead off with a lame joke. Some people had said some very cutting remarks which utterly destroyed my sense of worth, and, which were also measurably, empirically and factually untrue, so I was seething and outraged as well as distressed beyond measure or description and it's been a long, grinding wait for a bit of karma, but when it came, it was break out the popcorn time. Oh yes, that'll do nicely. Thank you, universe. I feel much better now, so much better it's almost a struggle to stay seemly. I might have been more sympathetic to the blow to their pride had they not so mortified mine. Ah, screw that. In your face! Mwahaha!

Mind you, they've been taking it out on me ever since, ow, ow, ow, thump, sock, kapow.

Meanwhile, related to the events of last week, I'm having to lodge a development application to prune the trees with the council, in person, and pay cash. They don't even do faxes, let alone have an app for that. It's all so excruciatingly mediaeval I shall be very disappointed if they're not sitting there in their big cloaks and puffy hats and wielding quills and parchment. Get with the 21stC, mutter, mutter, mutter.


Okay, it appears the state of grace is over, because last night was a plumbing emergency and though I was pleased to get through the reality show challenge that is my commute to a poor person's outer suburb via poor people's transport and I did meet the plumber at the gate. Alas, I managed to get in the way of everyone so I totally suck, but in the meantime I've switched to my old PC which is so much faster and I've ripped through the stacked inbox, which frees me up for trying to fix my wee PC, I guess (or giving up and buying a new one, that too).

Not that I can afford it. The house has chewed through three grand in the last week alone (which is way, way, way more than I earn on my feeble poor person's paypacket). I wish it had told me it was going to start playing up again before I'd bought those season tickets. Sigh. What was I thinking? Ramen noodles ahoy for tea every night from now on then, bewdy.

This morning I was woken by a siren and the nearby oil refinery rumbling and chuffing away, so I picked one of my t-shirty tops, figuring if I was gonna get stuck with just the shirt on my back it was going to be a comfy one, but no news yet so I figure they quietened it down again, whatever it was.

Standing room only on the bus, at five am no less, and when I finally got a seat the guy next to me kept flicking boogers over me, then I grabbed something crusty on the handrail out and all but dropped off the bus as he'd pulled up a good metre shy of the curb and I was wearing my longish pencilish skirt and it doesn't do the salmon leap across the gap and the guy behind me gave me an encouraging tap so I sort of fell off and down a metre and dinged my knee and ankle and hobbled all the way up the (very steep) hill where the dude washing down the building steps with a hose gave me a spray too, accidentally I'm sure, of course, and at least the top is quick drying, but by the time I got to the fruit cart at the top of the hill/town the old guy, on hearing the highlights, told me when I got to the office I should open the door and chuck my bag in and if nothing untoward happened, then proceed. Quite. The sort of day I'm having. I should throw myself off the ship like the Jonah in Master and Commander, which I was watching in parts on the couch on Sunday when I was quite unwell and conserving myself until I tottered out the door to Tropfest.

Still not sure about the casting in that film (Bettany as Esteban?) but whatevs, and one really did need to know the books to get the jokes, so I can see why it failed, part cult film, part incomprehensible studio decisions, thus pleasing neither fan nor newbie. Sigh, because it had its moments and I would have liked to have seen more.


This week just keeps getting better and better. First I get told to have my desk packed up by the end of the week, including teapot and rubber chicken, and I've been there a couple years, so there's quite a bit of crap to sort through. Not to mention the tea drawer, which I had going along nicely. That was yesterday. Today my external hardrive failed, with all my shit on it. I am just so tired and fed up right now I can't even get angry or miserable, just a mind feeling of 'what next?'.

That said, I pity the fool standing at ground zero when that last straw finally wafts down from the heavens. Clearly my run sans calamity is over and I am no longer the architect of my own excitements. I am once again the plaything of the universe. Well, I guess it was nice to have a year off, an actual calendar year, too, which is the creepy thing, because it really is like the clock struck, the carriage turned back into a pumpkin, the footmen back into mice, etc., making me think I could have a life.

Damn, I wish I'd known before I'd bought those season tickets.

So, tv, my blessed opiate of this particular mass. Watched the last episode of Sense and Sensibility last night, the one with the sweetly wet Dan Stevens, wicked Dominic Cooper and masterful David Morrissey. So much fun. Will the decent girls get the decent boys? Well, yes, because this is fiction. Ah, blessed fiction.

Other televisual delights included Matt Bomer getting his gear off every five minutes or so in White Collar, purely to serve the plot of course, you understand. It's the one where Peter spends all night at Neal's, again, and they apparently spend all night talking about Neal's sex life. Oh, and a couple of swindles he might have known about - Neal never actually cops to anything in the flashbacks except being a dupe for just about everyone, master criminal that he supposedly is. Nor does it particularly highlight the supposed great love of his life, as the girl in question seems to have spent most of her time actively avoiding him.

What it did highlight was Peter and Moz being the angel and devils on his shoulders that they are. What I would have liked to have seen: more of Peter's pursuit of Neal, especially as it seems to be the one real relationship Neal has, and his most important. I'm just sayin'.

Before that, of course, was the 'sensational Jack Davenport', according to the Seattle press, and I like hearing Jack, whom I've long adored, being described as sensational, in Smash. In all those years of watching Miles in This Life or Steve in Coupling, I never thought I'd ever see Jack 'put on a show', but there he is, grumpy and charming as always (The Peanut Gallery wickedly hummed Spider-Man, which was cruel, and he watches the Coupling dvds way too much).

Raza also popped up, being delightful and demonstrating just how woefully underused he was in Spooks.

The show? I liked. Not loved, the way I love, love, love Sherlock (it was Hounds this week, and aw, the way poor John starts limping again when Sherlock gives him the strop), or Supernatural, especially when they go completely OTT (it was the clown fear episode this week, and I nearly spluttered myself to an injury when they chased down the guy in the lion suit complete with 70s cop music - has somebody there been watching Life on Mars UK?), but it'll do, and at least it didn't tease as the much spoken of baseball number was duly seen by episode's close. It's rather fun, but I'm a sucker for musicals and Jack Davenport and even though it's still a bit of a mind fuck to find them in the same place, I was pleasantly surprised. It didn't suck.

Oh, there was also Leverage, the wonderful flashback one.

So much telly on in the early evenings - it's a good thing I'm being ignored so much I can slip out early every day. Oh yeah, you should see my new temporary desk where they're parking me until they decide my fate. Halfway out the door already. Sigh. Oh well, I'm over the whole tech thing now, gettin' old and tired. Any ideas for an old warhorse? A new career, that pays (I'm still the primary wage earner as Himself does the artistic flighty fun stuff). The whole 'have to pay bills' thing pretty much wipes out anything on my top fifty list of things I want to do, not to mention lack of talent, so I guess it's stacking shelves. Again.

This week my few delights have included this pic of young Benedict, and I'm enough of a nerd (ahem) to know exactly what's going on there. Pass me my pointy ears.

The other was The Guardian using Penfold as a verb, and perfectly contextually, too, but only if one is a fan of dear Penfold, of which I most assuredly am. Here is Penfold in action:

#7: San Cisco - Awkward

Have you been watching … Whitechapel? (Penfolding! Hahahaha!)

Fund This Film Now: Cuchulain

Black pudding is back on the menu, thanks to austerity and celebrity chefs (Ecky thump!)

Skyfall's James Bond: man or machine?

Sci-Fi Fashion Week 2013

You Don't Need a Kitchen To Be a Chef

Paradise lust: the man who sexed up America

I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened - The Oatmeal

Review: 'The Muppets' Is Inspirational, Celebrational & One Of The Year's Best Films

Ice Age flower revival that could lead to resurrection of mammoth

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Colonial gems on display after 200-year trip home

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The street views Google wasn't expecting you to see – in pictures

Ian McKellen: What's wrong with us? Should we not aspire to happiness?

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