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going troppo

The heavens opened. Yeah, went to Tropfest last night and got soaked in a cracking storm that was the heavist, sparkiest storm I've seen in ages. My poor brand new dress is absolutely ruined and still hanging up sopping wet in the bathroom where I left it to drain.

Ack, shoulda been fun, and I had been looking forward to it snce Wednesday, the day the tree took out the powerlines, and this is what telling people what I'm up to gets me: disaster from start to finish. And I had a brand new dress, too. I had my heart set on finding an empire line dress to go with my favourite velvet coat (that velvet coat, the one Ewan stroked whilst in his cups over a decade ago) and I found one and it was a soft brown and I loved it and it looked great because I've been so unwell I've dropped three dress sizes (yay, but still tubby enough to be tormented daily) and I'd won passes into the MovieNetwork area which meant chairs, free booze, a bag of promo stuff and a very, very airline-y snack box but what they hey and we were close enough to see the celebs arrive.

Ms Kidman actually came over to our pen to say hi, so she's shot up a few points in my estimation, as she was the only one to do so. Sighted from a distance were Geoffrey Rush, Rachel Ward, Joel Edgerton, Matt Day, Jeremy Simms, Cate Blanchett, Chris Lilley, Toni Collete, Asher Keddie and more. It was kind of weird because we could hear the celebs having an uproarious time under the tent (a tent, the bastards). Ah, the tormenting shangri-la of being VIP adjacent. Even more so when it started bucketing down. Did I mention how soaked I got? You wouldn't believe it.

To be honest, I loved where we were sitting on the lawn before the not-VIP area opened. We had our brand new fancy picnic blanket (because I'd forgot to pack the old one) and lovely boxed snacks purchased on the way up from the shops and we were up the top under the trees looking down onto the screen and it was just perfect. Absolutlely perfect. Should have stayed there but never mind. At least we got not-VIP plastic ponchos to don when it started raining, but it was raining so heavily it made as little as no difference and I had an absolute torrent running down my neck.

Why stay? Because it was kind of mad and fun and the films were damn good this year and we were sort of enjoying ourselves and we stayed to the third last film (the really creepy one) when Himself saw the Harbour Bridge vanish and knew what that meant, having been caught in the Domain in a downpour often enough, so we upped sticks and sloshed our way to the road and a taxi and yay because by the time the cab turned around to go back the other way (always, with us) there were hundreds of soggy people behind us so great timing there.

And what a hairy trip home, visibility nil under the heavy rain, especially when we went across the Anzac Bridge and then we had to drive through flash floods, especially under the railway bridge which I warned the taxi driver about, unlike the cab behind us which drove straight into it and stalled, ooops. And the lightning. Yikes.

What a night. But memorable, I'll give them that. I liked the Lemonade Stand film that won, but I also loved the Photo Booth, the Mistake and the Unusual Suspects and Boo. All darkly funny and wicked. And so well done now. It's all so slick and professional now it's so intimidating (far less than the whole punkish anyone can try ethos it started out with twenty years ago).

Ah well, that's progress, I suppose. Great success though, still going strong. so oz, too, giving others a hand up. Win.

Meanwhile, an ancient episode of Big Valley seems to be ripping off Jonah Hex something chronic. Ahem. Oh, for the days when chicks-of-the-week knew their place and were dead before the credits rolled.

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