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that's what you get for falling for a cowboy

Remember the days of summer, both of them, snarked the Peanut Gallery. It's turned rainy and cold again.

I know I do keep on about it but I'm not used to it being this rainy and cold, especially in February. It's not right. The last time I remember it being either wet or cold was when I was five. Wet, as everyone else had gumboots except me, and cold because it was the one time I wore the woollen hat my distant grandmother had knitted and posted to me. I loved that hat, but I never really wore it, Sydney winters not being quite on the same scale as Aberdonian ones. But I remember wearing that lovely hat that winter, it was blue, and of wool so soft, and I remember the wind pinching my cheeks. Oh yes, it had little ear flaps that tied under my chin. Yes, it was an ear hat, and there's nothing wrong with those (the only other ear hat I've ever owned I bought in Edinburgh for one Scottish winter and it did remind me of that wee knitted hat, and never as good).

Sorry. So, yes, wet, cold, February. What's that all about?

It does mean I'm wearing my big boots and my old blue velvet jacket, just cause I felt like it, 'kay? Besides, dressing up has gotten me nowhere this week, so I might as well be happy, and the silly blue coat has caused a few people to smile (in pity or approval I know not).


So that play I went to see, Buried City? Meh. Not to ne unkind or unfair but it was a bit of rambling diatribe that I think was supposed to be on urban decay but didn't seem to discuss much bar a stirring sppech on the 70s green bans that are indeed so sadly gone now, both in extant and the whole movement, and I'm not sure the theatre poshos were up for a bit of old school unionism as theatre, though I was bemused, but not enough to be moved or impressed. So it's a big shrug from me.

Far more fun was The Sound of Music which was still rolling out in disjointed form twixt lengthy ad breaks on Ten and I had great fun sitting down with a cuppa and riffing on it, and riffing with such practiced lines and cues that the Peanut Gallery started getting pissy and saying it was never on telly when he was growing up (excuse me, where did he think I saw it, but I guess it was more of a girl's thing). Never mind, I had fun, singing along, booing the Baroness, the Nazis and Rolf and being generally silly. A far, far better time was had watching the latter part of The Sound of Music.

Saturday? Watched Casablanca on telly, brought to you by Veuve Clicquot. They were practically drowning in the stuff. An early form of product placement? Anyway, you know the film, it's a classic.

Also played the commentary on A Scandal in Belgravia, because Mr Moffat gives the best and most indiscrete commentaries (Coupling is a highlight) and so that was a fun time chuckling through that. I won't spoil it for you, I will just say that it is worthwhile having a listen. On some occassions, Benedict even manages to get a word in.

Sunday was reserved for watching the last four episodes ever of Chuck (so of course it cae out sunny for once) but we watched. Damn, I loved that show. There are few such shows that have given me such laughs, that's cheered me up when I was down, made all those years I had to spend sitting through all those rubbish boyfriend movies not a waste of my life, because hey, at least I got a joke on Chuck, and, damn, some fine funny characters and guest stars. They made me sit up and take notice of Bomer (because he was such a drip on Tru Calling, and Chuck has now killed off both the White Collar boys, which I find cute), completely redeemed Timothy Dalton (and not from Bond so much as Doctor Who - grin), and, hell, that even made Bo Derek funny.

Oh, the guest stars, so showing the age of the folks responsible for Chuck, as did the music and films referenced, but I was almost always tickled, even though I know others found it annoying, about as annoying as all those soap stars stinking up Doctor who during the RTD days. But Chuck, who couldn't love a bit of the old Scott Bakula, or Timothy Dalton, Bruce Boxleitner, Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Dolph Lungren, John Larroquette, Gary Cole and, too many too mention!

So, to the last episode, and it was silly and sweet and seemed to be the entire plot of The Vow, but never mind that, any excuse for a trip down memory lane as Chuck's last mission seemed to hit all the highlights of the first couple of years, especially, when the show was really sparkling, and as for the big finish, with Jeffster saving the day with Take on Me - perfect, just perfect. And so, in a very roundabout way, the show hit the reset button, with Chuck back with the intersect and having to woo Sarah all over again. I'm sure he'll manage. It was a great finish (and timely, who wants the latter seasons of Buffy, yeesh) and no, I didn't get weepy, it was just something in my eye.

Oh, and nice that Bryce was namechecked a few times towards the end there. Pity there was no Bomer, but at least he was just gone, but not forgotten. Sorry, but I'd be rewriting history if I didn't note what had me hooked on Chuck from the start, being the blue eyed Bomer. The rest of the gang I took to my heart as the series wound on. Yes, even Jeffster.

As show endings go, I reckon it was a good one. A sweet send off for the fans, the way it should be, with no shock endings, mass slaughters or wtf trickery. It was just sweet and goofy. It was Chuck. Damn, I'm gonna miss that show.

Monday was, well, a day for grabbing a bottle of scotch and a box set of Justified and barricading myself in my room. Finally got my hands on the second series (America, release your dvds quicker, dammit, look at how the Brits do it, cause I've got Sherlock already, thank you very much).

So, it's been a bloody long time between drinks, as it were (and yes, I've seen ads for Justified on telly, but I've seen them before, so I'll believe it when I see it) but, oh boy, the show has lost nothing. I was cackling away over the dark and dry as dust humour, the assorted ratbags and Raylan's hillbilly whispering, as he calls it. Also very amused, when, by some coincidence I saw a plot very similiar to one episode I'd watched turn up in that very evenings Big Valley, and my, there was a darnside more handwringing on Big Valley (you can tell we're heading towards the 70s and the extreme handwringing, sent up to great effect by Mr Douglas Adams, on the ol' BV). None of that on Justified, which owes more to the westerns of 70s cinema, than anything else (though the humour is very Maverick, which I adore, as you know).

Ah, it has to be one of my favourite tv westerns, just because Timothy Olyphant is just perfection as the imperfect, but oh so mighty fine, Mr Raylan Givens. Yowza. I could watch him just walk into a room all day. In fact, I did.

Tuesday was not fun but Fox Classics, bless, put on West Side Story to keep me company as I sat up, unwell, through the night. I still would give anything to see the gangsters down at the local shopping strip make with the jazz hands, oh yes. Tee hee. But yes, I love it to bits, every corny inch of it, and, for a fifties musical, it still packs a punch and says things they don't even discuss in HBO shows these days. All turf wars should be done as big musicals, all disputes decided through interpretive dance. Chortle.


Well, the less said about yesterday the better. At least there was a nice hot cup of tea and some telly at the end of it. Himself had PVR'd another gloriously gothic tale from Big Valley. One of the writers had just seen Psycho, apparently, but my golly gosh, they went for it, which had me shrieking with delight. I seriously did not expect BV to go that far, but they did, bless. Brilliant. They don't make telly like that any more, more's the pity.

Then there was a repeat of Murdoch Mysteries, having a run at the old Mona Lisa con (steal one, sell six forgeries, done to best effect in Maverick, seen also in Leverage, I'm not sure I'd even call the White Collar attempt a pass), with a somewhat violent twist and I am bemused that for Murdoch, at least, they do play with expectations and over the run of that series, his Moriarty turns out to be his Irene Adler and vice versa. I like that no one even thinks the evil mastermind could be the missus, because it does make for a good reveal, even though it should in no way be a surprise in this day and age. Why is tv so dumb and sexist in ways it never, ever was in the 50s and 60s? Shrug.

And lastly there was Leverage, doing Ellery Queen (oh my gosh, Tim dressed up as his dad, yikes) which still amuses. I loved Ellery Queen as a kid, but my gosh, watching it back on the box set, it goes off the boil very quickly. Anyways, Leverage was fun, doing an old fashioned silly bit of 70s tv (see also Chuck doing Hart to Hart), and it was fun to try and spot the other tv detectives (all the extras were dressed up as detectives, hence the Ellery Queen outfit, and yet another Irene Adler). Daft, but fun, and about all I could cope with. Tried to watch Grimm but just couldn't.

Really, was not up for anything more than sitting there, nursing a cup of tea and letting my eyeballs glaze over. I felt like I was three hundred years old and yes, I have a winter cold on top of everything else. Winter cold, she harumphs, remembering that once upon a time February meant hot, sticky days.


Okay, the less said about yesterday the better. Yeesh. (And, Dear Telstra, 3 kps is not 'turbo broadband' no matter you say, in fact Twitter, Yahoo and YouTube pretty much thought it was 'disconnected').

Meanwhile, as I said on the Twitter feed this morning (yay, Optus), the crazy guy on the corner with the old boombox, for that be what it be, was cranking out It's Raining Men, and it was just raining, but I was in the mood for some man candy after a week that, well, let's just say I felt like one of those poor schlubs who get smmacked with a large piece of masonry in the first few minutes of one of those giant robot flicks.

And seriously, lick....

Oh my, oh Mikey. So, how long as it taken the rest of the world to notice your charms?

Meanwhile, and I do try to keep the Bomer spam contained down the bottom of these posts, but this one, squee:

It just tickles me in so many ways, because you know, if you've been reading here for a while, that I'm a bit of a sucker for the whole rockerbilly thing (hello, Mr Isaak), but more than that, because it just really reminded me of Private Eye, because, I must admit, it's been an influence on the fic, just a tiny bit, consciously and unconsciously and downright outright as I've recycled some old unfinished fic bits - it's scary how easily I could reuse them. Not whoesale, but certainly rewriting a few pieces I'd liked and wanted to see the light of day somehow, that fitted so well it's enough to make one wonder at times.

So yeah, I look at Matty, all dressed up like that, and I know, I so have a type...and is that a bad thing? And how obliging of the boy to dress up just the way I wanted him to. He's like my very own Ken doll. Heh. (Suave Sixties Thief Matty, Stripper Matty, Fifties Matty, Spy Matty...)

Ah, Joshy, he was such a pretty wee thing. I really should have more Josh on dvd, and certainly not just Jonah Hex, ahem.

Alas, and also on Twitter, a post from Mr Simm saying he was putting twitter aside for a bit. aw, John, say it ain't so. Your tweets have been the sole saving of me this week. I know, John Simm on twitter right? Talk about the least likely to, like, ever, but there he was, @john_simm, in all his grumpy/chirpy/quixotic glory, being the essential Simm, and I was really adoring him anew, for the odd link to a favourite song, the odd pic, the odd snap at a stupid question. It's been fun, John. Please hurry back soon.

Btw, isn't it funny how easily you can spot the genuine DIY feeds from the 'run by my publicity department' feeds. Oh, so very. I was following a few for news, but they're so clogging of feed and so annoying and relentlessly on message I've just gone and deleted them. I much prefer my favourite boys and girls who just tweet photos of sunsets and desserts and stupid signs and general silliness and things to know and do.

Better yet, some of my favourite people are even more my super favourite people because they're always directing me onto cool stuff I'd have missed otherwise. Anyone who teaches me something new, entertains me or steers me in the general direction of fun and/or knowledge is to be admired. And loved. Mr Gaiman is a prince of this, but others follow.

OMG, they're playing Chris Isaak on the radio! Right now! Bwee!

PM update. Okay, as much as I need it, no more coffee, or the word 'justifiable' may come into use, the day I'm having. But I guess that answers one question at least. Having struggled and struggled with the non interwebs last night until well, well after midnight (and then having to get up at four to struggle onto my over ccrowded buus at five to get into the office before eight) I've decided that I am having the night off, and a dvd is called for. But George Smiley or Raylan Givens (yeah, we get films so late they're out on dvd elsewhere, cheaper than a night out just to order it) and I guess it's gonna be Raylan tonight. I should sternly disapprove their flippant attitudes on that show, but I suspect I'm going to find the violence peculiarly cathartic tonight.

And speaking of folks who find people getting their heads blown off funny, and clearly some of us do, at some time or another, can I tell you something truly sadly funny? Okay, so the outfit today is a bit Ellen, but honestly I was just thinking of something I could wear to lug stuff to a conference, set up and lug out again, you know, smart practical, but I've already been called a lezzo to my face (five minutes ago), and been ignored in several shops. And I'm not even gay. That's the funny part. My conservatve so-called Christian rellos won't invite me to any family gatherings, nor am I included in anything at work, no one in the neighbourhood will speak to me unless it's to insult me and I'm beaten up on the bus, so I get all the abuse, lonliness, isolation, biogtry and misery and none of the sex. How is that fair, I ask you? At least if I was gay I'd have some sort of community, you know, but no, I'm just a very lonely and despised podgy chick in jeans and sensible box lugging boots. Sigh.

It sucks to be me.

In other quandries, like Mrs Beeton remaining entirely silent on what to serve after a horrible grisly murder, though from an Agatha Christie story I gather sandwiches and coffee would be acceptable, what advice s there in today's etiquette for what to say, if anything, when sighting an actor you saw, um, let's just say in a local production, the other week?

I'm not sure 'Nice knackers!' really does it, but how not to think it, now there's the thing.

Oh, and a dear friend congratulated me the other day on my relentlessly edgy theatre fair, and though I quite often like it, it's not something I particularly seek out, it's just that there's precious little else on offer in this town, because I am quite sure they could turn the Importance of Being Earnest into a starkly lit, sparsely worded sex and death fest.

I also worry that it resets the bar for what's acceptable for me, especially when writing for readers in other cultures, much lke one of my dvds which has the American OMG rating, and the laidback Canadians wave it off with a PG, which amused me greatly, but I'm constantly having to rewrite the fic to tone it down, like just mention the ropes, knives and gaffer tape, and leave the rest, no blow by blows, and now you're wondering what on earth? It's a thing, Arkady has a more literal interpretation of the bonds between men, shall we say. Wicked boy. It's nothing you wouldn't see at the Belvoir on a Friday night. Oh dear.


I was going to tell you about this really cool fog that rolled in while i was doing the washing, and rolled in through the back door which I'd left open, oh dear, or how watching Tinker, Tailor last night gave me a whole new appreciation for the Alec Guiness version, in other words, meh, aside from Tom and Ben who were luverly, and seriously, no surprise who the mole was, as in the most famous other member of the cast, I mean, really. But no, I just read that Peter Breck, beloved of many a tv western, including his glorious incarnatio of Doc holliday on Maverick, had died. So I'm off for a sulk, if the no bars on this damn Pc weren't enough to give me the sooks today...

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