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Arrgh, it hurts it hurts, make it stop, as Monkey used to complain. And my usual mantra of "Edinburgh Castle" isn't working. You see I once raced up the Royal Mile and all over the castle while very unwell, unwell enough for Scottish Rail staff to take me under their wing at the station, but that was the castle, and while less important than finishing this report, it was more motivational, somehow.

Staggered out for a cup of tea and there was mother with my grande chai latte and packet of mersyndols just like I'd begged for (as she was coming into Parra anyway). Just when you despair they do something so super nice...

I was really feeling bad but I managed to crash an office BBQ - and it was quite a Get Smart route to get to it to, up this elevator,through that door, tis gate, up those stairs... - and made off with some sausages and cake it I feel much better now. Got some of the report done and had some wonderful emails. I don't get much feedback from my stories, but when I do, it's golden.J. Especially my brand new friend from somewhere near Baltimore. Wonderful convesations of shred interests. I nearly choked on my tea when she mentioned Rob Lowe must have made some evil pact because he's not aged. She's gotten me back for the Earl Grey incident now. J

Will go home very soon and early but I think I'll have another cup of tea and miss the 3.30 bus. The lunatics running up and down the aisle yesterday screeching to themselves were just a bit too much. Must finish a bit more of that report, happily numb or no, though that song they just played, sounded like a Clark/Lex song. Mmm, I need another Smallville fix. Especially now that Roswell is no more. I loved Roswell. Pout. Whimper. When it was good it was really really good. Okay, when it sucked it really, really sucked, but so does Buffy but no one is ever allowed to criticise Buffy.



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