mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

The Brit(ish) List

This week: Michael Fassbender Honoured By LA Critics, Colin Firth wax work unveiled, Stephen Fry's impaired earring, Cooper spends Summer In February, Day-Lewis remarkable as Lincoln, David Tennant teams up with Shrek for Christmas TV special, Bale says his Chinese film not propaganda, Downton Abbey star takes his seat among the Booker judges, On set with the stars of TV's Sherlock, Craig disappointed with Quantum, Bane is focus of new The Dark Knight Rises poster, Tovey and Winstone Star in New Golaszewski Play at Trafalgar, Roger Moore says he's already paid enough taxes, Jared Harris Of Sherlock Holmes Talks Being Bad, West trained with swords for Carter, Ray Winstone On The Set Of The Sweeney
Tags: benedict cumberbatch, colin firth, damian lewis, dan stevens, daniel craig, david tennant, dominic cooper, ewan mcgregor, james corden, james purefoy, links, magazine scans, matthew macfadyen, michael fassbender, roger moore, tom hardy, tom hiddleston, tom riley

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