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happiness is a hot telly

Friday: Another late night, though it was partly my fault as I ranged through dvd stores in a carefully orchestrated trail as they shut up early in these here parts and I ducked into each just as they were closing so it was kind of Get Smarty as doors kept slamming shut behind me but alas my hunt proved friut free. There was no Jurassic Park III to be had, not even for money.

Not that it really mattered as I was only wanting to buy it to show highlights to a friend who was supposed to be coming over but the fact that she'd totally ignored the dozen or so emails I'd sent her made me think otherwise. I'm sure she has perfectly valid more important things to do but it sure made me feel shit. I cheered myself with the thought that I'd not bothered to clean up or get snacks in yet.

As for the sending the dozen or so emails? Well, it looks like my efforts not to appear needy or lonely and to get the hint without being slammed through the back of a head with a sledgehammer are a work in progress, though I sent the Illya url just because it made me weep with mirth, and I just wanted to share. Is that wrong?

Missed most of Stargate and like who cares as those self-important housebound cows who need to kick others to feel good about themselves, poor pathetic wretches that they are, said I'm not good enough to watch Stargate (like, what the?) so I didn't, cause I so wasn't in the mood and it's a crap episode anyway (Into The Fire pt 2). Bro switched it on so I saw bits as I wandered back and forth doing the washing up, making cups of tea, etc. The Dead Parrot sketch? Purlease.

Onto The Tick where Captain Liberty causes The Immortal to die with his boots on. This sort of thing happens all the time, consoles BatManuel, and he's not wrong, as I saw the very same plot on MASH this morning as I was getting ready for work. I love the little burn marks on the ceiling the excited Immortal had made with his heat vision. I swear I'll never be able to watch Smallville again (if they ever show it again) without thinking of it. Ha! Says Bro, and annouces that when they swabbed out Clark's mouth to test for Luthor DNA he would have sworn the test would have come back positive. Filthy beast! :D Sometimes my Bro really annoys me but the rest of the time he's the most wickedly funny person I know and not afraid to cross that line when it comes to the slashy comments. Snerk. Wheeze.

Next up, Spooks. At long last, my fave show of the moment, and so very, very Pros with embassies invaded, old spies gone rogue, grand larceny plots and men in ski masks running across London roofs with big guns. Oh my, yes. I'm in heaven, and how exactly is Tom going to explain that bullet wound to his nearest and dearest, though tech support is a very rough game - grin. Next week I'm going to have to get special chocolate in for it features both Ripper and Darling. Oh bliss!

After that The Glasshouse gave me nightmares with pictures of Prime Ministerial blow jobs. Ay Carumba. At least I live in a country where we can still mock the PM, though he slashes the ABC's budget so much that they have to cut services - censorship by any other name.

Saturday: Found Zoolander on tv. Not brilliant but amusing enough, especially the 80s references, and the scene where they're smacking the computer like the ape men in 2001 and me rolling with laughter, and no I wasn't thinking of anybody in my office, nosiree.

Bro completed his mission impossible and found the last copy of JPIII in Christendom, hiding behind a copy of JAy and Silent Bob in one of Counsin Dick's superstores. Good ol' Cousin Dick. Good ol' Bro. I now have shiny new JP3 dvd to play with.

Pottered about, read some, watched Angel on Fox8 because I was due a Wes fix (though it was S1 Wes at least he was ruthless in one scene, very nice), it was the Spartacus episode, or an excuse to have DB in a singlet for most of the episode for no other reason, back when he could wear singlets and look cool. This episode is noteworthy for the introduction of that legal minx, Lilah. Yay Lilah. I also noted Angel had freckles. Bad makeup person. You're working on a vampire, remember? Ixnay on the freckles, okay?

Watched back The Seven Faces of Dr Lao which I'd taped at 4.30 am that morning. Oh happiness, I'd so wanted to see that again. Yes it's as corny as Kansas but it rocked when I was eight or so and I just wanted to see it again. Very happy I was to do so.

Then it was time for another toddle down to the local Thai restaurant (so swish! so exotic! so novel!) as it was my turn to cook - grin. Had to wait for ages as everybody else in the burb was also into the novelty factor of a local thai joint but I didn't mind. I sat out on the chairs and watched the brightest moon ever with cinematic scudding clouds for half an hour before they long walk back. They always give me a box but this time the weight of the thing nearly killed me - must have been holding it wrong. Lovely though. Avoid the fish cakes but the Tom Kha and red curry are to die for.

Munched during Mutant X because there was bugger else on and we picked it apart for fun. It was the start of season 2 and I note there have been changes, most good, but the whole evil Egyptian goddess thing was a bit Charmed. We thoroughly aproved of the super villain's draped lair, complete with a bowl of grapes awaiting peeling by his babelicious minion, who set herself to be done in so badly we couldn't see it coming ten minutes away. Never mind. No more Andy Warhol it seems (and we think Andy would have liked being a super villain), but I like the fact that the MX secret HQ now has more than the one corridor. That really annoyed me. I don't know why, but it did.

Followed that with City on the Edge of Forever because by this stage we couldn't move and hey, Trek Classic. It's like tv comfort food, and it reminds me of staying up late with takeaway when I used to get home near midnight after uni. There was always Trek on tv, and it was comforting in its charming primary coloured way. I remember when it was on in black and white, when I was small. It was more suspenseful then, because you never knew who was going to die (it's damn difficult to spot the red shirt on a b/w telly). I always used to wonder who in their right mind would want to serve on the Enterprise, as they were always getting zapped by aliens.

Bro mentions allegedly the harbour tunnel control room is built like the bridge of the Enterprise. I scoff at the nerdiness of it all and then ask which Enterprise, exactly?

After that I curl up for the Outlaw Josey Wales. More classic Clint. Lots of scowling and shooting.

After that I sat up through a few Homicides. When that show rocks, it rocks. Some cleverly written tv here, and it's not Munch lite.

Sunday: Just when I discover that TVI has posted a half hearted rehash of Retrorama on again the cable goes out. Blue screen of boredom and everything. There's nothing for it but to grab the papers, go outside and read. I could have grabbed my book but I knew I'd be interupted every five minutes by man or beast and I was. Did a smattering of weeding, righted a pot a naughty currawong had tipped over, fed said greedy birds, recovered some crap under the house with a new sheet of plastic, stuff like that.

By 2 pm it was bitter cold and the sun had moved and I must be getting too old to sit on the steps for an extended period, though those these are the new steps, not the old rotted steps that had some give in them - grin. The cable was still out, horrors, so I indulged in JP3 again - I need help but at least it wasn't Tombstone again - and a couple of eps of the Professionals as Spooks had reminded me so fondly of it. I dug out Heroes ansd Long Shot because they were closest to hand. Mmmm, trashy 70s fun, lots of car chases and dodgy geezers and even dodgier fashions.

It's now dark and there's still no cable. Bro is spinning Simpsons and Futurama on the dvd in place of the Simpsons and Futurama on Fox8. We remark that we could probably just watch dvds and get rid of Foxtel and it'd be cheaper and bink, the cable is back on. Freaky. And, just to seal the unholy bargain I'd made with Rupert Murdoch they roll out the big guns, what I wanted and needed the most, and I'm surprised you didn't hear my highpitched squeal when I saw that near naked bod and those cerulean blue eyes as they so breathlessly describe them on my fic lists.

Yep, it's that guy from 24 and that guy from Without a Trace, as in Now and Again is starting on Fox8 next month (7 July 21:30). My chance to get SP reasonably uncut copies. Squeal!!!!!

Spend the rest of the night bouncing around like a kid on red cordial. Just what I wanted! Oh, delight, happiness, and such a well deserved carrot because between here and now I'm going to be put through the meat grinder. There's an enormous site I need to make by 1 July and as yet, nada in the way of raw content or instruction, so it's going to be rough, but I will survive 'cause I know that Now and Again is going to be on tv. I'm so pathetic, but hey, it works for me.

From the TV Week this morning I suspect Without A Trace might be on soon, too. Eric Close, twice a week? Happiness. Maybe they could through in Taken as well and really have me rolling around gurgling like a pig in shit. :D

Watched a World at War which was all about the armies and battles of that first wold war, the Napoleonic wars. I'm interested and attentive but also struck with a deep guilt over my neglect of my Sharpe pages (you wouldn't think a page on 210 year old battles would warrent constant updating but it does). Next week it's the navy so Horny fans should probably tune in.

After that it was dear, wicked Sammy West in Gay Spies From Cambridge (I'm honestly drawing a blank here on the real title) in a version of the events so thoroughly fictionalised as to be nothing more than Brideshead Revisted goes Commie. Not that this troubled me in the slightest you understand, as I chose to watch it as a fiction rather than fact. Not bad, had its moments. The politics have been simplified rather dreadfully to Harry is a Fascist Toff. Run Toff Run, but never mind, it's really about naughty school boys and their boys own adventure. In fact it's very much like Ripping Yarns does Burgess and Maclean et al. And I'm still not having the problems with that that I should have, simply because it's so funny it's all just so quaintly amusing. I'm not entirely sure this isn't a sequel to Stiff Upper Lips - which is a scream.

After that it was the last episode of the Spartans, and re-learning all the politics and theologies of the Greek city states, well you wouldn't think it would have a sharp, shaking resonance today but it does. Well, you know what they say about history repeating.

24 after that and a bit of Queen of Swords before zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I look a mess. Last night while watching tv I amused myself by plaiting up my hair in tiny plaits all over the place only instead of doing them in neat little rows like you're supposed I just did them wherever I felt like it so I had tiny plaits sticking up all over the place at all lengths and all angles. I saw myself in the mirror and I looked real cool and scary and mean, all mad and dangerous, just like a Gorgon with snakes writhing on my head. Of course I knew I'd have to take them out but I didn't take them out until this morning while I watched 24, again (gotta love the Jack), and to say I'm having an attack of the frizzies today is too put it mildly. Add to it my whatever isn't in the wash ensemble and I look like a wild eyed bag lady anyway. If I'd left them in and worn all black then at least I'd have been making a statement. Oh well.

Corpse-like co-worker has dragged himself in, still cursing me for giving him my flu. He's not speaking to me. Oh dear. Well, I said I was sick and nobody listened.

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