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This week there is a lot of news re Mr Fassbender who has a great many films opening or in production at the moment (and he is a favourite, the dear boy). Other gentlemen making the news are the Batman boys (Mr Hardy, Mr Bale and Mr Oldman), Mr Smith in the trailer for the seasonal Doctor Who episode, Mr McGregor has signed up for HBO and Mr Whishaw will no doubt be outfitting Mr Craig with all manner of spy tech in the new Bond film - can there be ejector seats, for old time's sake?

My week: Alexander Armstrong

James Corden: braced for Corden-mania

The Big Interview: Ben Miller

Rupert Penry-Jones requires persuasion

A festive interview with David Tennant

Shocking tale not all darkness (Malcolm McDowell)

Cillian Murphy makes American stage debut at St. Ann’s Warehouse

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol - Featurette (Simon Pegg)

Matilda The Musical - Press Night (Ben Barnes)

James Corden gets in the Boyzone

Stephen Tompkinson drama 'DCI Banks' set for third series

'Harry Potter's Rupert Grint: 'Final premiere was closure'

Garrow actor delighted to be back after Festival visit to the puppet show (Buchan)

Jared Harris Set For Lincoln

Daniel Day Lewis Photo as Abraham Lincoln Hits the Web

Jason Statham comes to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's rescue

'Smash' debuts cast music video for "Beautiful" (Jack Davenport)

Former Doctor Who scoops best actor award at Emmys

Matthew Rhys prepares to follow in Burton's footsteps in a John Osborne classic

Nigel Havers plays the smoothie at New Theatre

Anthony Hopkins set to step into Italian Shoes with Dame Judi Dench

Sean Connery is on the brink of signing for a new Ricky Gervais comedy

Troughton & Drew Lead Streetcar at Liverpool Playhouse

Neil Morrissey: Sitcom Does Mates

Michael Caine's trench for sale

Sir Ian up for Hobbit musical?

Taggart could return next year reveals Alex Norton

Martin Clunes donates memorabilia to raise money for on-screen son

Tony's cunning plan for a movie

British Fashion Awards 2011 - Outside Arrivals (Colin Firth)

Laurence Fox: how fatherhood made me a better actor

The reinvention of Lenny Henry

My Secret Life: Sam Riley, actor, 31

Too much swearing on TV, says Jason (Sir David Jason)

Michael Sheen: Mark of distinction

Great Expectations - Interview with Ray Winstone


"Shame" - Paris Premiere (Michael Fassbender)

"Shame" - Paris Premiere

Michael Fassbender & Gaspard Ulliel: 'Shame' Paris Premiere!

'Shame's' Michael Fassbender, Steve McQueen on a serious roll,0,7303372.story

Jung and the Restless: On Michael Fassbender's Role as Carl Jung in 'A Dangerous Method'

A Dangerous Method

Michael Fassbender: Breakout Actor of the Year

Michael Fassbender on playing James Bond: 'Let's see what happens'

Michael Fassbender: 'I tried to learn from Viggo Mortensen'

Michael Fassbender Weighs In on Possibility to Replace Daniel Craig as James Bond

'Prometheus' pictures: Ridley Scott's science fiction blockbuster


A Dangerous Method

Michael Fassbender Plays 'Guess The Celebrity Penis,' Wins

At last! Brand new pictures from Ridley Scott's Prometheus released

Michael Fassbender talks X-Men: First Class sequel ideas

Interview With Michael Fassbender, Thinking Man's Star

Steve McQueen on 'Shame': 'I wanted to see Michael Fassbender naked'

Michael Fassbender on playing James Bond: 'Let's see what happens'

'Prometheus' Photo Reveals Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace And... A Giant Head?

'Shame' puts NC-17 to test

Michael Fassbender Explores A Dangerous Method with Movie Fanatic

Michael Fassbender: Everyman, Chameleon, Sex Symbol

Sex Addiction and the City

Fassbender shows his modest side

Michael Fassbender scoops film award after stripping off in Shame

'A Dangerous Method' review: Mortensen, Fassbender mesmerize,0,4426657.story

Fassbender coming to terms with censors' ratings

Taming Unruly Desires and Invisible Monsters

David Cronenberg's 'Method'

Unlikely Look at Sex and the City

Steve McQueen tackles sex addiction

Fassbender and McQueen — a team built on trust

'Shame' a frank look at sex addict

More Images from Ridley Scott's Prometheus

A Dangerous Method

Busy actor Michael Fassbender is on a wicked run

Michael Fassbender mesmerizes in impenetrable 'Shame'

'Shame' offers plenty of action, not much lovin',0,6888114.column

Fassbender/McQueen team on a serious roll,0,5668992.story

Michael Fassbender talks X-Men: First Class sequel ideas

Michael Fassbender examines other dudes' nude scenes, is surprisingly accurate


10 Things You Don't Know About 'Dangerous Method' Star Michael Fassbender

How Michael Fassbender became a sexual obsessive

Michael Fassbender's Highly Productive 2011: A Look Back

Michael Fassbender on The Late Late Show

Michael Fassbender singing 'Twist and Shout' on The Late Late Show

Word of Mouth: Fox Searchlight handles NC-17 rated 'Shame' with care,0,5078472.story

'Shame' review: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan are raw forces,0,2750231.story

Only One Thing on His Mind

'Shame' review: Addicted to sex in the city

How Michael Fassbender's best-reviewed roles rate

Shame It's Not a Better Movie

Michael Fassbender Has No Shame About Sexually Explicit Film

Fassbender's eyed for role of Noah

Michael Fassbender Named Best Actor At Moet British Independent Film Awards, For 'Shame'

The Moet British Independent Film Awards 2011 - Inside Arrivals (Cumberbatch, Cooper, etc)

The Moet British Independent Film Awards 2011 - Outside Arrivals

The Moet British Independent Film Awards 2011 - Inside Arrivals

The Moet British Independent Film Awards 2011 - After Party

The Moet British Independent Film Awards 2011 - Inside Arrivals

Interview: Michael Fassbender

Time vol. 178 no. 22 5 December 2011 Australia


My Week With Marilyn: Kenneth Branagh interview

Kenneth Branagh's second act

Ralph Fiennes, Kenneth Branagh to Receive British Indie Film Honors

Ralph Fiennes and Kenneth Branagh to receive independent film prizes

Movie review: 'My Week With Marilyn'

Branagh's film legacy honoured


New James Bond film: Ben Whishaw cast as Q in Skyfall

Ben Whishaw Confirmed As Bond's Q

Next James Bond Movie Will Have a New Q

Ben Whishaw Q'd up for James Bond film Skyfall

Ben Whishaw cast as Q in new James Bond film Skyfall

Ben Whishaw to Play Q in New James Bond Film, SKYFALL

Ben Whishaw to play Bond gadget geek Q

Shakespeare's History Plays

Ben Whishaw reportedly playing Q in new Bond film Skyfall

Next James Bond Movie Will Have a New Q


Tom Hiddleston: 'I never wanted to be the go-to guy for tails and waistcoats'

The Deep Blue Sea: Tom Hiddleston & Terence Davies

Tom Hiddleston Kicks Off MTV News' Thankful Week

Thor stars battle for Rising Star

Interview: Tom Hiddleston, actor

Tom Hiddleston: Happy to find fame

Thor stars battle for Rising Star

Rising Stars 3: Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston's Avengers hug

Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne et al. Nominated for BAFTA Rising Star Award

Watch: Jeremy Irvine, Tom Hiddleston and the cast talk “War Horse” in new trailer

Tom Hiddleston reveals favourite day shooting The Avengers

Avengers’ stars shown bickering


Panto star John Barrowman nabs hotel thief.. . then offers ned part in show

John Barrowman, BIC

Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman tackles thief before offering him a job


Doctor Who star talks Christmas special (Smith)

In pictures: Doctor Who's winter wonderland trip

All I Want For Christmas Is… The Doctor

Smith wants more action for Doctor

Doctor Who star Matt Smith 'dumps girlfriend Daisy Lowe'

Dr Who dumps Daisy Lowe

Xmas Doctor Who will be explosive

SHOCK SPLIT! Doctor Who star Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe go separate ways

Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe split after 18-month romance

Smith wants more action for Doctor

Doctor Who down in the dumps

Doctor Who star Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe call time on their romance

Doctor Who's Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in star-studded BBC Christmas trailer

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan 'know nothing about Doctor Who film'

Matt Smith on the Doctor Who movie

The BBC Christmas TV trailer

New pictures and official synopsis for Doctor Who Christmas special

Smith's Xmas Secrets in Radio Times

Radio Times magazine: 3–9 December 2011

'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith: 'I was nearly hit by a fireball'

Bert And Dickie

Matt Smith interview: lord of misrule

Matt Smith to star in Dr Who film?

Matt Smith to teq a break after split

Christmas stuntman Matt Smith

Doctor Who Confidential: Mystery Over Scrapping Of Christmas Special

Doctor Who's Christmas Confidential canned

'Doctor Who' Christmas broadcast details confirmed

Doctor Who star Matt Smith encourages the world to visit Cardiff and Wales

Matt Smith `planning holiday to get over Daisy Lowe split`


Tom Hardy: The English Adonis

'Dark Knight Rises' Star Tom Hardy 'Intimidated' by Christian Bale's Batman

Take a Sneak Peek At 'The Take' Starring Tom Hardy, Arriving On Encore In December

Tom Hardy is riveting in “The Take” miniseries

Tom Hardy admits he 'loved' Batman

Batman Faces 'Brutal' Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises Covers Empire: New Images from the New Batman Movie

Tom Hardy Talks about 'Dark Knight Rises' Villainous Character Bane

Tom Hardy, Chris Pine Face Off In McG's This Means War Poster

The Poster For 'This Means War' Is Here

The Dark Knight Rises: Tom Hardy hadn't heard of Batman villain Bane

The Dark Knight Rises: Bane would shoot an old lady or pregnant woman

New Hi-Res Images from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

Tom Hardys’ Warrior Workout

Tom Hardy admits he 'loved' Batman

Is Tom Hardy Practicing "Break The Bat" Move in This TDKR Behind The Scenes Photo?

Tom Hardy, Before Bane

Tom Hardy Revealed Crazy New Batman 3, Very Vicious Bane Details

Tom Hardy & Reese Witherspoon: 'War' Workday

Menacing Tom Hardy gives 'The Take' brutal bite,0,7790475.story

The Dark Knight Rises' Tom Hardy is phenomenal, says Christian Bale


Bale says his Batman nights are over

Bale talks about his co-stars in 'Dark Knight Rises'

Bale: Batman will confront past

Christian Bale Prepares For Painful 'Dark Knight Rises'

Christian Bale Rates His 'The Dark Knight Rises' Co-Stars

'The Dark Knight Rises' Marks the End of Christian Bale's Batman Era

Bale: Batman will confront past

Who Is The Next Batman? Christian Bale's Replacement Will Be...

Christian Bale: Done As Batman After 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Christian Bale: 'Dark Knight Rises' is the end of his Batman era

Christian Bale on 'The Dark Knight Rises': He's done with Batman, and he really really means it.

Christian Bale's Batman "faces the pain" in The Dark Knight Rises, plus more clues from Christopher Nolan, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman

Bale praises Dark Knight co-stars

Christian Bale done playing Batman after 'Dark Knight Rises'

Batman star Christian Bale says The Dark Knight Rises is his last outing as superhero


Gary Oldman Talks 'Dark Knight Rises,' Bane And 'Akira'

The Dark Knight Rises: Gary Oldman describes Batman film as pretty epic

Gary Oldman explains why Bane is the perfect villain for The Dark Knight Rises

Gary Oldman Interview For 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' – Out December 9th In The US

'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' Press Conference (Firth)

IFP's 21st Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards - Backstage

IFP's 21st Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards - Show

Gary Oldman to reprise 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' role?

"Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" New York Premiere

Gary Oldman tinkers, makes ‘Spy’ darker


Holiday Holmes: Benedict Cumberbatch in the Seychelles

Cumberbatch and Miller share prize for Frankenstein

Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About Preparing to Play Smaug in THE HOBBIT Using Motion-Capture; Says He Starts Filming in January

'Hobbit' Star Benedict Cumberbatch Explains Smaug's 'Beautiful' Behavior

Cumberbatch limbering up for Hobbit

Benedict Cumberbatch talks The Hobbit

Benedict Cumberbatch wins drama award

Frankenstein stars win Evening Standard Theatre Awards

Evening Standard Theater Awards 2011: Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny Lee Miller Win For Danny Boyle's 'Frankenstein'

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller share best actor gong at London Evening Standard Theatre Awards

Benedict Cumberbatch at the Prince's Trust Rock Gala Ball

Evening Standard theatre awards: pair win joint prize for Frankenstein roles

The best shows of 2011: Michael Billington's choice

Benedict Cumberbatch Excited For The Hobbit Filming

Actors journey to Middle-earth


Nighy: Recall remake in safe hands

Nighy as I Frankenstein baddie?

Bill Nighy On 'Arthur Christmas,' His Holiday Single And The Best Christmas Present Ever

Nighy relishes 'Grandsanta' role in 'Arthur Christmas'


Actor James McAvoy talks Christmas

James McAvoy: I fell out with Santa as a kid - now I play member of his family in new animation

'Arthur Christmas'' James McAvoy says he and Michael Fassbender are keen to do an 'X-Men: First Class' sequel


James McAvoy: 'Arthur Christmas' is a 'fun movie with a real solid Christmas heart

James McAvoy makes it his duty to voice any film animated in the UK

James McAvoy Wants 'X-Men' Sequel To Explore Xavier's Paralysis

McAvoy: X-Men has to be first class

James McAvoy will only make X-Men sequel if script is first class

James McAvoy: 'X-Men: First Class sequel is fantastic'

James McAvoy: The Real X-Factor in one of Scotland's Most Talented Actors

McAvoy lends his voice to 'Arthur Christmas'

McAvoy's magic voice


Craig wanted to protect his marriage

Daniel Craig: The Kardashians get paid millions to act like idiots

How Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz fell in love filming Dream House

When Daniel Craig Met Rachel Weisz - 'Dream House' Released

More New TV Spots For 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'

Weisz talks about Craig marriage

New The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Still Has Daniel Craig Being Hounded By Journalists

Daniel Craig: New 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' Stills with Rooney Mara!

Craig discusses his secret wedding

Daniel Craig: Why I'm keeping my marriage details under wraps

Daniel Craig: 'Kardashians are f***ing idiots'

Daniel Craig mocks Kardashians in F-word-laced tirade

Daniel Craig Slams the Kardashians

Daniel Craig vs. The Kardashians: It's War

Daniel Craig is a fan of privacy, but Kardashians, not so much


Hugh Laurie ARTHUR CHRISTMAS Interview

Laurie to retire from TV roles?

Hugh Laurie: I'm Done With TV After House

Laurie feels his TV acting career is over

Hugh Laurie: 'I did no medical research for House'


Case Histories, Friday, November 25 (Jason Isaacs)

Criminal negligence


Ewan McGregor to star in HBO's 'The Corrections'

Ewan McGregor signs up for HBO adaptation of 'The Corrections'

Ewan McGregor signs up to US TV show The Corrections

McGregor signs to US family drama

Ewan McGregor Moves to TV for HBO's 'The Corrections'

Ewan McGregor Finds The Corrections

Welcome Back, Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor: Rule me out of Doctor Who movie.. I don't even watch the show

'Beginners,' 'Tree of Life' tie for Gotham Film Awards

American Masculinity, Shown in All Its Angst


Film star David Morrissey's Plaza date

Digital Theatre Announces Release of Morrissey-led MACBETH


Alan Cumming to perform one-man Macbeth for NTS

Alan Cumming to star in one-man Macbeth in Scotland

Alan Cumming to perform one-man Macbeth for NTS


Charlie Hunnam's biker is riding a tightrope in 'Sons of Anarchy',0,4654310.story

Sons of Anarchy


'The Devil's Double': So Psychotic, So Serene

Dominic Cooper Reveals Broken Heart


Colin Farrell jokes about natural 'highs'

Colin Farrell on Michael Shannon in 'Take Shelter'


Photo Flash: Damien Lewis, Jane Asher, et al. at the 2011 Evening Standard Awards (Stevens, Hollander, etc)

Royal Film Performance Of Martin Scorsese's 'Hugo' In 3D - After Party

Royal Film Performance 2011 - Hugo in 3D - Inside Arrivals

Royal Film Performance 2011 - Hugo in 3D - Outside Arrivals


Henry Cavill compares Clark Kent and Superman in Man of Steel

Henry Cavill: New Superman Was Inspired by Soviet Red Son

British actor finds work in 'Immortals' bloody satisfying

Film review: The Immortals

Henry Cavill: 'I can't choose between Superman and Clark Kent'

Henry Cavill Talks About Playing Superman

Henry Cavill torn over dual 'Man Of Steel' roles



Dan to host Have I Got News For You

Downton Abbey star to host HIGNFY

Dan: Downton Xmas tree is huge

Dan Stevens teases Christmas 'Downton Abbey'

Downton Abbey serves up a Christmas cracker


Daniel Radcliffe cleans interviewer's toilet

Daniel Radcliffe tops under-30 rich list

Daniel Radcliffe eyes role of Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings

Pass notes, No 3,088: Daniel Radcliffe


Merlin star happy with longer spell (Colin Morgan)

PARKED Review: Charming & Mildly Amusing

Parked – review


Miranda Kerr: 'Orlando Bloom in more pain than me during birth'

Miranda Kerr bought Orlando Bloom silk boxers to get 'into character'

Proud Orlando's standing ovation for his angel


Andrew Lincoln

This actor's life: Andrew Lincoln is an altogether different animal in his latest stage role

'The Walking Dead' finishes fall run with 6.6 million viewers

The Walking Dead' recap: They shoot zombies, don't they?

Interview: Andrew Lincoln Star of 'The Walking Dead' on AMC

The Walking Dead at Comic-Con

Andrew Lincoln: 'It's rather exciting playing a policeman who chops up human beings'

Andrew Lincoln Turned Down Film Roles For Walking Dead Season Two



January 2012



Stephen Moyer Signs Up for New Movie, Evidence

Stephen Moyer on Bill's Slick Season 4 Look: ''He's on a Better Quality of Blood''

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer Sneak Kisses on 'Free Ride' Set

Stephen Moyer & Lilac: Stay True To Soccer

Stephen Moyer Chats About Perfecting His Southern Accent

Stephen Moyer: 'True Blood Has No Reason To Stop'

Fundraiser launch in collaboration with Stephen Moyer & Kristin Bauer Van Straten of True Blood



January 2012



Nina Arianda, Hugh Dancy Talk VENUS IN FUR on The Leonard Lopate Show Tomorrow

'Venus in Fur'

Review Roundup: VENUS IN FUR Starring Hugh Dancy & Nina Arianda

Dancy fancies 'Fur'

Will Venus in Fur Star Hugh Dancy Sing on Broadway?


vol 156


December 2011



New Celeb Couple Crush - Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell

Love is in the airport: Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell share a romantic moment as they touch down at LAX


Ralph Fiennes tackles Shakespeare's 'Coriolanus',0,7749372.story

Review: Ralph Fiennes Gets the Bard Right in Modernized 'Coriolanus'

Ralph Fiennes on Directing: Everyone Was Watching to See If I'd Be Overwhelmed. I Was Determined Not To Be

Ralph Fiennes Follows Tradition of Updating Shakespeare in Coriolanus

Harry Potter stars Ralph Fiennes and Kenneth Branagh to be honoured at British Independent Film Awards


Oscar Wilde's 111th Death Anniversary - Unveiling of The Newly Renovated Tombstone (Rupert Everett)

Overzealous get the kiss-off at Wilde's refurbished tomb


Portrait of the artist: Roger Moore, actor

Roger Moore stars in 'A Princess for Christmas,' sans explosions,0,2334062.story


O'Dowd on Rising Star longlist

Chris O'Dowd: From 'hunchback' to Hollywood heart-throb


Jude Law talks 'bromance' with Robert Downey Jr. in 'Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows'


Jude Law, Kevin Spacey vie for Whatsonstage awards

Jude Law - Jude Law, Vanessa Redgrave And Spacey Up For Theatre Awards

Jude Law, Kevin Spacey vie for Whatsonstage awards

Jude Law, Kevin Spacey vie for Whatsonstage awards

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