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Long day yesterday and today co-worker is abed with the flu nobody believed I had. Hmph. "Damn you...." he cursed feebly down the phone line. Heh. Another co-worker called me a vile harpie for spreading my germs. Hey, don't look at me. I wanted to stay home in bed.

Just had another three testing sessions, although I liked the last two because the contractor sitting on my shoulder was fun and as she was planning a horror movie fest to mark Friday 13th but wasn't a splatter fan I suggested trying to pick up some old classics from the 1920s-1950s that are spooky fun and splatter free, plus usually $10 on dvd which is cheaper than a rental anyway and Boris is yours to keep. I recommended the original Nosferatu, Cat People, Pod People, The Mummy and Frankenstein though here being here, she might have to go with whatever is on offer (ie not the classy stuff).

Hmmm, now I feel like a film horror movie classics fest only it's Spooks tonight and I can barely wait. I really love that show.

Yesterday was a long day but I still managed to get another two pages written during Charmed (which was a clips show sans Prue so points for effort and creative editing) and I was happy because it bridged the two plots nicely, as I wasn't sure how Plot A and Plot B were going to intersect, but now they do. Yay. I even gave Nathan lines - grin. There's one fic where Nathan lost all his lines because it worked better that way so poor Nate ended up with no lines - it wasn't deliberate but it amused me. I wanted to see if anyone noticed. Nobody did.

After that it was SVU, which, thanks to a re-viewing of my Oz songvid on disk, the only clips of Oz I own, I was watching Chris funny again - grin. Very Munch lite again but at least there was lots of Chris. Not all of Chris, alas - grin.

After that I caught the last bits of JP3, Billy & Dr Grant's big fight, Billy's heroics and Dr Grant's quiet mourning. It amuses me that at this point only the kid offers up sympathy while his parents loiter in an embarrssed silence out the back of the boat. You can just see them thinking: sorry your significant other was eaten by a dinosaur, do you think there's a card for that? Happily Dr Grant doesn't have long to wait before the touching reunion with his young and adorable if slightly chewed up dearest heart. Again everyone keeps a discrete somewhat embarrsed distance. It's all so quaint. And Billy saved Dr Grant's hat. It's lurrrrve. :)

Damn, I saw this for cheap on dvd somewhere but I bet it's nowhere to be found below $40 now that I want it. Always the way. :(

Nipped across to the mall in my lunchbreak, never a happy experience. I hate it, and I was quite cheerful before hand. I really hate it, it makes me crazy. Talk about a mall on the Hellmouth (and again I remind you that Gigi in full Chi regalia walked down that very street without so much as anyone blinking so when I say the locals are freakier than anyone you'll ever see on Farscape, believe). Heh, they're (triplej) playing that rap song that blasts my local mall again. Hee. See, I'm not the only one who hates it.

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