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It was tears, pouting, wailing, whimpering and sulking before bedtime last night. I tried but they broke me. First, I wasn't well, second, they put the boot in. As if everyone commenting on my lacklustre performance yesterday wasn't bad enough, one person decided to trash my web design and told me everybody hates it (even though I had to have it formally approved). Wibble.

Long hard day, relieved only by treating myself to hours of Angel (thankyou) and Farscape. Watched the last couple of episodes of Angel which kind of ended with a pfft rather than a bang but I guess they were staring cancellation down the barrel and Angel was required on Buffy for wrapping up duties but I still feel the need to comment on the heavy handed use of the reset button and I'm sorry they just didn't just go the whole Dallas shower scene but at least they've written Connor out because he wasn't working. He went from interesting in S3 to whiney teen and that's boring. They also ruined Cordy so badly they had to junk her, too, which is unforgiveable but what else could they do without wiping S4 entirely?

I'm not sure I like the W&H set up as I think they'll find that boring and too easy very quickly and do we really want to see Angel: Senior Executive? I don't think so, unless he was going to be an Australian fat cat in which case, well, they make W&H look like the rank amateurs they are.

At least Wes is still dark and broody and mourning Lilah. Not sure what they're going to do with Gunn (with that oh so subtle significant look as he exited the lift) but at least my Wes is just the way I like him (clever, action hero and broody - everything Angel was supposed to be but ain't) and I'm glad he's come to an understanding with Angel. In fact I caught a few whiffs of the old Angel/Wes magic and you know, I just might be inspired to go back to that world sometime real soon (especially as just the thought of SG makes me sick right now). Angel and Wes give me happy unhappy thoughts :)

Oh, also decided to make any Firefly fic I attempt gen as not to upset my generous sponsor. Well, I'm going to try, anyway.

So then it was Farscape. Another episode dealing with problematic mothers (after Spike's Oedipal issues on Monday) as Aeryn gets to meet her Mum, and kill her, though that duty was left to Crais and we all know that's gonna come back and bite 'em on the arse. Some very nice Aeryn and John moments as they all run about on the planet of the dodgy pot plants and wood chips, like a badly lit nursery backlot - grin. Cool aliens though and I loved JC trussing Crais up as bait.

After that I needed another Wes fix so it was back to the resouling of Angel with Willow on hand and wasn't it sweet to see Aly and Alexis sharing screen time, Wes being all coy and almost sounding like his old self - sweet. The Willow/Fred chemistry was also hilarious and sadly it worked far more than any other couple on the show, it really did. They should think on that. The episode should have also come with a Mandy and fright wig warning but I block this from my mind, ditto the icky Connor/Cordelia plot and just enjoy Wes, Willow and, good grief, Fred. Oh, and Faith, though she kind of gets repressed with the fright wig episodes :)

Cheered up a bit today. First I was ranked as an evil genius second only to Moriarty, which I treasure as the highest compliment, and another friend asked for my genealogy research experience and it's nice to know some parts of my noggin are still of use to some people :)

Also read some good M7 fic today by Cyc (Ezra/Chris), MAC (Ezra/Chris), Graculus (Ezra/Nathan) and Tarlan (Martin/Brent Without A Trace/Cherry Falls) and that always makes me happy.

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