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It's oh so quiet. Or it was. Just got overflown by a half dozen planes all at once. Which caused a sudden downpour and a hasty decamp indoors. Damn, I was enjoying myself, typing out in the quiet, with falling petals and brightly coloured parrots. It's still sprinkling, but from a clear blue sky. Harumph.

It's especially quiet as my ears are still blocked up. I do not know why my ears only block up when landing at Sydney, the only airport in the world where this happens, but there it is. Maybe I'm just miserable to be landing back in this hellhole, the only city on earth engineered to be soul-sucking misery and torment.

Anyways, painful, but at least I can sleep because as far as I'm concerned it's quiet. And there was no ten forty to Tokyo last night to rattle the windows and bookshelves.

Not that I was asleep, mind. I'd flicked around the channels in search of Fassy and found him. Hunger again, but it was still Fassy and it'd be churlish to refuse this gift of the ever capricious scheduling gods, so I watched. Besides, I like it. It's a bastard story but the film has an odd dreamy quality that sucks me in every time. I try to remember the news stories as I remember them, but mainly I'm just watching Fassy, being mesmerising.

Also watched Fish Tank again. Still mesmerising.

Yes, I should be typing or weeding, but did I mention the rain. Back on the porch again. Ah well, it gave me a chance for a cuppa and a recharge.

Apparently the heron was in the yard this morning, gazing forlornly at the denuded fishpond. Well, it should have thought of sustainable fishing practices first. It sighed and flew off. I'm not about to restock the pond just to please herons. This from the idiot who emptied the kitchen yesterday feeding a baby magpie who kept sqawling even after all the grubs had been picked off the lime tree by its parents.

So, Melbourne. Not specifically to see the Queen but since we discovered thanks to the booking I'd made back in July we were landing in Melb. and hour before HRH and she was booked to shoot through the very exhibition Himself was anxious to see, there was nothing for it but to fall into the wake of the pink hattted one. And they bundled her Maj onto a plain old St kilda tram? So undignified. I shudder to read the British press remarks.

Anyways, I wasn't that fussed about all the bark painting, as I have a thinking about Aboriginal art, being aware of so many tabboos against my viewing it that I just avoid it all together.

I was much happier in the 19th wing (Bunny, Long, Streeton, et al) and the ManStyle exhibition, with dandy outfists from the 17thC to the 21st. Frock coats, top hats, frogging and zippers, oh my. I loved the old stuff to bits but giggled when admiring the purple Pierre Cardin suit from 1966 with all the zippers and the guard, seeing my interest, asked if I could ever imagine a man wearing it. I blushed and stuttered. I could actually, and his name was Paul Foster, by enough of that.

Or, actually more, as the trip took on an oddly space age, Gerry Anderson theme as we also popped into ACMI's Star Voyager exhibition, which was basically spacemen on screen and I can't tell you how much fun it was. From a Trip to the Moon to Duck Dodgers to Neil Armstrong to the Tracy boys to Spock and even Cillian's space suit from Sunshine, shoved in a corner (he's short stuff, that Cillian, if that was his actual costume). There were 19thC moving magic lantern slides, old modernist Russian films, a Fritz Lang piece once consficated by the Nazis to use as a prototype for the V2 rocket (tsk!), moon rocks, bad 80s versions of the Doctor Who theme on audio, letters from NASA scientists and all sorts of emphemera. An art professional might cause it a hodge podge of bits and pieces. I called it treasure.

Oh bugger, it's raining again. But it's too stuffy to type inside (yesterday it was suddenly summer). Lovely weather down in Melbourne too, all blue skies and sunshine, while it was cold and wet up here, just to mess with stereotypes.

Oh dear, my poor notebook really got wet dashing inside that time, big sploppy drops. I guess I'm housebound today. Sigh.

We went to my favourite cafes, a couple of shops (alas I'd stuffed the booking and we had to go back earlier than I thought, which crimped the style something chronic) a slap up meal in that nice Chinese place I found last time and, oh yes, the reason we'd gone down, to see QI Live. Silly, I know, but it was kind of fun, seeing Mr Fry and Mr Davis do QI on stage. It seems to be the latest BBC thing, to tour their tv shows as stage productions, which seems rather defeating of the whole purpose of tv, but there you go. It was novel, fun and Himself enjoyed it immensely. He almost scored a banana for shouting out the answer to a vexing Goldfinger question (amusing because I'd been quoting GF the whole trip, mainly Oddjob's 'aha!' every time I finally found the entrance or loo in those confounding Fed Square buildings, where doors are like so last century).

We returned tired and worn out from all our running about so it's been a weekend of quiet reflection rather than industry as it should be, but hey, we beat the strike, though I was flying Virgin anyway (much to Himself's chagrin but I figure whoever makes the booking gets the FF miles, right?).

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