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Oh, that were grand. We went to see the NT Live (or not so live) screening of One Man, Two Guvnors at the Dendy, having resolved never to darken the doorstep of our local venue again. Mmmm, comfy seats, but no Maltesers, dammit. Probably just as well, as I would have choked on them. It was so damn funny, even though I'd been spoilt on the best joke of the night (thank you, The Telegraph, and how did I get spoilt on a live broadcast? Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff? No, as always, just months/years behind the rest of the world).

Yes, two British farces in one week, and, sorry, I am going to have to award the ashes to to the British cast. Aside from featuring James Corden and Jemima Rooper, both of whom I am fond, the British cast just went there, hurling themselves across the stage, off it, down it, into props and the likes, all for a laugh. British farces are always rough and tumble blood sport events, and there was a lot of physical comedy and slapping about in the Orton play, but OMTG actually had me squealing and covering my eyes, so they win, because they went there (or gave the impression of going there, not pulling their punches, so to speak).

Anyways, there's not much of a plot, and, such as it is, it's pretty much summed up in the title, One Man, Two Guvnors, where our bumbling (anti?)hero has to manage two bosses simultaneously. Hilarity ensues. (Himself, actually having two bosses, found it a trifle more autobiographical than was comfortable).

The reviews in the British press pretty much cover it, but I did love the public school toff and Alan, the actor, doing his actorly best (wheeze, guffaw) and James, dear James.

Oh man, I have never laughed so hard with a play in my life. It was the best ever. I wish I could have seen it actual live. It looks like fun. Oh well, better than nothing.

Afterwards the day took a mild downturn. It was raining heavily (cats and/or dogs) and so we ducked into a Chinese restaurant twixt theatre and taxi stand that was as screamingly expensive as it was awful (let's just say if you saw Cas struggling with the leviathans on Supernatural, you've got my Saturday night pretty much pegged) so that was disappointing as we were jolly and in the mood for a slap up feed.

Doctor Who was also disappointing, and not just because Mr Corden wasn't in it this week (that would have been possibly too much of jolly James). Yes, I loved the mad steam punky alternate world thing, I sniffled at the Brigadier's passing, but as for the rest, I was already there in episode one, where the hell was everyone else? Of course it was a robot, of course I knew what the question was. Just as well I adore the gang, because it was no Weng-Chiang, was it.

It didn't get much better on the next channel, either.

We have an unofficial ratings system for tv shows, where we provide warnings for the things you really actually need to be warned about, like bad Oirish accents. In our system, though, it's not just about atrocious attempts at an Oirish accent, as per Angel or Burn Notice (three shamrocks), but a five out of five shamrock rating can only be achieved if they go the full Lucky Charms leprechaun route, cf a couple of episodes of Maverick, the full bowler hat, dancing a jig, singing Sweet Molly Malone, to be sure to be sure Oirish. You know the type, you've seen it and suffered through it (Frenchies have Breton shirts, berets and onions, and a five wonton Chinese special should include incense, dragons, chop socky and the full Fu Manchu).

There's been a lot of Oirishness of late, and used to humerous effect in One Man, Two Guvnors (anything to see James desperately dance a jig to prove his Oirish credentials), but the worst offender over the week (and there's been a few) was a lad of actual Irish ancestry himself, young Michael O'Fassbender, and yes, I'm calling him O'Fassbender this week after suffering through Jonah Hex again (you have to have seen that episode of O'Maverick - grin). We had the hat, the accent, and, dear god, he even started a jig at one point, albeit happily on the way to murder and mayhem. Michael O'Fassbender, you get 4.5 shamrocks of shame. Tsk. Now be off with you, and yer pot o'gold, you wicked leprechaun, you.

Yes, Jonah Hex. I saw it on a plane once, and because I see films on planes months/years before they screen out here that's usually were I first see 'em and I figured I'd saved myself the trouble and expense of ever seeing it in the cinema, and so I had. It was bad. And I actually enjoyed and bought the comic book, and I've adored Josh Brolin since forever (well, Young Riders at any rate) and so it should have ticked a few boxes, but no, it was just dire from start to finish, not even enlivened by happy Oirish psychopath young O'Fassbender (and this would explain why one never sees pics from Jonah Hex pop up on Tumblr).

And I have to apologise to the rubbish seat telly on the plane, blaming it for being unable to see a bloody thing in the bulk of the film. Nope, not even on my rubbish telly in my room could I see a damn thing, everything being shot in pitch black and candlelight. Moody? Perhaps. Impossible to see what the by heck is going on? Absolutely.

Oh well, at least I got to see young Michael O'Fassbender emoting his little heart out in Hex as he just huffed a sigh, turned and walked away. As exits for Big Bads go, it wasn't one of your more spectacular ones, I gotta say. Imagine if the Mayor in Buffy had just shrugged and said 'screw it, I'm off to Majorca'. So it was, but at least he didn't click his heels together as he exited, stage left, and for that we can be eternally grateful.

I know, I know, into every actor's CV a little rain must fall, but it wasn't a real sterling showreel weekend for young Fassy on my tv. To be sure, to be sure.

Meanwhile, this is my wallpaper du jour: Neal Caffrey, the Renaissance years.

I saw their showrunner has a few pilots up. With any luck this will mean less of his dead leaden hand on the throttle of the show. I loathe that man, and not just in a crazed fangirl why can't Neal and Peter be together way because I know that will never, ever happen. Hell, I've got far more chance of seeing Sam/Dean, especially since they've actually acknowledged it, where we don't even get the 'not a couple' declarations on White Collar, which we really should be getting if my collection of publicity shots (publicity shots, mind you) are anything to go by (heck, even Hawaii Five-0 does the 'not a couple' thing).

And still that sod has to ask on Twitter if there are any scenes of Neal and Peter together in S3 to use for a promo. No, you pretty much made sure they never shared any actual screen time, you pillock. That he had to go on Twitter and ask that, it beggars belief. I'd have sent a snarky reply but I'm pretty sure I'm blocked six ways to Sunday already.

And I do loathe him, as I was saying, on a personal level, just for his politics, his philosophies, his absolute poverty of ideas and cruel and careless attempts at comedy. He just makes me shudder. I wish I didn't have check every week for WC news. It makes me ill with the neg vibes.

Still, never mind. My favourite writers, actors and musos are always full of fun facts to know and tell. They're funny, they have all the cool links and I enjoy their twitter-feed company. They make me smile. People who make the world a better place.

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