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Tasmanian Devil (crampy rant warning)

I've just unsubbed from a whole heap of lists. Needed a cull anyway and I just can't be arsed staying on lists that are rude and insulting and basically me bashing. Discovered most were a bunch of humourless cows who obessively reference/footnote. Not quite what I was after. I like a discussion but they were just mean and nitpicky and hey, it's just a show. A little too insanely fundamentalist for my tastes. No, life's too short, brutal and painful enough without adding some bitca's issues to my problems. Qù tamade. I think there are some times when I'm just not up to American 'candor' - grin.

Yeesh, but some people are really nasty online, to complete strangers no less, complete strangers who were just innocently posting. Qingwa cào de liúmáng. Won't make that mistake again. I think I'll just stick to my blog. At least the people I chat to through my blog are nice, funny and intelligent (remarkable!) and aren't about to tear me a new one if I don't footnote obsessively. Well, not much, anyway :). Cai bu shi.

Never mind, I had some nice notes on my M7 pwp from the usual suspects and I fully intend to turn it into a story.

This must be one of those times where I have to divest myself of things and I can either do it the hard way or, well, there's really only the hard way. Not only am I giving up on web pages and lists, but I'm also planning to sell most of my magazines and AP has declared war on my coffee stash so I'm grinding it up and giving that away too (even to my Ugandan friend and I can't believe I had the balls to do that).

Some people are sad to see my pages go, and some are offering to find it a new home, but to be honest, while I cried and cried and felt so tightly bound up in angst when I knew I'd have to lose it, once I made that decision I felt a huge weight lift from my shoulders, which is why I'm happy to hand it over but I don't really want to keep it on. It's more hard work and expensive than fun and frolics these days and I found making a good website does not make one popular and get one invited to parties. Quite the opposite, it gives mean people an opportunity to be meaner. Chùsheng xai-jiao de xiang huo.

Still, it was a good website. On a good day it'd see more than 10, 000 vistors, and I'd get the occassional email thanking me for sharing the pretty pictures and I know a few important people saw it, not that it did me any good, like job offers, though I like to think it helped me get this job - well I could hardly show them anything else, could I?

I know for a fact that some actors surfed my page, to check up on press about themselves, and check up on what other actors were doing. I know that studios, PR firms, agents, casting agents, tv networks et al would cruise my pages and occassionally email me asking me to list actors, add links or host advertising (not so much advertising now, when I could really use it). I know journalists used it, including one very grateful journo at E! who wrote me a very lovely email thanking me for helping him make his deadline because all he ever needed to know about Jude Law was on my site.

Yes, I get picked on about the name but back when I started there were precious few sites on British actors and nobody knew who Jude or Ewan were. That's how the site got it's name. One day back in '96 I was in Jerry Ohlingers in NYC and I asked if they had any pics of Ewan or Robert Carlyle and the snotty college student behind the counter told me very disdainfully that they didn't stock obscure British actors, all the while with a Trainspotting poster the size of a queen sized bed sheet on the wall behind him. A couple of months later as I was building the site as a refuge for marginalised fans of Brit thesps I loved a pic of Jude I'd scanned so much I saved it as wallpaper on my PC at work. A co-worker saw it and wanted to know if it was another one of my obscure British actors. So the name stuck. The League part came from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, an excellnt comic and what looks like a rather bad movie, from the trailers. There's also The League of Gentlemen, so I doubly liked the title, plus most people got the joke, early on.

Of course now hardly any of my boys are obscure, though Sean Bean and Dougray Scott have both had a few years in the wilderness. I decided not to rank actors on whether they were obscure or not because it was very subjective and careers had ups and downs, and so long as my co-workers still don't know who Jude Law is, he's obscure - grin. It's all about market penetration :)

I had a great eye for talent though. I could have been a casting agent.

The people on the roof are gone, must have been taken by the mothership. There are chairs bolted to the roof opposite but I never see anyone up there. We've speculated on the purpose, especially the large bolted down table which I believe is really an alter for human sacrifices performed under the cover of darkness, I'm sure it is. Today though a large knot of people in a tight circle appeared from nowhere and then disappeared the next time I looked up, so I guess the mothership came and fetched them.

Feeling pissy after the battering I've taken online for posting, and I post so rarely these days, so I tested the new system here and found it crap. ComputerCompanyX are sending three men to have a word with me. Yikes. If you don't hear from me you'll know the Men From ComputerCompanyX got me. I mean, honestly, they can bully me all they want but I won't pass it. Don't they realise I killed a similiar $8mill project over in my old job? Isn't it on my file? Questions were asked in Parliament so it's certainly on Hansard. No way am I saying it works when it doesn't. This is why they got rid of my father, but principles are principles.

It's so unfair. It's crampy day, and not only is there a Man From UNCLE movie on telly today but two Dale movies, a Sean Bean and a Jude Law. I should be home in bed with a hot water bottle, quilt and a fistfull of remotes. Worse, I've got the ComputerCompanyX meeting then that cow who just doesn't get the cms. Now I've trained about 20 people on the cms thus far, and I've trained people with severe disabilities to do data entry, web browse and email, so I don't know what this chick's deal is but my manager says it's all my fault. Yeah, sure. Oh, I'm going to have so much fun.

At least I don't have to code while I feel woozy, says co-worker cheerfully. Co-worker is about to get whapped.

Yesterday I went home early on account of the woolly thinking factor. It's hard but I know I shouldn't mess with anything important when I'm ditzy, fed up and miserable all at the same time. It's like you forget where you put your favourite cup, then you get really furious with yourself for being so stupid as to misplace it, then you burst into tears because you've lost your fave cup. I don't like it but I've got to endure it and the key is damage control, which would normally involve me not coding but catching up on my required reading, and me not having meetings with people I can't stand.

So I got home yesterday in time to watch Roswell and Buffy and have tea and cake (AP's birthday) and Drew dropped over so it was all nice. I'd tried bringing home AP some flowers but didn't realise it was blowing a gale outside so when I walked up to the bus stop the entire arrangement was shredded beyond all repair. Typical, everything I touch turns to rubbish. At least the flowers I picked smelt nice even if they look like coleslaw. Sigh.

Bought AP her first cd player, as the old technophobe killed her ye olde am radio, so I spent an hour or so teaching her how to use it but it'll probably require some extra tutorials. At least she liked the musical cds. Good thing about AP, most of the stuff she likes is public domain now - grin.

There was an abortive attempt at fettucini alfredo for dinner. It used to be one of my dishes but I've not really tried it since that dinner disaster where I pissed off the Catholics at the table by serving meat on a Friday, the Jews and Muslims because it had ham, the vegans, vegetarians, Buddhists and Jews because it had meat and dairy, the lactose intolerant because it had cheese, the gluten intolerant because it had pasta and Peter decided to object to the peas just on principle - I think he was feeling left out. This is why I never cook and never ever have dinner parties. Never ever, ever, and whatever happened to eating what you were served as a guest just out of good manners, anyway?

So then it was Charmed, which was cute, and SVU, which is every bit as sick and misogynistic as The Guide says it is, and it was Munch lite anyways. After that I found that little Tasmanian Devil himself, ol Errol, being ever so slightly wicked in this old art deco movie and I love Errol when he's being ever so slightly wicked. I know it's not cool to like Errol but I read some of his old letters in my travels (The WB museum I think) and he had such an evil, dry and very Australian sense of humour and I've got to love the lad for that. Plus it was a darn good screwball comedy and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was called The Perfect Specimen (1937) for those who need references and it was absolutely delightful. I love Errol.

    Convict state
    It just don't rate
    He want to get higher
    Apple Isle, the inbred smile
    He's going to get by'a
    His mother's hand
    He could not stand
    He left for the islands
    To fish and hunt
    He take a punt
    The New Guinea Highlands

    Ohhh Errol
    I would give everything just to be like him

    He had to go
    The Sirocco
    He's sailin the high seas
    Hollywood, Captain Blood
    He's billing the Nazi's
    Took a rebel stand
    Coast of Mexico
    He want to pounce
    Like an animal
    To girls he just can't say no

    Ohhh Errol
    I would give everything just to be like him

    He had them all
    Screamin for more
    He play the wild scene
    Ah scandalise, no compromise
    He's down on his knees
    He was the King
    The toast of Tinseltown
    They build him up
    They took it all
    And then they just cut him down

    hhh Errol
    I would give everything just to be like him

    Don’t tell me it’s true
    I don’t wanna hear about it

    Ohhh Errol
    I would give everything just to be like him

    - Australian Crawl

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