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everybody weng-chiang tonight

Well, everyone except me. The Talons of Weng-Chiang is on tonight on Sci-Fi (yes, still called that here, using old logos fished out of the skip, nae doubt) and it's absolutely champagne Doctor Who but no, I'm still stuck here at work, waiting for that ever tardy rubber stamp of alrighty (yes, I know keeping me waiting is an unsubtle power game, but really not impressed right now). No school detention was ever this cruel. Mutter, splutter.

I love old Weng-Chiang, it is quite simply, well, what's not to love? Foggy London, murdered prozzers (major Riper riffs), vicious Chinese tongs, the Victorian theatre (no doubt with Walter Sickert sketching in the middle rows), war criminals from the 51st Century (pay attention, you will be examined on this later), wicked little piggy homunculus, a giant gold dragon that shoots lasers (beware the eye of the dragon!) and Sherlock references ahoy and the gorgeous double act that is Jago and Litefoot. It's like shoving Moore, Gaiman and Doyle in a blender and pushing the button. It is just ...wonderful.

Okay yeah, there is the giant rat, the muppet mouse of terror, but if they'd only stuck to the stage directions and just kept it to menancing shadows it might not have been quite so laughable (hilarious, even when I was a kid). But it just kind of makes me love the show even more.

Yeah, this is the stuff I watched as a kid and loved to bits (and, I dare say, you can tell that a lot of my favourite writers are also passing familiar with the tale - grin).

If you've not seen it, go and watch. Yes, 70s tv budget, but the story, so much fun. So dark and twisted. So damn delightful.

And so not seeing. Such a day I didn't even get to see White Collar. It was on so late and I was so tired and fed up I just never made it ...Zzzzz...(I hope my pvr enjoyed it).

Still, it's only season three. Don't get me wrong, there were many fine and sterling moments, but the plot arc I have real problems with, as you will all no doubt be aware of by now, and I find many of the side characters pointless and cringeworthy, two of whom I have never liked in any show ever, which sucks for me, and as for Neal and that skinny bint, pointless and no chemistry. Come on, Neal is supposed to be ploughing his way through Manhatten, like James T. Kirk or Heath Barkley, leaving a trail of chick-of-the-weeks in his wake, as Peter looks on in envy and mild disapproval. But no, they hook him up with some chit who has no purpose, no chemistry and no pesonality. W.T.F.

And why they refuse, point blank refuse, to capitalise on the best buddy chemistry on tv I will never know. Hell, just have Peter ditch the missus and hook up with Neal. It's even legal now. Hijinks could and would still ensue. Peter would end up like poor old Derwent, just waiting for Endora or Uncle Arthur to pop in and cause all manner of mischief, derailing yet again Neal's promises to stay straight.

Btw, bemused that Spirited namechecked Derwent in the last episode. Damn, I love that show.

Meanwhile we were talking about scanning and small fonts (Himself rails against the small typefaces from the Twenties with my favourite ever rant: 'Use a larger typeface, you Clints!') and wandered onto Captain Cock (always, and funnily enough I'd been sitting in the shadow of a PRB Cook statue in the park at lunch since my favourite spot was occupied by unworthy interlopers) who this time was rendered Captain Cool, which conjured up images of Jimmy sailing the seven seas in RayBans and the like. Which then got us onto J Banks esq. and his certain areas of notoriety, especially his pharmacological world tour (I'm sure it's pure coincidence that after Mr Banks returned from his travels that English poetry went from 'my love is like a red, red rose' to floating above daffodils. Complete coincidence).

Hell, it was certainly part of the wonderful Aubrey/Maturin books, which I read so many years ago now. Am I right in remembering the wombat getting into Stephen's stash? So sad that they had to sanitise it so much for the fillum. Especially the whole section where Stephen has to smuggle Jack out of hostile territory dressed as a dancing bear. Now that I would have liked to have seen, Russell Crowe in a bear suit. Oh, wait...

Shirty The Slightly Aggressive Bear


Anyways, what have I been up to? Oh, blowing off this and that but I did go and see Loot on Monday, the matinee (so, yes, home in time for some Winchesters - between that and the bits I saw on Friday it almost amounts to a whole episode, sigh, mutter). I'd long heard of Joe Orton in my youthful reading, being oft cited in the magazines I read at the time , so I was expecting something a little more than, well, it was all very Carry On and Britcom and to me no more shocking than anything I ever saw on telly as a child, but there you go. Clearly I was watching a great many things that owed a hefty debt to Orton and so, when I finally get to see Loot, no, I can't say 'meh'. It was damned funny and exactly the sort of vulgar British farce I did verily grow up with and I laughed and laughed and the actors, costumes and set perfectly evoked every 60s and 70s Britcom I've ever seen (and I think I saw pretty much all of them, being a child of an ex-pat).

I did learn, from the very thin programme this time (dammit, I rely on the programmes for my education) that Mr Orton came up with the 'buried in a Y-shaped coffin' line that was referenced in Blackadder and oft quoted by myself (usually in unkind reference to some actor or actress more known for their off-screen antics than on). In fact, there you are, Blackadder, obviously referencing Orton, going further, and making him seem mild as milk by comparison. Sorry, but they bigged up the 'shocking' too far for me.

Speaking of which, what are these rumours of another series of Blackadder? Ah, whatever happened to the old gang. I mean, Hugh Laurie, I've not seen him in any Brit telly in years (Spooks), it's like he's just vanished - grin.

Anyway, I liked it, it just wasn't my night. Too tired, hungry (I tried to order tea but the cafe had no food and when I tried sitting there with my notebook and cranberry juice the cigarette ash from a nearby table kept blowing into my face and my drink until there was a thick slick of ash bobbing atop my juice and I just abandoned the table and all thoughts of eating or drinking that day) and the women sitting beside me in the theatre was reeking of some acrid scent, and not just any perfume but the perfume, the one that makes my eyeballs melt and run down my face like a nazi in Raiders. Even with the full Dr No decontamination procedures when I got home I can still smell it all over the books I had in my bag. Awful. I had to spend the entire play weilding tissues and water trying to stifle my cough. So no, not the best experience ever, no.

But it was good. I could see that it was good. Not sure about playing God Save the Queen at the end, though. With all the blue rinses bobbing about I guess nothing demonstrated more unkidly how both Orton and the Sex Pistols have lost their bite. Sigh.

Btw, brutally disappointed that Big Valley isn't available on dvd any more, or beyond series one, anyways. It is so gloriously silly. I've never really sat down and watched it, and I only get to see it these days by the grace of my pvr (which was busy with it and not DW, as it should have been, but, hell, BV had Richard Anderson in it, like, pre-union!). Sigh.
The US of A is extraordinarily crap with putting old tv westerns on dvd. I'll probably be told there on they're all on the ever firewalled Hulu or something. Rotters. For the love of all things, can you please put Maverick out on dvd? I miss it so bad. It's been so long since I've sat down to a classic episode of Maverick that I might actually start thinking the writing on White Collar isn't childish and clumsy and completely devoid of cleverness or imagination (Nazis? Really? QED).

Friday: Okay, so I still haven't had time to sit down and pull the PC out and switch it on. Well, technically I did have time last night had I decided to that instead of curl up to True Blood with a much needed cuppa (especially as that woman has been in my face so much this week, right in my face, so much so I now have her miserable cold) so True Blood it was because I was feeling quite miserable and well beyond the levels of tired and grumpy that I'll allow myself online (otherwise it's days and weeks of apologies, and, really, who has the time?).

True Blood? The plot, such as it was, was like latter Buffy stupid, with the witches and vamps lining up for a rumble like West Side Story or something, but there was a lot of nekkid Alex to make up for it, and really, that's pretty much all I was hoping to get out of the episode last night (fire bad, tree pretty).

Watched South Riding, which carries me along despite it's grim northern grimness, extreme Jane Eyre overtones (one might almost cough ripoff politely down one's sleeve) and somewhat heavy handed plotiness and characters as thinly sketched as any illustration in an Enid Blyton book (there's something about putting gels in thirties drag that makes them plucky to the point of silliness). Yet I love it so, solely for the many and plentiful scenes of David Morrissey brooding, and brood he does wonderfully. I love that man.

Then there was Hex. The last episode with dear Fassy, who pretty much just wanders off sadly at a loose end since the writers seem to have run out of things to do with him (for shame). For an allegedly evil dude, he certainly seems to have taken fatherhood to heart, it was all rather sweet, how he dotes on his brat of a half demon son. But there he goes, wandering off over the horizon, manfully pulling the old Winchester one tear down the cheek. Sigh. That's Hex for me. Silly True Blood-y plot, only watching for the Fassy.

To be honest, I was so tired by then I was flipping through Fassbender pics on tumblr while waiting for him to show up, brood intensely, then wander off. Kind of fun.

Oh, and I finally have Arkady's name. Well, not his real one but the one he's currently going by. He's been shouting ot at me for weeks but I've been too tired or busy to listen. Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear, and he shows 'em, pearly white...

I mean, well, obviously. Step forward Arkady Nozhin, you bad boy, you. Go forth and trash the fic. You know you want to. Shred it to pieces. And yet it still kind of ends in the same sort of place.

Meanwhile, Neil Gaiman threw up an interesting modern conundrum the other day. He labelled a tweet NSFW unless you work in an art gallery (with nudity on the walls), and I have to paraphase because clearly I couldn't click on the tweet to read more, but it made me curious as to what does pass for NSFW for my art gallery pals, especially with exhibition like Mad Square, and some of the eeep! so NSFW newsletters that have been popping into my work inbox (and I only send the gallery, library, museums that way so I don't miss out on talks, etc). I hate to be a prude, but some of us endure an IT Taliban regime, and so. But what happens when boobies are part of your actual work? There is, currently, no answer as the gallery folk I spoke to self censor. But should they? I mean, it's art, right, and almost all of it has been intended to shock and/or startle at some point. Wither draconian net nanny laws then?

Interesting legal, phiosphical, freedom of expression, cultural, etc. can o'worms Neil has opened there.

Meanwhile, Chuck casting spoilers ahoy, and so not the one I would have expected. So, does, he, too, have those pictures of Bryce on his phone? Heh. That is interesting, anyhow. Will dear departed protagonist Bryce be finally mentioned again?

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