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Site update: Got to reformat the Sharpe pages next. Might save that up as I'm both busy with work commits, Aged Parent's birthday and feeling more than a bit hormonal, and that never, ever mixes with coding. Ever. I'd rather pick up old mistakes than make new ones. Will see if I can upload Hornblower, Space, Aubrey and my own fic to new ISP. Happily, cds are winging their way towards me so happiness there. I'll have copies of the pages so if you miss something you can email me and I can send it to you. Plus, my precious...

I've decided I'm not going to put redirects in the old pages. I'm just going to leave them up and abandon them, because I don't have the moral strength to push the button, and hope some kindly passing shepherd or vixen will take them in. I'll post the new urls here when I get them - I'm still dicking about with setting up a domain name. Things never go simply when I'm involved.

Last night's telly: Buffy and Angel repeats, which I only half watched. It was the first Trio episode on Buffy and possesed Angel in leather pants and was I annoyed that there was no Angelus in leather this year? You betcha. Come on people, don't make me soley have to watch the shows for the plot. I want candy.

Oh, now I'm going to have the old Bow Wow Wow version stuck in my head all day. Shrug.

Hopefully this week I managed to set the vcr for Boomtown. Last week I got Enterprise by mistake. Urk. Must have ben my subconscious desire to see Trip nekkid again. Subconscious is going to get a good kick if it's not careful.

Fic update: Was musing over a hot Ezra/Buck scene this morning. Had a lot of time to muse on it as my bus never showed. Damn. Doesn't allow me a lot of time fer writin'. I'm also pondering an M7/Firefly au because you knew I would. Hey, it works, it works so easy. We'll need a shady deal, so step up Ezra. Not sure what side Chris and Buck fought on here, prolly Alliance though they don't seem Alliance types. May leave that undecided. Insert tension here. Make Nathan definitely pro-Alliance so add extra tension between him and Simon besides professional jealousy. The rest is pretty obvious, like Buck'll be panting after Inara etc. Now I just need the shady deal - not that just using a Macguffin wouldn't be canon - grin. The stuff. The stuff that Ezra and Mal are dealing in, whatever that is. Jayne flirting with Mary, now I have to do that. Hmmm, will think upon it some more.

    Title: Sirocco
    Author: Hellblazer
    Pairing/s: Buck/Ezra
    Universe: OW
    Disclaimer: No rights infringement intended.
    Status: WIP?
    Archive: Yes to EBoS.
    Summary: A strange hot wind blows into town.
    Notes: After after sniffing at pwp's in my LJ yesterday, gentle readers I bring you the pwp that so amused me at the bus stop this morning. Rated MA for fondlings of an adult nature. Might make this the start of yet another longer fic. Might not.


    The wind was blowing hot, straight in off the desert and hot enough to take a man's breath away. It rolled dust down the streets and rattled at windows and snaked through nooks and crannies. It stole hats and blew up skirts and had everyone behaving a little strangely, like all sense and natural law was suspended.

    The inside wall of the little gaol rattled as Buck slammed back up against it, his gun belt thumping to the floor, Ezra's hands tearing up his shirt front anxiously, Ezra's lips and fingers scrabbling over his chest in a flurry of sensation. Buck closed his eyes, tilted his head back and let out a short breath, waiting for Ezra to finish kissing around the largest scar that slashed down across him and had nearly taken his damn fool life. He hissed a little and hitched up his hips as he felt Ezra squeeze the tight little buds of his nipples. He let out another short breath of impatience, more than ready for Ezra to drop to his knees and swallow him whole and suck him until he was rendered senseless and incoherent.

    People might call Ezra a cocksucker and mean it as an insult but as far as Buck was concerned Ezra was the best damn cocksucker he'd ever met in his life, and he longed for Ezra to take him over the edge, to watch Ezra light his fuse and make him shiver and shake with a thousand little explosions like a string of firecrackers.

    Ezra was damn good when he wanted to make Buck happy, but when Ezra was as horny as all hell he was on fire and it was all Buck could do to hang onto the wall and ride it out, not caring if Chris or Vin walked in on them right now, not caring about anything at all.

    With a groan of hard won satisfaction Buck sank down into Ezra's arms, as shaky as a newborn calf, and he was happy to just let Ezra yank his trousers down to his knees, turn him around, hold him tight and have his wicked way with him. Ezra was hot, hard and quick and he shuddered inside Buck and then drew away, rebuttoning himself fastidiously before Buck really had a chance to paw at him or mumble his name.

    Slowly as their pulses climbed back down some sense returned and they eyed each other with bright eyes, having only taken the edge off their hunger, yet still hungry, still thirsty, still needing, still feeling the hot, unnatural wind crawling up their skin and burning in their veins.

    "We can't," Buck managed with a short shake of his head, not willing to be caught out giving Ezra the good, long, bed shaking fucking he wanted to give him, nor willing to use the fetid bunk in the nearest cell. Nor was he entirely sure he was up to walking, standing or anything else until he got his breath back. Just a few minutes more, he reasoned to himself, though the way Ezra was just staring at him hotly was hardly easing the burning desire that had him so obviously and painfully standing to attention, ready to salute Ezra at a moment's notice.

    Damn but if Ezra didn't just burn him through and through. Buck loved him as a friend and he loved him as a sweetheart, but on days like these, with the hot dusty wind howling about in the empty gaol like a trapped animal, with every hair raised, skin tingling and blood thrumming, with Ezra looking at him like that, damn if Buck just didn't want to spend a week fucking him. Maybe two. Probably two.

    Buck hauled himself up, rebuckling his gun belt and making the barest of efforts to dust off his clothes. To hell with it. If he was going to have to stride up the street to his room at the hotel with the world's biggest hard on and Ezra following quickly on his heels, well, it wouldn't be the first time he'd caused gossip and it wouldn't be the last. Hell, let 'em look. at least they'd know why Ezra was so damn keen to be friends with ol' Buck.

    Ezra was still giving him the look, hot enough to boil Buck and make him pop right there if he weren't careful. Swallowing tightly, Buck pulled his hat down low and stepped out, racing up to his hotel in record time, Ezra still by his side, breathing out only when he'd slammed the door behind them, Ezra instantly in his arms and all over him and the strange buffeting, hot and twisting desert wind rolling around the room and making them sweat.


I'd continue but I have at least ten hours of work here and I'm pretty sure Dr Lao is about to roll into the dusty little town - giggle. Heh, that'd be amusing, and no, I musn't. One of my fave childhood fillums though.

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