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I get by with a little help from my friends

Site update: Success on the downloading front - not by me but by shining examples of humanity. Yay! Hopefully soon I'll have my site on a shiny cd to hold and cherish and stroke and call my precious...

I'm still annoyed at the enormous price hike in webhosting, from $0 to $700 pa. That's censorship by stealth, imho, as only the rich (ie not me) can afford to have sites. So much for the web as true democracy.

In other news I'm making good progess in reformatting the remaining content (though at the expense of doing anything else, I might add). I've done everything but the Sharpe page, which is huge, so I was saving that 'treat' for last.

However I did give myself a bit of a break from the drudgery last night, which brings me to last night's telly.

I'm so glad I decided to tape Spooks last Friday, judging myself too tired and miserable and I'd be all cross and not enjoy it and tonight I felt in the mood for Matthew, whom I've rather fancied since Warriors. So armed with yet another old easter egg I sat back ready to enjoy the first episode of the first series (I just read S2 is currently playing in the UK - yay) and enjoy it I most thoroughly did. Hello, 24, look at this, this is a spy show. Gorgeously filmed, grgeously acted and all done softly softly, with precious little running about waving guns and shouting. So sophisticated, so grown up. I really loved the announcement that the whole thing was a cockup - you never hear that up front on 24 and one of my fave bits - the blow drying of the pussy. Hold on, Mrs Slocombe, I'm referring to the scene where they're bugging the house and the moggie gets out in the rain so they have to catch it and blow dry it so no one will notice. Classicly dry Brit humour. Oh, I loved this, all smooth and cool, no screaming histrionics. Another fave bit was the gang wanting to put out the garlic when the FO guy showed up - it's the exact same thing we say when we see Marketing hove into view, so it amused me greatly. Oh yeah, the constant bagging of the Yanks - gotta love it - grin. And Matthew, dearest Matthew, mmmm mmmm yum. Still as damn drippingly luscious as ever.

Okay, happy now I tune in to Farscape. Mmmm, Crichton. It was the ol possed by aliens plot but it had some nice lines (particularly "shaking like a sheep in Arkansas") and some naughty Chi and some sarcastic D and Johnny running up and down the corridor in tight leather trews. Maybe it was the chocolate but I was satisfied with my viewing pleasure.

Also watched a repeat of Law & Order at 2am after nightmares about ftping. Same old, same old but I wanted comfort tv and old L&O is perfect comfort viewing as they catch the bad guys by clockwork. Clockwork is good at 2am cause after case closed it was eyes closed, until the alarm startled me awake and...

Crichton for breakfast. Yep, they're now repeating Farscape when I get up in the mornings. Of course I'm wandering in and out of the room but I get some eye candy and I'm still basking in the afterglow - grin.

A friend mentioned they were bored with online fic/fandom these days, as I mentioned how I was definitely leaning towards scrapping my pages rather than moving them.

I do get bored and move on from fandoms myself, however a friend's new list is reheating my interest in Stargate a little, with, ye gods, intelligent discussion (something that went by the wayside on my list(s)) and I'm still enjoying Magnificent Seven, especially as the quality of writing has suddenly gone way up, or at least, there are about half a dozen writers I really enjoy as oposed to just one or two.

I'm also open to recs of any persuasion. A new friend mentioned on her blog how Jurassic Park III was one of the grande gay romances of our time, and gracious, she was right. If you ever want to show somebody a gay movie that slid in under the radar, slap on JP3. Giggle. Plus, Sam Neill, and I grew up with a crush on Sammykins. I'm hoping she'll write some JP fic because I'll know it'll be scientifically sound as well as a jolly good read.

I think that's why I'm still into M7, I've found a small clique of fellow researchers, rather than just pwp writers as 98% of it is. I really love a story with depth and layers. Not a pounding history lesson but one that deftly touches on things to tease and intrigue, stories written with a confidence in the subject matter and a good grasp of character. I like that, and I think some of my fave M7 writers to it very well.

Hopefully once I get my fic archives shoved somewhere for the bargain rates of $400pa (I gotta start charging admission at these prices) I can turn my attentions more fully to what I really love to do, reading and writing.

It is a worry though, that if I'm finding it an expensive hobby to self publish, perhaps everyone else is feeling the squeeze, too.

Okay, back to work work and maybe my work in my break. If I get a break.

Quote of the week (as reported in the SMH taken from

    Everyone loves Sir Ian McKellan

    From an interview with an American reporter on the release of the Fellowship of the Ring:

    Journo: "Don't you think Gandalf should have had a love interest?"

    Ian McKellan: "He does my dear. His name is Orlando Bloom"

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