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Site Update: Still can't download or save a scrap of info for love or money and sneaking my old detachable modem into work gave me no joy, none at all. However, several very kind and wonderful souls have volunteered to have a go on my behalf so fingers crossed. Thanks guys, your support is very much needed and very much appreciated.

In other news I've been busy re-designing my fic archives since I've got to replace all the headers and footers anyway, stripping away an almost satisfying amount of dead wood. I guess I needed to clean out the clutter anyway. It's not so bad since I realised the site was a copy of my Nov 02 backup anyway bar one or two updates which I think I have in hand, so I'm not quite so upset about that. It's just my site that I need on CD now, just to keep all the purty piccies, all those girl hours of scanning.

A lot of the stuff I've killed have been illustrations to fic, dating back from the days when I was writing Sharpe and no one had even seen a Richard Sharpe or a Sean Bean, which is hardly a problem these days. if you've seen Boromir but have never seen Sharpe, do yaself a favour, as Molly loves to say, and go and get some. You won't be sorry.

Ironically, after administering the D key to my Josh site the man himself was on a repeat of Leno last night. Hooray! Whoopee! Twist the knife. Oh well, maybe I can dump my Josh page on a free site somewhere. Or maybe I should just move on.

In spite of my technical difficulties I'm faring far better than I ought, which means I'm repressing like a crazy person and it'll all explode down the line over something trivial like the lights changing against me. Oh well, anything to give everyone a quiet life now, I suppose, especially as poor me is in the crampy red zone right now, ie don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me if you made me angry.

Haven't written any fic but I'm deeply enjoying Rose's Decline & Fall series and Tarlan's Cherry Falls/Without A Trace saga. Anyone who manages to salvage anything out of Cherry Falls deserves kudos, imho. It's a dreadful film, it truly is, but Tarlan almost gives me a reason to watch it anew. Now that's writing.

Last night's tv:
Roswell - Liz is still going insane over her Alex conspiracy theory, which we later find out to be true. It'd have been more fun just to have her nuts, but I guess neither Roswell nor the X Files are willing to go that extra bit. Michael decides to settle down and embrace his human side while Max becomes insanely cold and alien and nobody seems to notice or care that both Max and Liz are seriously imploding in their own ways. I guess everyone else is too busy grieving to see it and that's the way of things. These episodes are less prickly to watch now but the first time I saw them was closer to similiar events, and therefore a little more of a jagged viewing experience.

24 - totally ripped off Firefly. Shame, 24, shame, and I can see plot points a mile/1.61 kilometres off now.

Buffy - Storyteller. One of my fave episodes because it has very funny bits but on about my sixth viewing (which is funny for an episode premiering last night) I wonder if using the Andrew character to insult/mock/parody/pisstake the core audience is either polite or good business sense in these times of decling ratings, though as Buffy's now at an end I guess they're just being rude. I get the digs at the fic writers and they get more uncomfortable with each viewing, though I guess people have always mocked those not being paid for the art. Andrew is so much like the boys I used to hang out with in my 20s which explains why I'm single now - grin. Oh yes, mighty big cringe factor there, though I can still laugh at it, sort of.

Call me wrong but I prefer Andrew's version of events. Why can't he be writing Buffy - grin. And the 'gods' segment - always a crack up.

Oh well, back to replacing the headers and footers at work. The good thing is I can sap to my own header/footer pasting without having to grind the gears in my brain and I look just as busy at lunch as any other time, which is pretty cool. No time for fic thinking though, and I have this old Sesame Street song stuck in my head, as proof I'm going crackers with html editing all day and night: la la la la lightbulb, la la la la lemon...

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