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Site update: all grim news I'm afraid. Couldn't download from one server at all, and the other I did manage to download but my cd burner won't work and I can't copy it to my zip drive. I've tried diferent disks, breaking the file up, winzipping it, nothing works. Please, please, please if you can help me, please do because I'm in tears here. All I want is my site on cd before I lose it. Is that too much to ask? Please help me.

I've also found that anything above 10mb will cost me $100 per month and I'm sure I can afford that or want to afford that so I might have to junk all but Satyricon now. I'm so distressed, I can't sleep or breathe.

Fic update: nothing written of course. I'm too upset and why bother?

Real Life update: Saturday began with my site finishing downloading just before The Tick. Then I discovered I couldn't copy it from my hard drive no matter what I tried. Tears and wailing. Nobody will help me. Please help me.

Had a cup of tea and decided I wasn't cranky enough so I watched Pearl Harbour. Ye gods, that's such a revoltingly jingoistic film. Somehow they manage to blame everyone but themselves. Typical. Then I had to go out to Blacktown of all places for their annual fair with Aged Parent. I hated it. There were no trains, no buses and shitty people, dirty streets and AP decided to fall over with heat stroke. Jolly time. All this for a couple of brass bands and several hundred stalls selling crochet toilet roll dollies. Marvellous.

Day was saved by me deciding to make Thai Takeaway for tea. I discovered the new Thai takeaway joint is actually a restaurant, with tables and chairs and candles and everything. Whoo hoo. An actuall Thai restaurant in our neighbourhood. How swish. Fishcakes were rubbery but the laksa was pretty good, and they gave me a carboard box to carry it home in, so I'm a fan.

Sunday: Still can't save or download site. Posh rellies show up to take us to a hotel 'restaurant' and I use the term loosely, in the wilds of the Hills District which was so dull as to have bangers and mash actually on the menu - I'd hoped I'd been joking when I said the menu chosen would be so boring as to feature bangers and mash. Check. This is what I have to live with. Decided to order the steak to fortify myself and it was dreadful and the vegetables were still frozen solid.

Ah well, the day was saved because though they didn't do dessert somehow, in amongst the paen to dullness and Depression era boarding school food (obviously what the elderly rellies were comfortable with), there was Max Brenner chocolate on the menu and Bro and I discovered what a friend had meant in an email about doing chocolate. Oh yes, choccie Nirvana. Must do that, and only that, again.

Read papers, watched Jurassic Park III because somebody had mentioned it was slashy and my gosh, it so is, so very couplely, chortle.

Then the dull Daniel Deronda because I needed an anaesthetic, and I stayed up for the doco on the Spartans, which actually did educate and entertain. Seems what I learnt was censored once again, cause I was picking up some fun new facts as we went. People who censor history shold be thrown up against a wall and shot (yes, I know they frequently are but I won't be happy till I see Mrs Humphries get one between the eyes for making Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome et al as dull as dish water sans all the sex and violence. Bitch).

So here I am, it's wet, cold and I gotta kill my pages. All of them. What did I do to deserve this?

Oh, my yahoo account ain't working either. Son of a bitch, as they say on South Park.

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