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Oooh, it's all foggy, don't go out on the moors foggy. Okay, not quite, but nearly. We don't get many fogs here, and they're rarely thick, but this is giving all the street lights an unearthly glow and all the windows at work are all blank and grey and oppressive.

It's nothing like that fog that I once watched roll down Thurso Road, a living breathing entity, from the warmth of my Aunt's front room, nor was it so thick that it obscured the other side of a narrow road like that day in Edinburgh, but it was pretty good, decently misty and I just sat having my cup of tea watching it until the sun came up and burnt it off. Pout.

It's still misty out there, but not so much.

So, last night I was so exhausted that after I ducked into Cousin Dick's store (hey, we shared ancestors in 1790 and obviously rabid anti-americanism is genetic - grin) to pick up a couple of zips to download my backups onto (evil PC having no spare memory but it started off with less than a zippy anyway) I stopped for a mega mocha as I had to walk past Starbucks anyway. I thought I'd regret pausing (possibly adding on another hour that I had to stay up for) but I really needed a break. I'm so glad I did because even though I got home late I discovered I couldn't log on to ftp down my stuff anyway and as usual the ISP wasn't taking any calls or answering my emails.

That's it. I'm so moving my fic archives to another ISP. These guys right now might be cheap and nasty but these days they're too nasty and not cheap enough. It costs me $700 pa to run my actor pages and while I'm lucky enough to get maybe half a dozen nice emails a year and I really desperately need that approval I just can't afford to keep 'em. When I started them web space was free, now it ain't, and I don't make enough off advertising to support them. It's not a decision I take lightly, there is much pain and angst, but I'm going to have to leave those pages behind (as always, if you want something for your own pages, go take it, now).

Besides, the only emails I got yesterday were squeaks over the Sharpe and Space archives, so those are the ones I'll keep. Not that I'm into fic archives, but it's better than losing all my stuff. I can only afford a 30mb site, so from a 300mb site, obviously most of it has to go.

Weirdly, either because I was exhausted or I'd finally made a decision, I slept like a log last night. Watched Charmed, SVU and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Media news: Adam, Wil, Mel and Charlie from Triplej have been trying to get silly letters published in the ketters to the editor pages in various papers around the place. Adam & Wil are leading with four, it would have been five but the Herald was wise to them (after the first few - heh). I love it, minor acts of undergrad wickedness.

Fic news: none written or even thought of, obviously, but I'm feeling surprisingly zen. Hopefully my muse will wander back my way some time today. Please? Pretty please?

Reality news: the Governor General of Australia resigned over a scandal involving pedophile priests, and it wasn't mentioned in any overseas paper. Huh.

My life sucks news: Just when I thought, after all those unpaid hours, that we were making good headway in changing the Dept name on all pages, they gone and done changed it again. Arrrgh. This is me, beating my head on my desk. As if moving my fic arrives to a new ISP wasn't a bitch enough. I will be twiddling html 24/7 for the rest of my life. Whimper. Not feeling zen any more. It's been suggested I buy a new PC and turn Evil PC into my own ISP. Doable, but expensive, and can I really be arsed? The fun sure got sucked out of this little hobby.

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