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The Brit(ish) List

It's all press releases this week. Either the media are being overly cautious re sources or everyone in the British entertainment industry is behaving themselves. Well, everyone except...

Sooty apologises for Paul Daniels pizza-throwing injury

Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament, Round 2: Men of 2011

Edinburgh Festival 2011: Julian Sands on Pinter

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: James Corden and fiancée Julia make the most of the sunshine with romantic day on Primrose Hill

Robert Carlyle and Lana Parrilla have a laugh over Once Upon a Time

NBC's 'Smash,' Broadway-Themed Show About Marilyn Monroe Musical (Davenport)

First ‘Margin Call’ Trailer – Starring Zachary Quinto, Kevin Spacey & Paul Bettany

Cultural Life: Paul McGann, actor

Spall needs online films reminder

Inspector Morse is back and looking a lot younger

Kenneth Branagh Heads To Guernsey

The Edge of Love: fuzzy at the edges (Matthew Rhys)

Nick Frost Added To Ice Age 4

David Suchet Takes Another Long Journey to West End

New Tinker Tailor Picture Online (Strong)

My TV hero: Alexander Armstrong on Mark Gatiss

Brand new trailer for Killer Elite, starring Jason Statham

'Amazing Spider-Man's Lizard not true villain, says Rhys Ifans

Rufus Sewell on 'Zen,' 'Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter,' and Tom Cruise

The CW Network's Summer 2011 TCA Panel Sessions (Ioan Gruffudd)

Voluptuous Panic: The 18th Annual Watermill Center Summer Benefit (Alan Cumming)

True casualties of war (McAvoy)

Diageo launches Gordon's 'Let's get Started' campaign (Glenister)

First Look: Rachel Weisz & Tom Hiddleston from 'The Deep Blue Sea'

Inspector Morse is an enigma – let's keep him that way

Brendan Gleeson on ‘Guard’ and ‘Harry Potter’


Downton Abbey fans should prepare to be shell-shocked

Downton's second series (UK only)

Downton Abbey second series: first review

Downton Abbey in pictures: series 2


Downton Abbey stars 'rowed over table manners'

'Downton Abbey': What to Expect From the Second Season

Downton Abbey to run for years


Mild, Wild West: 'Cowboys' flick more ho-hum than yee-ha (Craig)

Daniel Craig on quick crosswords and Cowboys & Aliens, taste and Twitter

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig's Newlywed Night Out,,20513787,00.html

The Good, the Bad, and the Slimy

Daniel Craig: What's Next for the 'Cowboys & Aliens' Actor

Daniel Craig's Top 5 Roles (Video)

'Cowboys & Aliens' Reviews: What Critics Say

PIC: Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig Hold Hands at Whistleblower Afterparty

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig's Romantic Night Out: The Newlyweds Take on NYC

'Cowboys & Aliens' star Daniel Craig

Cowboys, aliens and Daniel Craig

"COWBOYS AND ALIENS" (2011) Photo Gallery


Game of Thrones, Sunday, July 31 (Bean)

The latest novel from relatively unknown author George R.R Martin has topped sales lists globally

HBO Grapples With The Future Of 'Game Of Thrones'

Lord of the Rings' Sean Bean Will Be The King in SNOW WHITE

Hit and myth


Fry joins push to save Radio 4 short stories

Stephen Fry on Star Trek, Douglas Adams, and More…

Top Gear Thursday: Stephen Fry Mistaken for James May in New Zealand

Fry tweets his way around the capital

Stephen Fry: I'm not James May


New vampire role's a real buzz for David Tennant

David Tennant joins voice cast for new CBeebies animated series

David Tennant to star in CBeebies superhero series

Topless David Tennant dons leather trousers in new Fright Night trailer

David Tennant and Sophie Aldred to voice cartoon character for CBeebies

Vampire killer David Tennant takes on blood sucker Colin Farrell in Fright Night remake

Tennant joins CBeebies show cast

Doctor Who alum David Tennant in a shirtless clip discussing vampire slaying

David Tennant's first TV role was in the world's worst anti-smoking PSA


Doctor Who's Matt Smith materialises at Comic-Con

Matt Smith eyes Doctor Who reunion for anniversary

BBC releases details of the rest of Doctor Who series 6

New promo pic for Doctor Who series 6

New Doctor Who episode is 'real tear-jerker', says writer Tom MacRae

'Doctor Who' Steven Moffat: 'The Doctor will never star in Torchwood'

'Doctor Who's' Matt Smith Talks American Audiences and Part 2 of Season 6 (Video)

Who's not saving Hitler, then?

Matt Smith explains why Doctor Who's darkest hour is yet to come

Craig Ferguson 7/29/11E Late Late Show Matt Smith

Dr Who's Matt Smith: 'Bring back David Tennant, Tom Baker for 50th anniversary'

Matt Smith hints at Doctor Who multiple Doctor anniversary special

Doctor Who star Matt Smith gets girlfriend Daisy Lowe to move in

'Doctor Who' Matt Smith: 'Patrick Troughton's my favourite Doctor'

Daisy Lowe moves in with Dr Who star

WATCH: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan Gab It Up at ‘Nerdist’ Podcast, Hand Out Burritos

TV stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan swap Doctor Who for Shakespeare

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Interview DOCTOR WHO

'Don't tell me the dads at home watch Dr Who and see his assistant being beautiful and sexy and don't clap their hands': Matt Smith on stunning companions


Does Dr House sound American? (Laurie)

Hugh Laurie happily sings the blues

Hugh Laurie's New Orleans Blues Concert Documentary For PBS: Star Releasing Album

Hugh Laurie Could Forgo Acting for a Musical Career

Hugh Laurie on Lisa Edelstein's House Departure: We All Miss Her Very Much


Is The Hour the new Broadcast News?

Inside the mind of serial killer Fred West


Farrell's new Fright Night trailer released

Fright Night: new trailer

Exclusive: Colin Farrell On Total Recall

Colin Farrell Talks About His Son's Condition, Angelman Syndrome (VIDEO)


Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: interview with John le Carré and Gary Oldman

Who's News Today: Emma Stone, Gary Oldman, Craig Kilborn


Pinewood breaks cover to fund Simon Pegg 'psycho-comedy'

Pegg to star in new killer comedy

Simon Pegg gets A Fantastic Fear of Everything


Garfield feels Spider-Man pressure

Garfield: Spidey's always in style

'Spider-Man' still spinning solo

First trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man hts the web


Andrew Lincoln strikes again but a pity about the zombies

Andrew Lincoln dishes on 'Walking Dead'


Tom Hardy: On Set As Bane for 'The Dark Knight Rises!'

The Dark Knight Rises: Tom Hardy shoots new Batman scenes as Bane

Tom Hardy compares work on 'Dark Knight Rises,' 'Mad Max' to Starbucks

SDCC 2011: Talking Warrior With Tom Hardy & Joel Edgerton

WARRIOR New Photos with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton

Tom Hardy: Teeth Haven't Harmed Career

Tom Hardy's Batman hearing troubles

'Dark Knight Rises': Tom Hardy Talks Bane

Tom Hardy is happy to be Batman’s Bane

Here's Tom Hardy Performing a Scene From Dark Knight Rises


Orlando Bloom keeping movie costumes for sons

Hollywood star Orlando Bloom: I'm loving the chance to play a baddie in new movie The Three Musketeers

Blooming camera-shy

Orlando Bloom thrills Wellington shoppers

Bloom no lone-ly star in town


Nightmarish new trailer for Clive Owen horror 'Intruders'

UK Trailer for INTRUDERS Starring Clive Owen


Jude Law: The establishment is corrupt$21387267.htm

Jude Law uses public transport

First Look: Jude Law & Rachel Weisz In Fernando Meirelles' Dramatic Thriller '360'

Phone Hacking and What Jude Law Can't Say About It

Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows - Trailer video


Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy star, speaks on East Africa Hunger Crisis

'Grey's Anatomy': Kevin McKidd on set, in new PSA - photo and video

Save the Children and Grey's Anatomy Star Kevin McKidd Release PSAs to Help Children in East Africa Crisis

Kevin McKidd Saves the Children


True Blood's Anna happy to be offside with husband (Moyer)

"True Blood" Press Conference


Watch Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender Get Beat Up by a Girl in the Haywire Trailer

First Look: Michael Fassbender in 'Shame' and 'A Dangerous Method'

New Jane Eyre Clip – Michael Fassbender asks if He is Handsome!


A Harrow 'hippy' got the Lewis star interested in more than just booze and girls

Note to scruffy Billie Piper - socks and heels only looked good in Wizard of Oz, not on raceday

Billie Piper tastes the high life


Ewan McGregor tells of dope on film set

My Video Interview With Ewan McGregor: “Beginners,” Indies, Roller Coasters

Hollywood actor Ewan McGregor on being a 'Beginner'.

Ewan McGregor: Gay roles aren't risky

Ewan McGregor Likes To Be Gay…In The Movies

Ewan McGregor: Nudity is powerful

Star Ewan McGregor sets sail in £10,000 charity race



Videos: Jason Isaacs Keeps It Real at Comic-Con's 'Awake' Panel

Harry Potter's Jewish foe

Jason Isaacs Video Interview, In Which I Ask About Cars 2, Planes, Skeletons And More…


Richard Armitage: I don't have a nice face

I'm a bit mean

Watch Out For Richard Armitage


Cumberbatch, Cox, Harrison attached to Where There's A Will

'Sherlock' season 2 will begin on PBS in May 2012

Sherlock series 2 set to premiere in 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch finds A Will

Benedict Cumberbatch to star in comedy Where There`s A Will


Henry "Superman" Cavill Briefly Discusses Man of Steel at Comic-Con

“Immortals” Men Kellan Lutz, Luke Evans and Henry Cavill on Geting In Shape and Avoiding Craft Services

Man of Steel Set Pics; Look at Henry Cavill’s Super Hair

New Man of Steel Illinois Filming Locations

SDCC 2011 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 'Immortals' Cast Interviews

‘Superman’ coming to Sugar Grove

First Look: Henry Cavill Suited Up as the Man of Steel

First Look At Henry Cavill As Superman

Meet Superman (again)

Henry Cavill's Superman costume revealed

Henry Cavill's Superman muscles

First photo of Henry Cavill as Superman in Man Of Steel revealed

Henry Cavill proud to be a Brit playing Superman

First Look: Henry Cavill Dons Superman's Cape

The new-look Superman: Dark costume, hunky frame, same old underpants


"The Devil's Double" UK Premiere - Afterparty

"The Devil's Double" UK Premiere - Inside Arrivals

News Roundup: Dominic Cooper Chased By Littering Thugs

Dominic Cooper: the devil inside

No advocating for ‘Devil’s Double’

Dominic Cooper: 'My problem was having compassion for a monster'

Oscar talk for Dominic Cooper

'The Devil's Double' captures horror of Hussein son's look-alike

Cooper's struggle with Hussein role

Cooper to play gangster Gotti?

Cooper gets 'squidgy-looking roles'

Dominic Cooper: Playing Saddam Hussein’s psychopathic son was hard

The Devil does what the Devil wants


Bradley James gets royal on Merlin

MERLIN Comic-Con 2011 with Anthony Head, Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Katie McGrath

SDCC 2011 EXCLUSIVE: Merlin Season 4 Cast Interviews


‘Rise of Planet of the Apes’: Andy Serkis hails Caesar

Andy Serkis interview for The Rise of the Planet Apes

Serkis: Actors can fear technology

Andy Serkis' motion-capture frustrations


Rowan Atkinson hurt in supercar crash

Rowan Atkinson injured in McLaren F1 supercar crash

Rowan Atkinson injured in car crash


Scots hunk Gerard Butler rolls in the hay after skydive over the Swiss Alps

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association Annual Luncheon - Arrivals

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association Annual Luncheon - Inside

What Happened to Gerard Butler?


HOMELAND (Showtime) Preview with Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin

Showtime's 2011 Summer TCA


Torchwood axe gay sex romp scene (Barrowman)

Torchwood: Miracle Day – episode five

John Barrowman: 'Torchwood's heart is still British'

John Barrowman interview: Sometimes fans send me knickers, but I never send mine back

Torchwood: Miracle Day is camper than John Barrowman himself

Is everything bad that happens on Torchwood Captain Jack’s fault? We asked John Barrowman!

INTERVIEW: John Barrowman

“Torchwood” Actor Defies Stereotypes


'Manchild' creator writes a new stage play for Nigel Havers

Havers Makes Case for Manchild Creator’s Stage Debut


The Syndicate, Minerva Theatre, Chichester, review (Ian McKellen)

Ian McKellen Celebrates 50 Years’ Acting Back at Belgrade


Rupert Grint loves Tom Felton

Tom Felton: 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes has strong message'

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