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Since the whole phone hacking thing I've noticed that the gossip feeds have gone eerily quiet, which means that either the publishers are being cautious, or everyone in the entertainment industry is behaving themselves.

Well, everyone except that wicked Sooty, of course. Of all the British celebs to end up in the shame files, I never figured the next one would be Sooty: Sooty apologises for Paul Daniels pizza-throwing injury.

It was this quote in particular that had me doubled over in mirth, but I really think you need to have grown up watching the Goodies puppet government episode, alas, but I was rotflmao to within an inch of my life.
"Sweep said Sooty was so shocked by it all that he was speechless afterwards."

Snort. Giggle. Wheeze. Yes, I am five. I've been behaving like a five year old week. I'd like to blame the nightly roadworks. There's just something about prolonged sleep deprivation (and hormones) that just makes everything more extreme.

[Update: Sooty read my guffawing tweets and replied with an unhappy face. No, really. I have distressed Sooty with my tittering and I'm sorry. I am a bad, bad person. But seriously, Sooty's on Twitter? I live in a strange, strange world - and I can show you the official reply if ye dinnae believe me.]

Anyhoo, trying to be cheerful, I note with delight that someone has at last shown young Matty how to wear a hat and wear it well. Either that or he's finally got his hands on one of my favourite books, City of Shadows, from the Police and Justice museum. I have a signed copy from the book launch - smug.

Certainly looks like it anyway. Kind of reminds me of George Sanders, too. Yes, they've been playing the old 40s Saint fillums on 7TWO in the wee small hours. J' Adore.

Forties Saint is so damn arch and tricksy and amoral. I just love those flicks to bits.

Oh, and as much as TPTB at White Collar insist the show works best when the boys are at odds, subconsciously, at least, they seem to be in synch. Too cute.

Why oh why oh why must TPTB at White Collar insist on hosing down the best chemistry on tv at the moment. Here's hoping one day it'll be seen as quaint as married couples having to keep themselves fully clothesd and with one foot on the floor, like in the 60s, or last night's White Collar.

Oh, the Burkes and their Brokeback marriage. Think about it, Peter marries late, is devoted to his career, obsessed with Neal, has no idea about his wife and the joke sock presents? That is a marriage of convenience if ever I saw one.

Never mind. I just had to see Eliza's ep. Now. I liked. She is indeed the one woman who can coax some sort of warmth from Matty. They were so cute.

And as for Neal, he is such a clueless fuckup it's almost heartbreaking to watch. He reminds me of something Harvey said in Suits, about addicts failing on purpose just so they can walk away. He is one messed up little boy playing with his toys. Matt is actually making it hard to watch (when Neal's walls fall away, oh boy, he does it well).

Yet watch I do. I am bemused at how closely certain plotty bits parallel my own fic (alarmingly so), so I guess I've not strayed too far from the source material. Not that I've had a chance with the fic this week. I was hoping for an hour in the park today but no. Damn.

At least this time no one can say I've not tried to take advantage of the park at every available opportunity. Okay, this time my muse failed me, but that's not the fault of the lovely park weather.

It was lovely on the weekend, too. Got all the washing done, and the overgrown back of the garden beckoned for attention, but I figured I'd leave the lost tribes/dinosaurs to themselves for another weekend.

I was, indeed, distracted by shiny things. I found S3 Buffy on tv and I'd not seen it in ages, so instead of creeping away to scribble in my notebook I stayed on the couch. I guess this means I'd rather hang with Faith, than Neal. Well, yes. Throw in a bonus Spike and I really wasn't shifting. At least Buffy didn't really introduce the super annoying show ruining characters until series five (unlike other shows).

I blame it all on Torchwood. There's Jane Espenson and Kelly Manners and people say things like 'end of the worldy' and I guess it's made me nostalgic. Mercifully, although they don't seem to have tapped the very best of Torchwood or Buffy, at least it's not all Dawn and Owen (as the Peanut Gallery shuddered). I like it.

I read the review in the LA Times that complained that they'd killed off the Tea Party loon too soon. Well, maybe for Americans, but she couldn't go soon enough for me, and bonus points for the Mr Solo in Goldfinger exit.

The rest of the plot was kind of WTF but it wasn't the only WTF plot I'd watched that weekend, so I'll let it slide. There were some very nice Jack and Gwen flirty moments, and I'm kind of hoping it'll make some sort of sense later.

Kind of like the Doctor Who finale from last series, you know, 'okay, kid, this is where it gets complicated'. Never a truer word spoken. It does make some sort of sense on the sixth viewing. On the seventh, though, the plot holes start to unravel everything again, like why doesn't the dusty dalek spring to life when Roman Rory first opensthe Pandorica? Okay, repeating to myself that it's just a show...

Leaving aside the fantasical for a moment, I did also catch up on the first episode of The Protectors. No, not the cheesy wonderful Robert Vaughn show from the early 70s, but a Danish series about, well, the Danish secret service, I guess, the protection detail. And detailed to protect some fairly scuzzy dignitaries at that. It's kind of soapy, but I didn't mind. I think I just needed another fix of damp looking Denamrk and that sing song Danish accent. Oh, how I miss Unit One. This one doesn't even have a Mikkelsen in it, for shame.

Sorry, it's still cold in the mornings and the evenings, all the excuse I need to try and clear a little room on the pvr.

Game of Thrones is still delivering classic Sean, as he's doing the old Sharpe trick of being quietly far more clever than his rough edges might indicate. Sure, the palace smmoothies intrigue their intrigues, but at least Ned isn't a complete dunce. I like the way he watches and sizes up. Too bad I've been spoiled on how that's going to work out for him.

Classic Harry Lloyd, too, I guess, with all the spoilt brat tanties - grin.

I am really loving, it too. For all the sword and sorcery alluded to in the press, it really is just a story of people, weak, falliable people, doing their best and doing their worst. And the cast, oh my, some real favourites there. Iain Glen I'm still adoring, even though I know I shouldn't.

While we were watching White Collar (we had it on while we faffed about with lunch) the Peanut Gallery wished again for a New York brownstone and was dearly hoping one would fall into his price range this week, but I guess not. Dammit. I should have liked a brownstone, too.

Double episode, the one with the bad judge and the honest cop (and they missed a trick when he demanded to know who Neal was - had it been a British show they'd have been protesting too much about not being 'together' - grin), and the organ donor one, which, despite the slashy moment of the series, I really don't like as a whole. Yes, there's the 'trust' moment, which is sweet, I suppose, but really, Neal, two way street, you know? Better still is when Peter risks everything for Neal a moment later by nicking the security tape. There's also the cute moment when Neal walks in and helps himself to the cereal box toy, too. So typical Neal. But I can't stand June, or kids, or Mozzie, so yuck, and the plot where they fake the illness, while very MASH or Department S, was still kinda not nice, even if the guy was a douche (and it was Kyle, who I still have a soft spot for, so: meanies!). Then again, there was the cute scene where they're all the table with the takeway except Neal who is perched up on the window sill, non conformist that he is. That was cute, too.

It's a bit like Torchwood for me then: cute bit, crap bit, cute bit, crap bit. Choppy seas indeed.

RL? Not much, other than having to deal with the Captain (my large ex someone's pet cockatoo) in one of his tricksy moods yesterday. He wanted to play games, I wasn't so much in the same frame of mind. I do know now he can count to six, though. He gets grumpy if you don't play by whatever rules he's made up in his head that day, too. Difficult beast. I love him dearly, but he's difficult.

Oh, there was blood all over the back porch, too, so I figure the evil cats got another possum (no, not grumpy stumpy, please) but I couldn't find any dead or injured possums about and there is still a possum thumping about in the roof, so I'm hoping that blood trail means it got away, sorta. And no, I'm not climbing up into the crawl space to confront a possibly wounded and angry possum. I should probably call WIRES, but what is the point if I don't know the when, what or where. If they want help, they'll come to the door and ask. They always do.

Friday: Okay, I'm addicted to Suits. You got me. I didn't think I was, but then I squeed when I saw the ad for Suits (and how come we get Suits and Covert Affairs soonish after their US airing, but I have to wait a whole year for White Collar and Burn Notice is MIA and Royal Pains just started screening here?) I knew they had me.

Oddly watching it entirely slash goggles free, because I just don't see it like that (there's none of the 'take me now you big strong FBI agent' that you get on White Collar, from the pilot) and to start with Mike was a jerk and Harvey was scary but they've mellowed and filled out a little now that I'm up to episode five (cough). Yeah, I like it. I shouldn't, but I do. I'm intrigued by the boys, and the plots squeeze more juice out of tired old tv lawyering than I ever thought possible, so kudos for that.

It's as flimsy as anything and doesn't bear close examination in daylight, but late at night when I just want something that isn't going to have me grinding my jaw in annoyance, I find myself reaching for Suits more and more. Yeah, I like it.

Burn Notice was only really of interest because it had the cute guy from Chicago Code in it. Looks like Michael is being set up for a burning again. Well, I was wondering what the show was going to do now. I guess we ain't done peeling that onion of conspiracies yet. Burn Notice makers, please note that there's only so long you can spin this out and string the audience along because otherwise it's all going to be anti-climax when we finally reveal the man behind the curtain.

Unless they mean to go anti-climax and be all peverse. It's probably Maddie, behind the whole thing, just to keep Michael tied to those apron strings. I wouldn't put it past her. Either that or the show collapses in a confused heap like the Prisoner did (and I still see Michael and Number Six as cut from a very similiar cloth).

Not that it really matters, it's just that I was getting tired of it in S2, you know? But seriously, aside from Ashes to Ashes, how many of these shows have really paid out and made some kind of sense at the end? (I know, but I liked the end of Ashes, it had some internal logic to it and I'm not about to pick one of my favourite shows apart looking for contradiction).

Oh, I'm also really digging Big Valley, too (unless it's the jeopardy friendly chick or they remember Jarrod Barkley is a lawyer (yawn, he ain't no Harvey, that's fer sure). Okay, yes, a lot of the stories a very Little House on the Prairie because tv was moving in that simplistic Tea Party direction, but one of the staff writers keeps bringing the gothic and I dearly love them for it. For every little orphaned kiddie there with be a madhouse or an evil fake preacher con man, and what can I say? When it's good it's glorious.

It's odd because I never liked it when it was last repeated, in the 80s or 90s or something. It used to be on really early, before the Thunderbirds. I guess back then I just didn't appreciate lurid the way I do now. Either that or I kept getting the Orphan Annie stories and never the 'release the hounds!' stories. I know I would have stayed tuned if they'd 'released the hounds' - grin.

Spirited is still being odd but interesting. Well, I'm only there for Henry, but, oh, Henry. Highlight of this week's episode was when the evil King was trying to throttle Suzy in her dreams and Henry pulled himself out of the dream by stabbing himself in the eye but he couldn't save Suzy because he's not material, unless smashing glasses counts, and so he sang to her and brought her out of the dream to him that way. How romantic was that?

All those fantasy shows get to have those crazy romantic moments. I wonder if Thelma from Hex will ever show up - grin.

JAPAN - Ghosts

Triplej played a live version of Ghosts on Friday and I was ever so pleased. A spoonful of sugar while I took the medicine of tearing apart some complex pages i was so very proud of.

Anyhoo, went out on Saturday to scout for a new kettle, see a fillum and see a band (after I did all the washing and ironing, no shirking here, no sir).

Captain Amercia seems an unlikely candidate for a Brit thesp fest, but there were my boys: Richard, JJ, Dominic (who has very sadly missed the 1940s, so his era). Bonus local resident Hugo Weaving campig it up as the vicious bad guy.

I'd heard good reviews and it was every bit as good as they said it was. It was, indeed, a proper WWII film, with nods to all those proper WWII films, without which Fox Classics would just be running funeral ads. I loved it. It was funny, sweet, earnest and endearing, all the qualities they'd managed to imbue in the Cap without making him jingoistic (no small feat, greatly appreciated). I loved his merry band (so very Dirty Dozen, Great Escape, Hogan's Heroes - mostly Hogan, I dare say - grin). I loved Bucky, and I was watching with deepy crimson slash goggles on, I can tell you. I think my NOOOOOO! was louder than Cap's. I loved Tommy Lee Jones stealing the movie. I'm not usually a fan but I loved him in this, he just made it with that gruff twinkle in his eye. The man can deadpan. I loved the war bonds bit. Is this the first proper song and dance number in an action flick since Temple o'Doom?

Anyways, fabby stuff. A bit too cartoony violent at times (all those ray guns) but for the most part, me likey.

Then it was off to the Kaiser Chiefs. I know, but I love them to bits and you'll just have to deal. They are such a great band live, really great, watching their clips just doesn't do them justice. They have a splendid showman in Ricky and I just find him so fuckable. They played all my faves and I loved every minute of it.

Until the end. At the end of the last song of the encore the crowd leapt to its feet in screaming and waving adulation. It's called an ovation. It's a tradition, sadly lost on the angry English monster behind me who slammed punches on me for standing up (on the last bit of the last song, with everyone else) and kept slamming after I sat down, then jumped into my row, threw my bag (with $1,000 worth of tech in it) to the ground and kept punching me. I grabbed my stuff from the floor and fled. And fled. And fled.

And now I'm sore and upset and going down to the local cop shop to lodge a complaint. Ciao.

PS. Tis a pity because I saw a hat just like Eliza's in that WC ep in a shop window in Newtown. I covet that hat.

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