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gone baby gone

Remember the skim milk that squirted all over me yesterday when I tried to open it? Well, I patted myself down in the dark with some paper towels but what I didn't realise until late, late, late in the afternoon was that I'd done a very poor job of it and stray squirtings of skim milk had dried across my deepest navy blue cord skirt so I walked into my big meeting looking like Monica. Oh, fer cryin' out loud...

I know this is supposed to be featuring less of my so called life but I felt that humiliation was just too good not to share.

Books I've had recommended to me recently:

Maria McCann 2003, As Meat Loves Salt, Harvest Books, USA
Anne Orth Epple 1997, A Field Guide to the Plants of Arizona, Falcon, USA
Roseann Beggy Hanson 2001, The San Pedro River: A Discovery Guide, University of Arizona Press, USA

I'm currently re-reading The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, at about a word a day as I keep getting interupted. I miss my two hour commute, that's fours of reading a day I just don't get these days. I don't even get 4 minutes. Oh well.

Missed most of Buffy but it was the haunting one just after Buffy's return from the grave, the one where Willow has killed and skinned Elmo and is proudly wearing his pelt in public. Well, it looks like her top was made from muppet skins. How many muppets had to die to make Willow's top? Snigger.

Dozed through Angel, it was a Gunn episode anyway and I find Gunn a very unlikeable chap these days so yawn. Woke up to watch Baby Buffy and the whole demon in the internet plot (tell me about it) and yet another moral play on the perils of online dating, like you can't pick up serial killers in shopping malls. The fun part, aside from Xander falling off the fence, and Buffy actually giving a damn about Willow, was at the end where they all announce they'll never have a happy relationship. Who knew Joss was actually making a mission statement - grin.

I wish I'd had time to go back and get my camera to take a picture of the moon this morning. It was hanging low and large and eerily lit from below so you could see shadows and shapes and it actually looked like a 3D planetoid hanging periously close in the sky rather than a flat round of paper pasted in the sky like it usually does. I'm curious, can you see the moon in the day in the northern hemisphere, because you can all the time here, which makes all those old myths confusing.

Yesterday I managed to find, in the last Chinese grocery at the very top of the hill, a replacement fish bowl, a spare, and a bowl featuring a cranky looking dragon as it's feature decoration. I adore it so I give it a very short life span. In other news the posh relatives are taking us out to dinner - it's a thing because we're too unimprtant to be bothered with at Xmas etc. I was going to wear the new swish top I bought for the con dinner but Aged Parent bought one herself so I guess I'll be wearing somerhing else. I'm stuck on what to buy Aged Parent for her birthday but right now I'm thinking I'll just buy something I like and let her nick it. That'll work.

Nobody likes the gifts I buy these days but I think that's more to do with my now limited shopping opportunities rather than any loss of gift buying mojo on my part. Damn, I used to be able to find Just The Thing.

Only I won't be going shopping or out to dinner this weekend because my web site, all of it, has been wiped again. I'm still breathing into a paper bag but at least I don't have to fuss over what to cull and what to keep (she says, scrabbling desperately for that silver lining). I'll be moving the Sharpetorium and Satyricon to their new home this weekend (I hope). Everything else is gone baby gone, and if you think you're upset, try being me L.

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