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Hold the bus!

It was pouring last night when I got home so I managed to wriggle out of filling in the holes in the backyard and instead snuck off early to watch that night's Angel so I could go to bed early. Unfortunately I was still watching Angel when Angel came on, so that didn't work. But there was a lovely Wesley thread and I began to really care about the character again and I've managed to finish off one of my outstanding (as in late, not brilliant) Wes fics. Yeah, it's a totally Charmed ending as in 'and then he vanquished the demon, the end' but at least it's done. Though it's only 32 pages long after 14 months - I should be ashamed of myself. Still, it's not like I've not written heaps in between. And I was gamely trying to finish off that Wes fic when I was ill last year, but I just had to give it up, and the poor story got sidelined. I like it. It has it's moments.

Of course this means I did little else last night, and I totally forgot the other tapes I was supposed to be looking after, but who cares. I got my Wes fic done. That's something off my conscience.

Was thinking how my responsibility is completely erroded these days. When I was ten I was in charge of the household and the school library during lunches. Five years ago I was running a departmental website all by myself. Now I can't so much as fix a link or change a light bulb without getting an authority from somebody else. I feel like a child. I think I'll just sit here and sulk. And maybe pencil in a bit of thumb sucking for this afternoon.

I'm also wearing warm clothes as opposed to business clothes again today. I gotta be careful, what with everyone else being off with the flu. It really annoys me when people adopt this holier than thou US styled middle class puritanism and declare my life and morals must be wanting and if I toughened myself up, sacrificed and deprived myself even more I should not suffer so many colds. I travel on overcrowded badly ventilated public transport twice daily, you schmucks. I don't get to ride my own personal chariot into work. I get to be coughed and sneezed over the whole way in and out. And if catching public transport in winter isn't sacrifice or deprivation enough, then catching the bus that goes by the gaol, the sheltered workshop and the hard core council estate is certainly cosying up with the lepers.

Speaking of buses, every time, every freaking time I want to get into work super early to work on my fic before I sign on the bus either goes right past me or never shows up (nor does the one after, or the one after that...). This morning it drove straight past me (damn, I'm going to have to byo lightsabre to wave the fuckers in afterall, it being pitch black at that time of the morning) but it did screech to a halt at the bottom of the hill, thus starting my morning off with a brisk jog in my still painfully new DMs. The driver actually apologised - gasp - and said he was daydreaming. Not terribly reassuring. Nor was the near overpowering smell of gas that accounted for his lack of attention. Still, I got in okay and bar one final read through, the fic is finished.

Mmmm...I had fun last night, but damn it, it's sunny. I wanna stay in and watch more tv. Especially the Angel tapes cause they were fun and they had Smallville trailers in them. Mmmm, pretty boys. Pretty, pretty. Of course, they tease, cause like they're ever going to make my day and kill off Lana, and I see Whitney is now totally the Nellie Oleson of the show. Every show needs a Nellie.J. Oops, just gave my age away again. Oh well, sod it.



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