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Went to see another play last night. It's like telly, only with going out. Very cold going out as it happened, though the freezing cold blasts (well, freezing cold for here, balmy spring weather for you, no doubt) made the lights of Luna Park glitter arcoss the black waters as I walked around the forecourt of the Opera House. Wish I could have taken a photo, but alas I only had my shitty phone camera with me, and it always autocorrects. No, camera, I want the Caravaggio blacks, you hideous beast.

The play was Faustus, and I know it's playing at The Globe, so I figured I'd try and content myself with the local version and it was okay, up to a point. The middle bit dragged and I know, thanks to reading the programme, why the writer included the subplot where Faustus pretty much churns through an entire family for kicks, and I suppose it's to demonstrate that he really is a self absorbed amoral and yes, evil bastard, and deserves his damnation. Clearly the writer was concerned that in Sydney, the sin of endless bunga bunga parties just wouldn't be considered quite sin enough. Or something like that.

So, bad, boring, mood killing dragging boat anchor scenes of moral quibbling aside, it was okay. I kind of liked the first few acts when it was pretty much Bedazzled (think only of the original Pete and Dud version, and no other, please). The actors were great. I'm starting to adore Mr Bell, even though he put me off quite a bit in an early theatre experience, but I really liked his Mesphisto. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but he seemed to come off like some local politician/media personage/colourful identity (Oz slang for mobster). The guy playing Faustus was great, and the rest of the company were also surprisingly good (I'm always surprised, remembering these are the guys not raking in the big bucks overseas, kind of a second division). I liked the gimmicky use of puppets, masks and video. It was still all a bit 80s, but that's where we're at, and it did spin the plot on, explain the plot, bringing impossible places and people to a small bare stage. It was kind of quirky and funny, too, especially the slides and the Santa and fairy dolls fighting it out like Punch and Judy in the background as Faustus argued with himself back and forth. Okay, underlining it a bit, but it did bring some welcome farce to the big speeches.

So yeah, not too bad, but man, that middle bit dragged. I switched about uncomfortably in my hard plastic seat so often I got glared at once or twice, oh dear - at least tv actors can't see when you give up and wander off to make a cup of tea.

Before that I popped into the State Library to see the photography exhibitions. The Herald ones were fun, the world photo ones were wrist slitting misery. The world is a sucky place. Not the exhibition to see if you're miserable after being shouted and snipped at all day, but I went, I saw, I'll be having nightmares for weeks.

Couldn't find a quiet pub in which to curl up and scribble, though. No such animal in Sydney. They're either nightclubs for beautiful people or horrid shabby little holes. Cafes are worse, as they all operate on the move 'em in, move 'em out principle, so I'll have a waiter clearing my table for the next customer before I've had two sips of my drink and before my order has arrived. Small wonder Australians never tip.

So, no nice little pub like that one in Canterbury where I curled up in the nooky corner and had a bit of a scribble. Heh, the Canterbury tales. Hardly. Though this never ending fic has now been dabbled with in quite a few well scattered cities. It bemuses me.

Dear Neal, if you can't pronounce ir properly, you haven't been there. I never noticed that before, in S102 he reels off a list of places, and the implication is that he's been to all because he's such a cool jetsetting cat. Only he gets it wrong (and I should know, I'm always being corrected, I ain't been there). Tsk.

Also, the drawl, so cute the way it keeps slipping out. I hear it gets let out for a run in this week's ep. I suspected as much when I saw the string tie. It was either Texan or sad 80s retro band. And damn, but at least my fic starts with a black widower. It's an important distinction.

And you know, I think it should get harder and harder for White Collar to keep trotting out the old 'this is a USA show, ve do not do zat here!' line when it's legal for Peter and Neal to hook up. Oh, the show afraid of the best chemistry on television.

Right now in my fic Peter is consoling himself that at least he only has to flush Neal out of five star hotels. Other lawmen have to dumpster dive for their CIs. Yes, Peter clings to those small wins in his life.

I was stuck on part three which was holding up the whole thing but not now that I've parachuted in the Not Very Original Characters it works. They were going to be based on a thieving couple I wrote, cough, a while ago but they seem to have remoulded themselves far closer to the original source materials (which is what I get for watching both this year) but never mind. For me at least, it zips along now. Oh, massive apologies to Life on Mars though. I couldn't help it. The scene demanded it. Neal isn't answering his phone and so Peter busts in the hotel room door to find, um, Neal a little tied up. Neal wakes to the sound of a phone camera clicking merrily away. I'm sorry. I just had to. Had to. Had to. Had to.

Speaking of Life on Mars, saw Sam Tyler #2 in The Mrs Bradley Mysteries yesterday. Heh. The episode with Tennant and Davison in it was surreal.

Oh look, Simon versus the evil college/uni professor. Anyhoo, the pal who got me into White Collar is now pimping Suits. I must admit I am Gabriel curious. He had the wonderful chemistry with Mr Farrell in two films and Mr Craig in one.

Meanwhile, Himself found this little gem. Adjust nostlagia goggles and proceed (soon the industry will be gone, the families split up...): Life in Australia: Sydney

Oh dear. The week so far could be best described as, well, have you ever seen 'Get me Hennimore!'? Like that, only not funny.

And I'm sorry I've not done all the things I've promised, but after a ten hour day followed by a crowded three hour commute home, I was too stupid tired to make a cup of tea or wash dishes without comedy pratfalls so I figured it was time for beddie-byes. I've had too many hard lessons about messing with technology when I'm stupid tired.

Skipping out from work (the evil temp blasted me for a full 27 minutes. I had no idea I had that many faults but you'll no doubt explain to me that I was mistaken), I ran into my fave Big Issue seller. He'd just got himself into some housing, which should be good news, but, but... he was telling me how he used to sleep on the beach and listen to the waves and think the world was wonderful, comforting and safe. Now he has a room and a television and he sees things on the news, terrible things, people being shitty to each other, and it does his head in. I wept all the way home. This world can be such a shitty place.

Oh, and excuse me for slapping in videos and scans all over the place. LJ considers lists of links as spam, which leaves me in a bit of bother I can tell you. I had more to write but I must adieu. The hour of the bucket fast approaches.

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9-15 July 2011 "


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