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I've discovered from my travels about the place that's it's just not the done thing to discuss one's actual life in LJs anymore. Rather they should be used for the posting and discussing of fic.

So I won't mention fainting of hunger yesterday, which impressed me, nor that I've lost weight - yay, or that somebody busted my fish bowl, which upset me. No, not a bowl of fish, a bowl of fish motif. When I worked in Chinatown I bought the whole set: teapot, cups, spoon, etc, but when I moved jobs I tried to kick the noodle habit so I left my bowl at home. It was my fave and I ate all my meals from it. I thought to bring it back into work but I forgot and it was smashed while I was out. Sure, it's not the end of the world but I wonder again why it's only ever my stuff that gets broken. Of course there are no fish bowls to be had, not even for money. Pout.

Take my coat and take my plant, smash my bowl so I cannot eat. I don't care. I'm still free. You can't take the sky from me.

So, forgetting that I will try and keep to media reporting. It's been noted in UK and local publications that the US axing of programs is playing havoc with local expectations. You see, US companies buy up all our tv stations, play nothing but US shows, but we have no say in the programming, none at all. This is particulary annoying when shows we love are axed in the US while they renew shows we don't care for, at all, and we can't do a darned thing about it because the US companies care not for our opinions. We have to pay for our tv but have no say at all in what we want. Feels a lot like taxation without representation to me.

I'm still steamed over the axing of SAAB so I'm never going to forgive Fox for axing Firefly. Never ever, and don't get me started over Now & Again, Invisible Man, Farscape or even Magnificent Seven.

However it has been noted elsewhere that CSI:Miami (unscreened here) has become an employment programme for out of work SF actors, featuring folks from Roswell, Firefly and Farscape, to name a few. No, I do not moonlight as the casting director on CSI, would that I could.

Ben Browder: just another stain on the casting couch. :P

Speaking of axed shows, aside from Buffy and Firefly ("Dear Diary, today I was captured by the hill people. It was my best day ever."), there was Roswell on Fox8. It was the episode where Alex died and seeing it uncut made it much more coherent and distressing to watch, and it's probably why I was dreaming about Jesse, maybe.

After that it was 24, a dull episode which seemed to tie up dangling plot threads before zigging off in another direction, but it just kind of snipped off the loose threads rather than doing anything with them. Whatever.

Did not get to write anything, qv dizzy spells and just being tired from trying to do the work of six people and build a database, because my "manager" thinks I need a few extra challenges. I really want to work on this section I'm stuck on though. It's important to get it right because it leads into Important Events, so there won't be another update until I'm happy with it. Had I time I'd work on Jack/Daniel but I don't so I won't. Bugger.

Oh, insert daily devotional to Jayne Cobb and the rest of the guys here. Man, I love that show (thankyou), even though Safe reminded me very nostalgically of old tv westerns I used to watch - I ain't got no problem with that. Oh, and I just figured out who Jayne reminds me of: a gentleman who answers to the name of Bodie. Grin. Chuckle. Chortle.

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