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thank frell it's friday

Oh oh, looks like a banana I never ate has gone squishy in the bottom of my bag. Another hose out job on the back veranda. It always happens, which is why there was a significant deposit of American pennies and other coinage below the steps when I put my tiles in. Of course I left the coins where they were, and buried a few more things, just to confuse generations of archaeologists. Which is probably why I'm annoyed at Mother digging up my tiles. Oh well.

Still, she did get me another Chandler one one of her outings, as unsurprisingly Smallmindedville doesn't carry any books by Raymond Chandler (or anyone else of quality or note). My dvd of Clarissa also arrived so I have some classy viewing and classy reading in the offing, if I ever get a spare moment to myself that is (one where I'm not too tired to form coherent sentences).

Do you realise I've not seen the sun in well over a fortnight. No wonder I'm feeling loopy. I have to have plants brought indoors so I can see what their flowers look like. Not good, not good at all.

AP has poisoned me again. I know what you're thinking, paranoid delusions, like the Doc when I went down after she'd made up a batch of rat poison in my coffee cup, ditto the ant poison and again with the roache baits. This time it's plain old food poisoning, again, but still, oooooo, I don't feels so good.

Paranoid my arse, just pulled large twisted open staples from my re-heated dinner tonight and AP admitted culpability, having opened a packet of something or other over my plate. This is what I get for working back late - sabotaged leftovers. I could have really been hurt, yet everyone thinks it's so damn funny. Grumble.

Watched a bit of Charmed but failed to comprehend it. Still, Leo was cute in his own snaggy daggy way. Why they keep dressing Rose so badly is beyond me, but never mind.

After that it was SVU, all Chris, all the time and when he rolled up his sleeves to show off the tatts again I knew Keller was about to come out to play. Yay. Civil rights this! says Det. Stabler, grinding the perp's face into the table. I love it when Chris gets mean, but really, my small L liberal sensibilities recoil at these cop shows at times.

They say they hired Michael Biehn to play the bad guy in The Abyss because he always managed to look slightly crazed. My boy? Nah, surely not - grin. Reminds me of some of my very fave M7 moments though, when he gets that look, that crazy eyed look, and you just know there's going to be trouble.

It's probably why I always write Chris as a few sandwiches short of a picnic in my fic: "Chris was crazy before he met Sarah, and he was crazy after. She didn't change him, she just held him in check."

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