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You can't take the sky from me

I hate open plan offices. I've always been told I need a cone of silence and I'm getting as heartily sick of being shushed almost as much as those doing the shushing. It doesn't help if one is living with an AP and one has become habituated to bellowing everything as though one were on a ship at sea. I try so hard not to but it has become so ingrained a behaviour. Former friends used to laugh and poke fun and I told them to wait until their parents went as deaf as a post and sure enough half a generation later (my parents were old when they had me) my friend's folks caught up and they too found themselves yelling everything out of habit.

One tries to remember one's quiet voice at work but it's a struggle. Of course why I bother attempting any sort of decorum when my atempt at businesslike ended up more bag lady meets St Trinians I'll never know. Went to drown my sorrows in a cup of tea and of course Mr Gorgeous was there rinsing out his cup in the very small and dare I say intimate little hole that passes for a kitchenette. Still, he stayed for another conversation so the poor man scores highly on the not easily turned by sights that would shatter most men's souls scales. Things are looking up, for him at least. Schoolgirl crush aside he seems a very nice chap, so well done him.

You just knew I'd run into him looking bedraggled as I do, didn't you. My life is a cheesy sitcom without the laugh track.

    Firefly Theme

    Take my love
    Take my land
    Take me where I cannot stand
    I don't care
    I'm still free
    You can't take the sky from me

    Take me out
    To the black
    Tell 'em I ain't coming back
    Burn the land
    And boil the sea
    You can't take the sky from me

    Have no place
    I can be
    Since I found Serenity
    But you can't take the sky from me

    -- words and music by Joss Whedon, sung by Sonny Rhodes

I just love the Firefly theme, and it's so hysterically anti-American imperialism (as practiced by the North on the South) but it's soooo applicable to anyone else these days who isn't American. It really amuses in ways I suspect it wasn't meant to. Plus it's way cool. Damn, but westerns and space operas don't last long on tv these days.

In spite of getting home super late last night (damn these unpaid crazy hours but I am doing the work of about half a dozen people right now) I was determined to watch some Firefly, so ignoring what was left of Buffy and Angel I put on some 'Fly (thankyou!) and settled down to the pilot, which began looking exactly like an episode of Space: Above and Beyond. Exactly like, which in hindsight could be considered an ill omen but it pleased me as I loved that show like no other. I met and made friends with a great many people through that show, several durring my first ever trip overseas to the States in '96. It coloured that trip and it coloured my year. Every monday at lunch I'd be online with the gang, the whole gang, in chat. They were good times, my one good year between graduating uni and having all of lifes woes thrust upon me (my Buffy S5 year).

So yeah, SAAB remains special too me, and the nostalgic opening, well, it was cute. Yes, the pilot does move a bit slowly and we get to meet the gang, not at all as instantly loveable as they were in the first episode I saw, but at least I'm getting back story and I'm soaking it up - and do I feel the first stirrings of a fan fic? Possibly. I always get creative when I'm punch drunk tired and catching the end of Angel while swapping disks, the one with Mojo JoJo, I was amused to see it was filmed in the LA aqueduct, and suddenly visions of an Angel/Boomtown x-over started dancing in my head. It's sooo wrong, but if you set it early S3, like around the Mojo JoJo ep, it'd work, if you did it from the Boomtown POV.

Oh, stop it, stop it right now. That's wrong thinking, that is (though it'd be a gen story, does that help?) Guess who's been binging on the Chandler of late. Well, reqaquainting at least, as I last read them in high school. Getting more out of them now (obviously) though it's a struggle. I'm still so off kilter with the CF that I have to read every page six times, more if I get interupted, and I do, frequently, but with Chandler that's not a hardship. Yep, too ill to read, not even a comic, but they have me designing and building a database - what's wrong with this picture?

So, yes, Firefly, met the people, enjoyed the show. More space than cowboy this time round so it only rates a 6 or 7 out of ten, but I know it gets better, much better, before its untimely end (sniff).

Meant to work on fic today but bloody PC wouldn't start until the techhies came in and gave it a slap so no fic. I did however hop onto another PC and did some rather innocous research because I hit a huge story hole - ie there needs to be at least three scenes written before I can move on, at least one featuring Tom Speers. I actually hit another hole yesterday, the whole funeral scene which I had written, hell, it was the original start of the story, where the whole thing began, the whole point of the damn thing, but do you think I could find it anywhere? No Sir, I could not, so I had to quickly fill. I figure if I ever do find my original pages I can paste 'em later, in the Director's Cut. Shrug. Still, I got the basics of Chris's envy over Buck comforting Ezra, except the original was more bleak, which I loved. Damn, where could it have gotten itself to?

The other thing that amuses me was the only feedback I recieved telling me how tragic he story was. Looks like I did the old Douglas Adams trick where if I'm going to be forced to kill off an extraneous character I'm going to make you care.

Also watched yesterday's Sports Night and there's trouble in paradise. It's painful to watch, yet weirdly amusing too, because of how life imitated art on the West Wing with pay disputes and what not. Oh yes, very ironic, or just sad, take your pick.

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