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rain, rain go away

    The good rain, like the bad preacher, does not know when to leave off.

    - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Precious little news today. It's still wet, it's still cold. I've been really inspired to carry on with my next M7 fic and it was clicking away very nicely, at least, I was pleased and enjoying myself immensely and as a reward I am now having to devote all my time, and this includes at least a week of unpaid overtime in addition to my regular hours, to create an image library. We all know how totally I suck at apps development so this'll be soooo much fun. I'm not trained and I wasn't hired for this. The style guide I'm also working on, that I am trained to do and it's in my position decription. This database - no, but what can a girl do?

Damn, I was just really enjoying staying back late and typing away (because it's less distracting in an empty or near empty office after/before hours than at home). I'll never get that set piece scene right now (with apologies to Bryan Singer and James Cameron). Whimper. Pout. Sulk.

Still, looks like a wet, wet weekend which should give Cinders here a few extra hours with her beloved dvd player (teacher, companion, secret lover). Ha, some hope...

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    • Sometimes I get down,

      but it's not you that gets me down,

      It's just that sense of the impossible

      that you obtusely handed down.
      - aztec camera



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