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Sarah Jane is gone. Oh, Sarah Jane. She was a childhood hero of mine. At first, when I was little, I found her a bit shrill, but as I grew older I understood why she was pushing the femist cart as hard as she did. As role models went, few came finer. Vale, my dear Sarah Jane.

Sad, because it takes away from the fun of yesterday, when, wondering out loud if I would ever see Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table again, as, silly as it was, it was my first introduction to Arthurian lore and I loved it as a very, very wee thing.

Himself whips out his iPad (as he is wont to do) and turned up a mess of videos on YouTube (well, I could have done that, yes) and several other references that tell me it was an Australian production, which would explain why no one else had ever heard of it, and made with quite a bit of local talent, at that. It's still as silly as I remember it, but with a sly Oz humour and man, does it look like every animated educational campaign I sat through as a wee kiddie (yes, they were all mad, it was the 70s, mad happened). Oh, happiness and joy, to be reunited with a childhood friend. Any similarities to Merlin are, well, it's what made me think of it in the first place. This is my Arthur and Merlin, and there's just no changing it.

Anyways, my Galaxy tab finally arrived. It's not the one I ordered and the cover I paid for never arrived but, well, shrug, it's tiny, too tiny for me really (it's not much bigger than my smart phone and I had to abandon that because I couldn't see or type on it any more) but it'll do for now. Just now. It's certainly kept me company today as I'm a touch unwell. I've been chatting to/at heaps of peeps. I wonder if the office, whose firewall I now thumb my nose at, realise just how socially isolating their firewall is. I mean, sure, I'm not supposed to spend all day on twitter (though a two hour long network failure is fair game, imho, and, well, smugness as I was still connected, and little Timmy DeKay was tweeting, the dear boy) but I can't even say hey, or just that I'm gonna be home late, or that I wanna go see a film or something. So I like it for that. Even though it is so very bloody tiny. I guess I should have got an iPad afterall. Oh well.

I've long ago given up the idea I'll ever be an Apple person. It's buried up the back of the drawer along with riding through Paris in a sports car with the warm wind in my hair. You know, that sort of thing. Not for the likes of you.

So, me and my too tiny to be really useful tab. It'll just about do for clearing the inbox of spam, which is the main thing, I suppose. So sad that I must limit my aspirations and expectations, but limit them I must.

Oh, must absolutely everyone stuff about and ensure that I'm not out of here before seven when I'm so unwell? Bastards. Please, sir, I want to go home. Any tweeting I do now is fair game as I am now in the unpaid overtime portion of the day, imho.

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