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I saw Simon Pegg and Nick Frost last night when we went to see Paul. The boys, actually there and live on stage, well, there wasn't a stage per se, but they were there, doing a Q&A presentation thing for Popcorn Taxi. I was so thrilled. I've been quietly squeeing over this for weeks, ever since I was in London and decided I had to see Simon and Nick in the flesh, too. And so I did. And they were funny, and, oddly, Simon was a lot taller than I expected (usually with actors it's quite the reverse).

Anyway, fun, and the Peanut Gallery chuckled hard through the film, especially the Arena bit, but were a bit grumpy over me keeping them up well past their bedtime (the Peanut Gallery was born seventy years old, it's a thing).

So, yay. But can you believe it? Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, William Shatner and Scott Bakula all here this week. I love this town (sometimes).

Bondi was fun, too. I've been there a few times but I've never really had a chance to wander. It was like visiting the future, with a swish new shopping mall with moving screens like in the films and, oh, it was just so, like watching a tv show set in the future, unlike my 1970s stuck dystopia with all the rubbish, urine and broken glass and nasty gangs who'll knife you as soon as look at you. But no, Bondi, this is where the nice people shop. It was cruel really, now that I know such places really exist and are not for the likes of me. I loved the wacky chairs they had, though. Oh, it looked so nice and interesting.

Meanwhile we have to forgo our favourite Thai takeaway because Himself wasn't of a mood to cross the crime scene tape and I swear the Winchester boys would drive through our neighbourhood with the windows rolled up and the doors locked. Sigh. Why, just last night when we got home the siren was going off at the local gaol to tell us there'd been another breakout.

I want to go to where the footpaths are clean and shiny and the people are nice. Sigh.

We had sushi, well, I saw a sushi train place and it seemed the go for a quick but exotic and semi decent feed. The coffee at the cafe was dire, though (I've been spoilt) and the bar at the cinemas was, well, it looked like the sort of place that had moloko on tap. So try hard trendy it was kind of campy, in other words. Had fun there, too, as Himself whipped out the old iPad and couldn't get a connection but my usually stodgy phone was whirring away. Oh, that didn't go down well - smirk. Oh, yes, did I mention that we finally did that pathetic 21stC thing? We emailed each other whilst in other rooms. Too sad for words.

Anyway, it was fun. Especially after the day I'd had. I kept thinking of that line from Flying High, you know, the one where he picked the wrong day to give up whatever, it was like that, with my manager on a tear, and precious few folk in to offer alternative targets, the department being abolished and that bloody ovary giving me gip. Harumph.

Today? Wet and autumnal, or I was going to say autumny but I'll try and speak proper. It really feels and smells like autumn today, and just when I was working in the garden on sunday in short sleeves thinking what a fine long summer it was. Btw, never, ever garden in a v-neck top. That's just an ivitation to critters to scrabble down your cleavage. Gave up after a while as I was sick of getting bit, Mr Large Huntsman wanted his habitat preserved and when I decided to brush down the seat I I like to sit in when I'm home sick, the back of it was covered in so many spiders I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to take my ease in it again. Whimper.

And that's it. Now, time to go off to my next event. I am trying my best to live like the welsh zombie said we should, but it's killing me.

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