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Not much to report. Still wet and cold, essentially still wet and cold from my drenching yesterday as nothing dried in the office and nothing dried at home because the insane AP insists on having all the doors and windows open and no heaters, ever, even during a downpour so everything I own is soaked through, including all my clothes and my coat was still wringing out wet when I had to put it back on again as I set out at 5.30 am on another dark, cold and wet morning. To top it off yesterday my boss coughed all over me as a joke (I'll never understand the Teutonic sense of humour) so if or rather when I go down with the flu I'll still be called morally weak and wanting of sterner stuff when all I'm wanting is something warm and dry to wear. Really.

However I did manage some quiet time this morning and some more fic regarding my dearest darling Buck. I've discovered I write best when writing Buck so I'm sticking with Buck and telling the story through his eyes as much as I can. Ezra I can do, but Buck I do better. Finally got a handle on Chris but Vin is still hard to write, though he comes across as vaguely interesting if I write him second hand through Buck or Chris. Go figure. I keep thinking I should try to write Vin better, but I've also got other, better ideas clamouring for attention, and I think my kernel of a Vin plot is a left over from my YR fic writing days (many books of bad fan fic, all unpublished) or even a barely remembered episode as it's been ages since I've indulged in the lads.

I did look out a few episodes a while back before I really started writing 'Gate, but alas not my favourites. My YR, as is the case with my M7, is scattered all over the place as a result of shared vcr facilities, people mixing up my tapes and just getting stuff ending up all on one tape if I was out studying, working or travelling. I never really had my own tv or vcr (of any archival quality) until I got my own cable and of course that was just before I got My First DVD Player, so why bother? What I wouldn't do for Young Riders or Magnificent Seven on nice, convenient dvd sets. Or just to have the bloody US Hallmark lineup instead of Country Practice ad infintum as we have here (oh, the pain, the injustice of it all). Just so I could make little sets of neatly labelled and organised tapes instead of the chaos my vid collection wallows in. In lieu of dvd sets, of course, which I'd prefer, but it ain't gonna happen, obviously.

Last night I caught up on a fortnight's worth of Buffy and a couple of Sports Nights. I was startled to find myself actually laughing at lines in Buffy, the one where Dawn thinks she's a newbie proto slayer, and Xander actually got lines, good lines. What gives? Was Noxious Noxon off sick or something? Whatever, a Buffy ep I actually enjoyed. Forgotten what that felt like.

After that I eschewed an Angel repeat for that BBC doco on Hollywood on Aunty. It came up with a warning about coarse language. It should have just said warning this prog contains Colin Farrell, which it did. It's five years old so they were talking about the processes involved in making Mr Farrell a Really Big Star in the Hollywood system but ended with an ominous 'only time will tell' warning. Well, time has told, so that was amusing. There was other stuff there about Fight Club and how quality and innovation are crushed under the mighty millstones of marketing departments and hey, don't I know all about that so it wasn't really telling me anything I really didn't know, but it was interesting to pick up on some of the scuttlebutt that had not made it to these shores (rembering how all our news is filtered through Murdoch or Packer). Personally I thought it would have been much more fun if it had been cattier but I suspect the Beeb kept to just the facts to you know, appear an impartial observer to these Hollywood creatures as much as David Attenborough picks his way through colonies of creepy crawlies.

It's always a joy to watch the Beeb sniff down their noses at the American entertainment industry, as they've some right to do, because as much as it's accused of playing it safe the Beeb has rolled out some wonderfully risky and noteworthy performances over its long history. Certainly the BBC is demonstrably more concerned with content than the tits, teeth and hair obsessions of their self-important ex-colonial chums, on a pro-rata basis.

Hey, according to Dr Karl people of Scots descent are especially sensitive to the chemicals in soap. He's not wrong. I had to use the hotel soap and was peeling skin like a leper all weekend. Hey, maybe that's why everyone was keeping their distance? - grin.

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