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HLDU5 - to observe and record but never interfere

Friday - Sunday:

HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely. HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely. HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely.
HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely. HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely. HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely.
HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely. HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely. HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely.
HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely. HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely. HLDU5 Brisbane May 2003. If you want a copy, just ask nicely.


</li>More photos (shitloads) available for perving at jack_daniel or by contacting me</li>

What, you think I'm not mad enough to roll out of my sick bed and get on a plane?

I must be nuts. I know I'm nuts. QLD is always so nostalgic. Here I am in a park with my takeaway Lipton's Tea and bad 70s style sandwiches and I feel like a kid on a school excursion (except I never had cramps at school - that was a uni thing). Not a Starbucks in sight. And I've been walking for an hour and still no Starbucks. Tsk. Getting here was a drug hazed dream, but somehow I made it.

I think I want to spend all my crampy days in a hotel. Being a last minute decision as it was to actually go, like last Friday afternoon, I had to organise everything myself and instead of getting a con booking I'd booked the hotel myself and I'd gone through a US hub so I had this huge executive suite for insane US tourist $90 a night prices (half the con rate) with two huge fluffy beds to spread myself and my crap on, a shower with actual hot water and water pressure, a tv with cable and tea making facilities within shuffling distance. Being in the middle of nowhere the hotel charged outrageous prices for in house food so the bar fridge was stocked with the fruits of an expedition into the centre of town, lots of munchies, though I did splurge $15 on a plate of hot chips on Sunday night, of which I managed to steal very few for myself, simply because I was freezing and desired hot food more than anything. Yes, idiot me left my coat at home because hey, I was going to QLD, and I was afeared of leaving my coat behind somewhere doped to the eyeballs as I was (there is a reason why I have to buy a new coat every winter, and it ain't fashion). It was fucking freezing but as I spent every night snuggled in bed with hot chocolates I didn't much care. Bliss.

Got to see X2 again (I had, to my eternal shame, have to have it pointed out to me that Scott had a totally gay boy band cd in his car - heh), and I'm pretty sure Petey Boy heard the heckling but who cares, and yes, after the always fatal combination of mersies and red wine I did rag on him about the racoon makeup. The dear boy thought he looked so butch until I (and later Adrian and Elizabeth) disabused him of that notion. Heh. He actually dropped a few Soldier Soldier stories and I promised to get him all liquored up so he'd tell me more, because he chuckled wickedly and said there were more, and he said yeah, let's go and get plastered and that's when he was dragged away from my evil clutches. Damn, he's an adult, he'd consented to being plied with alcohol until he spilled the real goss. Damn, this sure ain't a Farscape con.

That was my highlight. There were room parties but to be honest I enjoyed snuggling in fluffy bed so much I just did not give a single thought or damn that I was surplus to requirements. This week, while not entirely 100% reconciled to my position as social pariah, as I doubt any social anumal ever could be, I certainly feel I achieved several levels of enlightenment in casting off any need to be a part of any group and endure the bitchiness that goes with it. No, give me hot chocolate and cable tv any day. I really was happy. Truly snuggled and warm and choccie fulfilled. Especially watching The Tick, Sports Night and SVU (with my boys this time).

I could tell you more aout the con but I'm sure to be disputed over my blurry recollections and I really was just floating through as a very casual observer very much on the outside looking in and really not entirely there the whole weekend. Plus there was very much a same old same old vibe to the whole thing. Yawn. Jim Byrnes was tres cool and I did meet some new people who I liked very much for their evil, evil senses of humour, chief among them Emma, who apparently skulks on my Sharpe list.

Monday I did enjoy. Up early for Sports Night, then a tearful goodbye to soft fluffly bed and hot showers, then I introduced Jenny (aka Minerva) to Borders. So much fun to see somebody else be the slack jawed yokel over the concept of a huge bookstore for once, because I remembered just being overwhelmed the first time I went to one - Tacoma, I think. We spent hours there trawling the shelves for pervey literature and research material. I picked up another Clint western on dvd and JJ snorted, then her phone goes off with the theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Ha! Tease me, will she! Actually, she did, a lot, but we're good mates and pretty much picked up where we'd left off in the conversation, which was great. I spent lots and lots of money (I so rarely go on shopping sprees, rather than supply runs). We had lunch, my first proper feed in days, and then more shopping, more books and I found Tigerland for $14.98 in Big W. Bargain! Staggered back up the hill, the enormous hill, with my baggies (I had to buy an extra baggie to carry my loot in as I'd only taken my smallest carry on bag up there) and it was a very unwell and unhappy trip home. I made it home just in time to catch Ewan on Leno talking erections, as you do, then there was much throwing up in between glimpses of Buffy, Willow, Spike et al.

It's not just raining this morning. It's pitch black can't see out the windows biblical rain. Yikes.

Oh yes, came home to find mother had helped herself to the pick of the litter of my succulents, exchanging ones of mine she liked better than the ones she'd bought. She always does this, I should be used to it, I call it her tithe, but it still hacks me off. More and more I realise my mother is exactly the very image of the girls who used to and still do bully me. Oh well. At least she's happy. Mutter, mutter, grumble, gripe. And here I was buying her jewellery at the markets in Brissie. Bet she decides she likes something I bought better, too.

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