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It's screaming day, I've got three mersyndols and four meetings. It's not going to be pretty. Oh no, it's going to get very ugly indeed. Even my magpies called out mournfully to me, wishing me to stay home (and feed them). Well, they do care a bit as what hurts me hurts them. It's an honest relationship at least and I don't kid myself that if I do everything they want they'll actually like me as a person. No, they're just using me until they find somebody even more stupid, and it's understood by all parties.

The currawongs returned from wherever they went (they don't write, they don't call) and I'm so much happier. Ang and her brood flew in last saturday to great fanfare, and Beaky was sighted yesterday. No Cyclops yet and I'm pretty certain Hoppy is dead but hey at least Ang is back. I've missed her. She's my foster pet, my familiar. She called and came down for snacks straight away so maybe it was a little bit mutual, the missing part. I don't know where they go but I guess they come back in autumn for the berries.

It was still dark when I left, and the mad Chinese bus driver loved my flashy, calling it beautiful, beautiful, over and over again in the insane cackling way of his that makes everyone on the bus fear for their lives. Never mind, he liked it and he stopped, that's the main thing.

By the time I arrived at work those cramps were really kicking in, kick being the operative word here. In between crunching painkillers like Smarties I tried to read my mail, checked the links, then decided, as throwing up in my bin became more and more an immediate possibility, to chuck it in and go back home again. It was naughty and irresponsible but I couldn't sit up straight in my chair. Watered my plants, washed my cup and off. Caught a taxi straight home, crawled up in bed, instantly feeling 200% better.

Managed to tape that Ewan bit on E! afterall that I'd missed the night before, just walking in as he was on as I did, and I half dozed through Quincy and Quantum Leap and then properly dozed all happy and drugged until Charmed. SVU was Meloni and Belzer free so I rolled over and went to sleep.

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