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Pro-active, with pep

Well, I was. Went to bed feeling lighter, woke up same. Burned off a cd of all the stuff I had sitting on my HD that I shouldn't, like massive image libraries (I do it about once a month or so) and I even made up little labels (hey, I don't have a fully functoinal pc at home, dammit) and I was feeling so proud of myself. I've also been spending my week editing a few fics to get ready for their first proper draft, and fixing up JJ's fics, putting them all in the new template, and downloading some pretty pics.

All droopy now though. Darn, I thought my CF had gone into remission again. Oh well...for a few hours I felt human again, and I slept well, and I had interesting dream. Apparently I was on a cruise along the Alaskan coast. I had to be, we came ashore on a small isand and there was snow and ice about and I was nearly peeing myself over the natives - and they were definitely coastal Alaskan. Either my subconcious is busy turning my old anthropology essays into Regurgitator film clips (they did a clip very much like a 1909 piece of film of a tribe up BC coast way) or I'm headed to Alaska - grin.

It's clear here, as I swivel in my chair and notice the sun has actually risen since I started working, and there looks like we've got some smoke to the southwest. Hopefully they're just burning off. I am dressed too warmly as usual but while it might be 23C in the middle of the day it's like 3C and pitch black when I set off. I saw my breath form clouds under one of the few street lights we have around here (the bus driver actually liked my disco light stick this morning). No frost, but a heavy dew, hence me stomping to work every day in heavy tramping across the moors footwear, because essentially, I do :) As much as everyone scowls at my sturdy footwear, at least I don't go down with the flu really badly every two weeks like I used to when I used to slosh through knee high freezing wet grass every morning in virtually bare feet. Nice shoes are for nice girls with cars. Being neither blonde nor thin, that ain't ever gonna be me (ie if I were prettier I'd earn more, and have a partner who earns even more, and therefore have access to a car).

But I don't so hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work across the swamp and moors I go (think LOTR and you won't be far wrong).

Been batting a pdf that won't behave between here and head office all morning. We've been reduced to using Blackadder insults now. Hey, it amuses. I am soooo bored and my PC is all pissy.

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